The Seahawks offensive line was, well, offensive in the 33-3 whooping they received from the Oakland Raiders. Some linemen had terrible games and the others were worse. As I watched the game the first time I was sitting here thinking that Matt needed to get ride of the ball faster but when I went back and broke down the negative plays (both rushing and sacks) I saw that it was almost always a big mistake by one or more lineman. This will be a player by player look at the offensive line play.

Center Chris Spencer got pushed out of the way on the first play of the game allowing Raiders DT Tommy Kelly to bust through the middle and sack Matt Hasselbeck, setting a tone for the game. The next drive Spencer got beat leaving no room to run and a 2 yard loss. After that drive he settled down and played a decent game, too bad others didn’t follow his lead.

On 3rd down and 14 to go during the first drive Raiders DE Richard Seymore bull rushed Right Guard Ben Hamilton leading to the second sack of the game. Hamilton would leave the game during the next drive being replaced for the remainder of the game by Chester Pitts who was later replaced by Mike Gibson when Pitts moved out to LT.

Chester Pitts had plenty of troubles himself but I think the fact that he’s coming back from such a long recovery from an injury suffered last season and his first game with a new team we will give him a pass. He is at least partially at fault in 3 sacks and 1 tackle for loss.

Chester Pitts works with trainer during the preseason on his road to recovery.

Troy Pulombus had troubles begging in the second drive during a running play where he was unable to seal the edge while Mike Williams and Spencer both wiffed on attempting to block their men leading to a 4 yard loss on the running play. Later in the game he got pushed straight back into Matt on a play where Matt was sacked. John Carleson gave Troy some help sealing the edge on a running play but as soon as John moved up to the second level he lost the edge and it resulted in a 3 yard loss. Troy got his knee rolled up on from behind and left that game but returned after a few series. When he came back in he got beat and so did Stacy Andrews, both of the players they should have blocked combined to sack Matt.

That was not the first time Andrews made a terrible play costing the Seahawks yards. Earlier in the game on 3rd and 1 he fell straight forward flat on his face without even touching anyone on the way down. Thats where the play was designed to go but it was stuffed and resulted in lost yardage. A few drives later he had sealed the hole nicely but came off his block while the running back was still 3 yards behind the line and the hole was gone before he got to it. Andrews was roaming around the secondary looking for someone to block. This would not be the last time on the drive he found himself looking for something to do after he screwed up his blocking assignment. He got off balance by using improper technique to make up for the faster defender. When the defender changed direction there was nothing he could do and led to Matt getting sacked and fumbleing the ball. Stacy was just standing around so he was able to fall on it. They ended up calling Matt down before the fumble.

the only play that Sean Locklear cost the Seahawks was on that 1st 3rd and 1 play where he got thrown out of the way by the defender and leading to the failed conversion.

It was a rough day all around but the last place I would want to be is in the offensive line meetings, not going to be a comfortable chair in the room.

Brett Bivens

twitter: @nwprosports