As some of you may have watched the NFL Network had its show to release the NFL schedule. Do we really need a show for that? Why can’t I just get an App? When the Schedule is released I want to know three things; Are there any Prime Time games? How many 10 AM PT games? And when is the Bye week.

No, there are not any Prime Time games for the second year in a row. Is this a surprise? No, the Seahawks haven’t been playing well enough to earn them and as a team in the Pacific Northwest you have to earn ever ounce of respect you get. Some may have thought that Pete Carroll would have brought a Monday Night or Sunday Night game but he’ll need some wins to do that.

There are 3 10 AM PT kickoffs. That’s not bad. I like it even more when I notice two of the games are back to back with the bye week in between meaning Carroll can come out of week 3 and have the players switch to an earlier schedule to start week four. That game is @Rams, one of the only places the Seahawks have won the last couple years, so they should, even being not fully adjusted to the new schedule, be able to pull out a win against a terrible football team. Then they have the bye week, we will get to that a little later. During the bye week have the players come in on Thursday giving them a long weekend and then continue on with the adjusted schedule including a special 7 AM simulated game warm up followed by team drill on Sunday. Maybe then they can be sharp in Chicago and pay them back for last year’s tough loss at Qwest. Then in week 16 the Seahawks travel to Tampa for the third and final 10 AM start of their season.

I absolutely hate having a bye week so early in the season. Yes, it helps you fix things that are broken before it gets too late but its a long time for the players to make it to the end of the season especially if playoffs come into the picture. I like a bye week of 7, 8, or 9.