April 22nd 2010 a day that Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks will not soon forget. At the beginning of the day there was a lot of excitement, some nervousness and a lot of hope. As a Seahawks fan I had a few things that I hoped would happen and things that I hoped would not.

When Washington selected Trent Williams I thought to myself that Seattle’s pick was in the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs who as you might remember didn’t let the Hawks down last year by passing on Curry. I would have been perfectly happy with Eric Berry or Russell Okung. To those of you who have listened to me on “The Brett And Brian Show” know that I have had my eye on Okung during the entire process. I did get a little distracted by the bright shinny object that is Trent Williams at the end but am very happy with Okung at 6. This was a Solid Pick to replace Walter Jones (who the Seahawks have said they will have an announcement on next Thursday, most likely his retirement) for the next 10-15 years. Is he Big Walt? No, but he is solid.

I have made it no secret that I did not want to see Cj Spiller in a Seahawks jersey so when his name was called at 9 I breathed a sigh of relief. That left Jimmy Claussen as my other big fear on the board. Carroll at USC recruited Jimmy and I guess Pete got his turn to go with another option as he selected Earl Thomas S Texas. This was another solid pick. He is no Eric Berry but he has major ball skills, something that has been missing from the Safety position for a long time. His philosophy once he gets that ball, as quoted from Matt Hasselbeck “We want the ball and were gonna score.” I am a little surprised by the pick only because Carroll usually prefers bigger DB’s and he is under 5’11. He also has a very small frame.

The Seahawks had many needs heading into the draft today and they filled two major ones. In day two they could go a few different ways, by adding a big safety to line up next to Thomas with the selection of Taylor Mays if he falls far enough but I would expect them to go with either a DE (to welcome Rams new QB Sam Bradford to the turf at Qwest field week 17), or WR with RB not far behind. Another pick that I would like to see is Terrence Cody if he’s there at 60. . . . . . t o continue  after rounds two and three.