It’s a question that has a tough answer.

Whose side to take- the players or the owners? The one who performs or the one who employs those that brings joy to millions of people around the world on Sundays, Mondays and occasionally a Thursday from September until February.

Come March 4th if no new CBA is agreed on the owners of 32-NFL teams could lockout the players.

So whose side do you take? The players want more money, while the owners want less money for the players and more in their pockets. It’s a common trade when new CBAs have to be finalized. Both sides feeling that the other side isn’t giving them the right piece of the pie.

The players like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady could afford a season of vacation, while the other rookie younger players could afford the money in their wallets. So they’re not getting hurt the most out of the lockout. The owners can go on their vacations and continue to own a team with replacement players- so they’re not getting hurt.

The fans on the other hand- well what do they get out of it?

“As far as the owner’s reaction I have no idea,” Seahawks die-heart fan Lorin “Big Lo” Sandretzky said. “The owner’s won’t stoop down to our (fans) level. They’re billionaires. They won’t stoop down.”

Big Lo is organizing a Seahawk Fan Forum that will take place Mon., Feb. 21st 11 a.m. Western Time at Liquid Line in Kirkland Wash. Currently the Seahawks are one of 17 teams taking part in the forum that takes place between 3 p.m. until 4 p.m Eastern Time.

Jillian Ricard started the idea and already has over half-of-the NFL team being represented.

“We heard of the idea through the Seahawkers,” Big Lo said. “They dropped it because they’re affiliated with the team themselves and didn’t want to do it. So it fell in our lap.”

The idea is a simple one- let the fans voice their opinions, while learning exactly what is going on during the CBA negotiations.

“For the fans that don’t know what’s going on it’s perfect for them,” Big Lo said. “A lot of people don’t know exactly what CBA stands for. To most it means College Basketball Association, but truly it’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

The fans aren’t allowed to sit in on the NFLPAs meetings with the Owners and this is their time to show their support or pitch a fit if they want a new CBA before or not too long after the expiration of the current CBA.

“If you’re a fan you have to show support,” Big Lo said. “Do you want football or don’t you? You have to know the actual facts.”

It’ll be a time for the fans to learn what’s going on behind the closed doors and what’s taking the two sides so long to reach an agreement.

Big Lo is one of two organizing the event in Kirkland for the 12th Man. Liquid Lime will be providing drink and lunch specials for those in attendance.

Big Lo has tried to get some players to attend the event, but given their off-season schedule and commitments hasn’t had the luck he would have liked to receive.

“All the support I and the fans give them and no support back,” Big Lo said. “Half-of-me is one way (favoring the lockout) and the other half wants football. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.”

So what happens to the fans if a new CBA isn’t agreed by March 4th? The owners appear likely to lockout the players. Meaning free agency won’t happen and possibly the 2011 NFL Season could have replacement players in uniform come Opening Day.

“People won’t pay to watch other’s play,” Big Lo said. “Only reason I will pay is to keep my season ticket seats.”

The attendance will most likely drop and who knows what will happen to the TV ratings. There will be fans that won’t watch football again just as there were when MLB went on strike in 1994.

“We (fans) could have a walkout if the NFL goes on a lockout,” Big Lo said. “Everybody unite together against the Owners and Players. This is what we can do to you and will do. It would be an eye opener for every professional league.”

The Fan Forum that will take place Monday won’t see a new CBA agreed on after, but they could make a difference just as the mediation the NFLPA and Owners are currently going through. The important thing is getting the fans in the support for a new CBA.

“To save the football season you have to get involved,” Big Lo said. “You have to be active.”

For those of you that can’t attend the event in person you can follow the event via the computer on:

Time: 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time