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First Stadium of The Trip

I set out on my month long vacation on Thursday by traveling from West Seattle to my parents home in Spokane Valley where I stayed til Saturday and watched the draft with my dad. After spending Saturday night in Butte Montana and Sunday night in Cheyanne Wyoming I arrived at Invesco Field At Mile High yesterday morning.

I have never been to the original Mile High Stadium so I cannot compare the two but the new stadium is beautiful. It has a wavey roof with lights all the way around. You park in lots that are most of the way around the stadium and walk upstairs to get inside. This is definatly a state of the art facility.

Today I will be going to Arrowhead Stadium. Sorry for the spelling errors, I’m in the back of a motor home on my iPhone (no spell check). That’s all for now, will have more soon!

Seahawks Trade For White

The Seahawks traded the Titans today. In the trade the Seahawks get RB Lendel White and DT Brian Vickerson. The Titan move up 7 spots in round 4 and 9 spots in round 6.

Lendel White instantly bolsters a Seahawks backfield that left fans less then satisfied last year. He is a power back who is reunited with Pete Carroll his former Head Coach at USC. This seems to be the begging of the end of the Julius Jones era in Seattle

Vickerson is a platoon DT. He will strengthen the rotation and is a slight upgrade of the aging Craig Terrill.

This just in: Seahawks aquire Leon Washington in trade with Jets for the Seahawks 5th round pick. Justin Forsett is now on notice.

Rounds 2-3 of the 2010 NFL Draft

It was a long second round watching pick after pick waiting for the Seahawks turn at 60. Taylor Mays, Terrence Cody, Jimmy Clausen are just some of the players who were chosen between 40 (the original drafting spot before the Charlie Whitehurst trade) and 60.

When the 60th pick in the draft arrived my dad asked me who I would like to see Carroll pick and I said Golden Tate. Just a few minutes later like I had a direct line to the Seahawks War room (I don’t but wish I did) Pete selected the WR with Return and big play skills out of Notre Dame.

I took a long look back and thought about the draft and how it fell and I was pleased. Wondering how everyone else was felling I posed the question on Twitter (you can follow @nwprosports ). It was unanimous, everyone was as Happy about it, or more so.

Rounds 4,5,6 and seven Pete Carroll should be able to get some gems due to his vast knowledge of the draft class. Expect to see DE, DT, RB and a QB to be added during the next few rounds. Enjoy the remainder of the draft.

Round 1 2010 NFL Draft

April 22nd 2010 a day that Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks will not soon forget. At the beginning of the day there was a lot of excitement, some nervousness and a lot of hope. As a Seahawks fan I had a few things that I hoped would happen and things that I hoped would not.

When Washington selected Trent Williams I thought to myself that Seattle’s pick was in the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs who as you might remember didn’t let the Hawks down last year by passing on Curry. I would have been perfectly happy with Eric Berry or Russell Okung. To those of you who have listened to me on “The Brett And Brian Show” know that I have had my eye on Okung during the entire process. I did get a little distracted by the bright shinny object that is Trent Williams at the end but am very happy with Okung at 6. This was a Solid Pick to replace Walter Jones (who the Seahawks have said they will have an announcement on next Thursday, most likely his retirement) for the next 10-15 years. Is he Big Walt? No, but he is solid.

I have made it no secret that I did not want to see Cj Spiller in a Seahawks jersey so when his name was called at 9 I breathed a sigh of relief. That left Jimmy Claussen as my other big fear on the board. Carroll at USC recruited Jimmy and I guess Pete got his turn to go with another option as he selected Earl Thomas S Texas. This was another solid pick. He is no Eric Berry but he has major ball skills, something that has been missing from the Safety position for a long time. His philosophy once he gets that ball, as quoted from Matt Hasselbeck “We want the ball and were gonna score.” I am a little surprised by the pick only because Carroll usually prefers bigger DB’s and he is under 5’11. He also has a very small frame.

The Seahawks had many needs heading into the draft today and they filled two major ones. In day two they could go a few different ways, by adding a big safety to line up next to Thomas with the selection of Taylor Mays if he falls far enough but I would expect them to go with either a DE (to welcome Rams new QB Sam Bradford to the turf at Qwest field week 17), or WR with RB not far behind. Another pick that I would like to see is Terrence Cody if he’s there at 60. . . . . . t o continue  after rounds two and three.

