It all started 5 years ago when Seattle Supersonics former owner Starbucks Tycoon Howard Shultz sold the franchise to an Oklahoma City business man Clay Bennett who had previously been a major player in moving the New Orleans Hornets to Oklahoma City for 2 seasons following Hurricane Katrina.

When he purchased the Sonics Clay promised his intent was not to relocate the team to his native Oklahoma City and that he would seek to keep the Sonics in Seattle.

At the end of the day I guess he was true to his word. During the settlement over the remaining years on the lease for Key Arena with the City of Seattle he left the Supersonics name and colors behind and took everything else to the middle of nowhere, I mean Oklahoma City, where the population density inside city limits is roughly 1 person for every 2/3 of an acre.

With the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics making a big push in the playoff and our neighbors to the north, Vancouver, playing in the NHL Championship I got to thinking. If I could have an NHL team of an NBA team move to Seattle which would I prefer? The first thing I decided was I would much rather it be part of a league expansion then another city losing their team. That said I want a team so if that means relocating a team sobeit.

Now that I had manned up and decided bringing a team to Seattle at all costs was not only the right thing for me it was the right thing for the City and its sports fans my wheels really started turning and I decided I would leave the question up to the sports fans of Seattle. I posed this question to my friends on Facebook and  Twitter.

If you could only have one or the other would you rather get an NHL team in Seattle or bring the NBA back?

I got some creative responses like:

On Twitter

@hazhauler “Neither! Nascar track!” – I understand this sentiment, I too want a Nascar track in Washington.

@FUNdMental “1) Both 2) NHL 3) Neither if they want $1 Billion Tax payer funded arena”

Some who wanted the NHL to come to Seattle like:

On Twitter

@SpiltMilkCrier “NHL all the way!! Better to watch Live”

@mikekomosports “That’s a wicked tough question. I’d say as long as David Stern is NBA Commish they’re not welcome back. Give me the NHL!”

@DavidLStarr “NHL…its a business model actually works.”

@BigEeezy09 “…..Fu*K David Stern – I don’t want him profiting on our awesome fans with disposable income

On Facebook

Ken Baker “NHL. I loved the Sonics through and through, but the NBA is corrupt and broken”

Darin Pike “NHL…better game that isn’t full of corruption and punks.”

And some who want to see the NBA return:

On Twitter:

@LadyCHawksfan “NBA” later adding “NHL just bores me (unless its the Charlestown Chiefs!)” in reference to the team from the movie Slap Shot.

@Seablaze24 “Blazer fan, want the Sonics rivalry back for sure”

There is still a lot of tension between the NBA and the Seattle Sports fan and while some believe the NBA should not be welcomed back others are ready to forgive and forget as the welcome it back with arms wide open.

Here is how the votes broke down

Twitter          Facebook                                     Total

NHL                       43%                53%                                           46%

NBA                       51%                40%                                           48%

Both/Other           6%                  7%                                             6%