You may be thinking that I was a little harsh last week when I made my prediction for the outcome of the Seahawks Vs. 49ers game last week and I have had to admit many times since that I was wrong on the outcome but I am unwilling to say that magically this team is healed. I saw some glaring holes despite the 31-6 dismantling of the 49ers that has led to the 49ers team pointing fingers at each other and the fans questioning weather Mike Singletary is the right coach for their team. It was a great win where everyone stepped up and made huge plays and they played the game in a manner that was very fitting for a coach that asks his players to play the best they can every time they take the field.

As fans we need to be careful not to read to much into this game. The fact remains that we still cannot run the ball consistently, we had a lot of trouble getting to the QB in the beginning of the game although in the second half when the pressure was dialed up it got home and gave Alex Smith a lot of trouble. Mike Williams is having some concentration issues as he dropped two passes in the game and Matt Hasselbeck needs to slow down a touch and be a little more careful with the football. The offense managed just 242 total yards and the Seahawks defense was out on the field over 5 minutes longer then the offense was.

On the bright side the special teams units were special, the defense played great football and the offense started to click.

Sunday the Seahawks travel to Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium

Invesco Field at Mile High

to take on the 0-1 Denver Broncos who lost a close game in Jacksonville in what was the hottest game ever played in the stadium. I was at Invesco in April and just from being there I could feel the difference in the air from my home in Seattle. I can’t imaging how tough it is to play the game with the reduced O2 pressure, there will be a lot of guys sucking the oxygen down on the sidelines.

The Seahawks have had some more bad news on the offensive line with Starting Right Guard Max Unger, a second year pro, done for the Season. The Seahawks picked former Seahawks G/T Mansfield Wrotto up. Stacy Andrews, 347 pounds, will replace Unger at guard for the Broncos game and it looks like Mike Gibson, who was dinged up in the 49ers game, will be ready to go at LG while the rest of the offensive line is the same as last weeks game. Denver also has issues on the offensive line with there Center, JD Walton #50,  playing in only his second professional game in that position and their Right Tackle, Zane Beadles #68, is a rookie and both are definitely a weakness for them. I don’t expect you will see a lot of rushing yards this game and the key will be stopping the other teams passing attack.

The pressure that Seattle’s Defense was able to get on Alex Smith last week will be important if the Seahawks are to win the game sunday. Kyle Orton is susceptible to making mistakes while under pressure but he has the ability to pick you apart if he has time and feels comfortable in the pocket. Denver’s offensive line had some trouble with pass protection and Seattle could make Kyle wish that it was the bye week.

The Seahawks secondary will need to make some plays and make Denver pay for throwing the ball the 35+ times I expect on sunday morning. I also noticed that the Special teams for Denver was a bit weak and allow a lot of yards in opponents return game. That was one area of the Seahawks that appeared solid the entire game, minus the muffed kickoff in the end zone by Leon Washington to start the game. The special teams could give the Seahawks a big advantage in starting field position and it could end up being the deciding factor in this game that I expect to be a close game.

If this game were at Qwest I would be picking the Seahawks to win this game fairly easily but because it is being played at Invesco with the low oxygen and the teams history of slow starts on the road i think it will be too much to overcome for a developing football team and Denver wins 21-17.

Heres to hoping I am wrong.