As I sit here on this average Seattle spring day I can’t help but think about what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully not average. Pete Carroll and Co. Need to hit this draft out of the park if we are going to be playing in January.

Tonight when I go to bed I will have visions of OT’s dancing in my head. Let’s face it, Walter Jones is done he hasn’t retired yet but it’s just a formality at this point. Assuming that the 2 big DT’s and Eric Berry are gone at 6 I like Trent Williams or Russell Okung here. I would be shocked and upset if Bryan Bulagais chosen by the Seahawks. Don’t get me wrong he is very talented but he has short little arms that are more guard than Tackle. His extraordinary athleticism will make him a T in the league but he will be a right T not a left.

Pick 14 is where it could get a little exciting. There is a very good chance some teams in the 20’s will be looking to trade down to get a player who has fallen further then expected. Seattle would make a great trading partner with them. Already picking at 6 the Seahawks can afford to trade down and acquire more picks in later rounds and/or in next years draft. Besides, at 14 I don’t see a lot of value for the Seahawks. The players that are going to be valued at 14 arent going to be areas of great need and a team with serious holes to fill does not have the luxury of drafting “best available”.

I will be driving to my parents house in Spokane Valley tomorrow and watching the draft with my dad. Weather you are going to the Draft Party in Bellevue, a local sports bar, or watching it at home enjoy the moment it will be a big moment for Pete Carroll, John Schnieder, the rest of the Seahawks team and all of us. I’m very excited, hope you are too. Have a good one!