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The Gold is tarnished in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks drafted Notre Dame WR Golden Tate in the Second round of this years draft. Since then the type of publicity he has brought to himself and the Seahawks has been less than Golden.

Close to a month ago he was in the news for stealing maple bars from a local dounut shop with his friend and today he announced “I Officially Hate Seattle” on his Twitter account.

He later tried to ease the blow by telling fans that they “at some point…..need to understand I’m a sarcastic person….” Sorry buddy but just because you are about to become an over paid athlete does not give you the right to tell me or anyone watching that you hate our city and expect us to just accept that just the way you are.

In Seattle we, as fans, love our athletes but we are not going to sit back and let him act like that. I would say that Golden is starting to wear out his welcome, maybe he is spending to much time with Deon Branch.

One piece of advice, Golden, think before you act, speak or tweet.

Griffey Has Done Many Things

Ken Griffey Jr. Has done many things for the Seattle Mariner and Major League Baseball, both before leaving for the Reds and since his return to the Emerald City.

On Wednesday June 2, 2010 he made his final contribution to the Mariners by retiring and clearing up the roster spot that his broken down and unable to perform body was taking up on a roster that needs more then a little help.

Thank you Junior for everything, Safeco Field, the 95 season, coming back to Seattle and mending half burned fences, and thank you for helping to kick start the rebuilding process. Now thank you for retiring. It’s a little bit late, it’s too bad we had to watch him play when he practically needed a walker to get to home plate and a chair placed inside the batters box. Good luck Junior, see you in Cooperstown!

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