Draft eve is upon us

As I sit here on this average Seattle spring day I can’t help but think about what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully not average. Pete Carroll and Co. Need to hit this draft out of the park if we are going to be playing in January.

Tonight when I go to bed I will have visions of OT’s dancing in my head. Let’s face it, Walter Jones is done he hasn’t retired yet but it’s just a formality at this point. Assuming that the 2 big DT’s and Eric Berry are gone at 6 I like Trent Williams or Russell Okung here. I would be shocked and upset if Bryan Bulagais chosen by the Seahawks. Don’t get me wrong he is very talented but he has short little arms that are more guard than Tackle. His extraordinary athleticism will make him a T in the league but he will be a right T not a left.

Pick 14 is where it could get a little exciting. There is a very good chance some teams in the 20’s will be looking to trade down to get a player who has fallen further then expected. Seattle would make a great trading partner with them. Already picking at 6 the Seahawks can afford to trade down and acquire more picks in later rounds and/or in next years draft. Besides, at 14 I don’t see a lot of value for the Seahawks. The players that are going to be valued at 14 arent going to be areas of great need and a team with serious holes to fill does not have the luxury of drafting “best available”.

I will be driving to my parents house in Spokane Valley tomorrow and watching the draft with my dad. Weather you are going to the Draft Party in Bellevue, a local sports bar, or watching it at home enjoy the moment it will be a big moment for Pete Carroll, John Schnieder, the rest of the Seahawks team and all of us. I’m very excited, hope you are too. Have a good one!

2010 NFL Schedule

As some of you may have watched the NFL Network had its show to release the NFL schedule. Do we really need a show for that? Why can’t I just get an App? When the Schedule is released I want to know three things; Are there any Prime Time games? How many 10 AM PT games? And when is the Bye week.

No, there are not any Prime Time games for the second year in a row. Is this a surprise? No, the Seahawks haven’t been playing well enough to earn them and as a team in the Pacific Northwest you have to earn ever ounce of respect you get. Some may have thought that Pete Carroll would have brought a Monday Night or Sunday Night game but he’ll need some wins to do that.

There are 3 10 AM PT kickoffs. That’s not bad. I like it even more when I notice two of the games are back to back with the bye week in between meaning Carroll can come out of week 3 and have the players switch to an earlier schedule to start week four. That game is @Rams, one of the only places the Seahawks have won the last couple years, so they should, even being not fully adjusted to the new schedule, be able to pull out a win against a terrible football team. Then they have the bye week, we will get to that a little later. During the bye week have the players come in on Thursday giving them a long weekend and then continue on with the adjusted schedule including a special 7 AM simulated game warm up followed by team drill on Sunday. Maybe then they can be sharp in Chicago and pay them back for last year’s tough loss at Qwest. Then in week 16 the Seahawks travel to Tampa for the third and final 10 AM start of their season.

I absolutely hate having a bye week so early in the season. Yes, it helps you fix things that are broken before it gets too late but its a long time for the players to make it to the end of the season especially if playoffs come into the picture. I like a bye week of 7, 8, or 9.

Chris Berman signs contract extension with ESPN

According to the LA Times ESPN has signed long-time, extremely annoying correspondent Chris Berman to a contract extension. Why is this an issue on North West Pro Sports? Simply put, I can’t stand the guy. He single hardly ruins my sports watching experience during the MLB HR Derby, all the various NFL shows he participates in and possibly the Olympics.

When I try to watch the Home Run Derby, I know but hey its better then the Dunk Contest but that’s for another day, I have to put my TV on mute. As I sit on my sofa listening to him say “Back, Back, Back” in his contrived raspy voice it makes me want to go back into my bedroom closet, grab my baseball bat and smash my TV. Knowing this will not affect him in any way and will ruin ALL my sports shows has me reaching for that little button on my remote instead and thinking, it must have been a Chris Berman who was the driving force behind this creation.

“NFL Countdown”, “ NFL Primetime” does anyone watch these shows? They must, maybe I should ask weather anyone watches them without using the Berman button (as its referred to in my house)? At least he is no longer the host of NFL Live. Now I know what you are thinking, but a person can only watch the same episode of  “Around The League” so many times.

Now Disney is going to bid on the Olympics? The 2010 Winter Olympics’ were botched by NBC and its West Coast tape delays. Now ESPN could have Berman in a Bob Costas type roll. Not that I watch that part of the Olympics but I feel sorry for the athletes that will be interviewed by him.

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