You have seen it time and time again the WR makes a touchdown and then he starts in on a “Celebration”. Here in Seattle DT Rocky Bernard would do the “Sugar Bear Shake” after sacking the oppositions QB.

How do you feel about it? There seems to be two camps. Those who like it and say it’s just them having fun and then there are those who feel that it is classless and is an example of the player trying to make the game about him and is nothing more then “Show Boating”.

Do you feel it’s different depending on the player or the celebration? For example was Terrell Owens pulling out a Sharpie as bad as Chad Ochocinco putting on a mock Hall of Fame jacket?or does it matter what the player has done and how he celebrates?

Personally I like to see the players having fun until it is an attempt to show up the other team. T.O. Dancing on the Dallas Star should have got him suspended. Joe Horns Cell phone incident was fine in my opinion. Celebrating when you make a first down drives my nuts! It’s you job, if you don’t do that your services won’t be required for long.

I am interested to hear what you think.