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Good-bye No. 8, We’ll miss ya

It was a legacy that all started for the cost of two-draft picks.

Mike Holmgren wanted his own guy to run his West Coast Offense in Seattle. He knew it couldn’t be Brett Favre so he settled for his back-up a former 6th-round draft pick out of Boston College- Matt Hasselbeck.

10-years later, 174 touchdowns which is good for 2nd-all-time, while he’s first in 29,434-passing yards, 131-career starts in Seattle and four consecutive years of 3,000+ passing yards- Hasselbeck has finally seen his career with the Seahawks come to an end.

The free agent quarterback appears likely heading elsewhere as the last true offensive core of the 2005 NFC Champion team is dissembled.

First Shaun Alexander was let go and last-year was the first time in Hasselbeck’s career that Walter Jones wasn’t on the roster. It’s a sad end to one of the best offenses ever to play in Seattle.

Jones is a first-time ballot NFL Hall of Famer, Alexander might get in, but it’ll take a few years and now the quarterback that guided them to 13-wins in 2005 won’t walk out of the tunnel come opening day with the No. 8 jersey.

If there has ever been a wittier quarterback in Seattle history that would be Hasselbeck. He played the game for the pure enjoyment of it.

Sure he had his moments where people who didn’t know that about him would say “did he really just do that?” A perfect example of that would be in Green Bay in the 2004 NFL Playoffs in which Matt Hasselbeck responded with “We want the ball and we’re gonna score” after the Seahawks won the coin toss in overtime. He would end up throwing an interception to Al Harris and watch him return for a game-ending touchdown.

Like any career there were ups-and-downs for Matt, but the 12th Man is more likely to have forgotten the downs.

Hasselbeck did something no other quarterback in Seattle did and that’s lead them to the Super Bowl. He played every game to the hardest he could and put it all on the line.

Sadly like all NFL careers there comes an end. Once he turned 33 he missed a combined 11 games over three-years including the final regular season of the 2010 NFL season at home.

The Seahawks knew his career and time with Seattle was starting to wind down- they traded for former Charger back-up quarterback Charlie Whitehurst in the 2010 off-season.

Now as a free agent they’re ready to let him walk away. It wasn’t his call. It might not have even been his choice, but in the NFL there comes a time when you’re time is up.

Who would have thought at the end of his career it would have been well worth a first-round and third-round pick?

The 12th Man might have.


Few days to make up for 18-weeks of nothing

It took exactly 18-weeks. No not the 18-weeks that the Owners wanted to have for an entire season, but 18-weeks to finally allow the owners and NFLPA to reach an agreement ending the lockout.

18-weeks of unknown nerves, 18-weeks of patiently waiting for an agreement and 18-weeks of losing my mind, but it all came to an end-finally.

Now the Seattle Seahawks and 31 other NFL teams will have days to fill holes left by the current free agents and only weeks to come together as a team with hopes of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February.

It’s going to be a fun ride, a suspenseful ride, but also a short ride. There won’t be 18-weeks for General Managers to negotiate contracts or make trades, but instead might not even get 18-days to do that.

The Seahawks could have to look for a new quarterback, a fairly new offensive line and work on their defensive line as well.

It’s going to be a major test for Pete Carroll and his staff, but more importantly for John Schneider.

One thing working for Seattle is the deep free agents in the 2011 class. Many key positions have guys that would upgrade Seattle or could even start if they sign with Seattle. Quarterback is the one position Seattle might try and want to re-sign their own free agent in Matt Hasselbeck.

So what can the Seahawks and the rest of the NFL expect? It’ll be interesting as to where players wind up and how teams fair given the short time to build chemistry as a team.

Once players can officially sign Friday expect the NFL to go crazy. It’s been a dreaded quiet 18-weeks that will get crazy in the next few days. They always say it gets calm before a storm and that’ll be the case come 6 p.m., Friday.

The next several days won’t be as long as the past 18-weeks. They won’t seem like an eternal, but will fly by.

Then again does it matter if it flies by or not? One thing is for sure- there’s football to be played in September and the Seahawks will begin their quest for a second NFC West crown under Carroll.

It’s bound to be a crazy next few days, but then again Pete Carroll’s first-year helped us prepare.


The Solution For the Nation Debt

When most of us we younger our parents would go out and bring back a few things. One of these items could solve the national debt. What could this item be? Give up? The debt would be eliminated if the US Government decides to start selling Government Cheese!
They had the first part of a crack dealers plan down. They addicted us with the free product. Now they just need to in the words of Jim Cramer from Mad Money “Sell, Sell, Sell” after all this cheese is a bull market in itself.

Top Seahawk Free Agents

When the new CBA is signed and teams will be allowed to discuss with current free agents here are five Seahawks that the front office should do as much as they can to keep them in Seattle:

Top 5 most important Seahawk Free Agents:
5. Olindo Mare, K
Mare has been very consistent for the Seahawks special team’s game and will be a top target for them to keep. He is another guy who could land a short deal and be used to guide a younger kicker on the practice squad for a future with the Seahawks.
4. Lawyer Milloy, S
Milloy’s leadership and veteran skills are key for the Seahawks safety as he continues to groom Earl Thomas. He most likely will come cheaper and for a limited time allowing them to still draft a safety this year as his eventual replacement or continue to work with the young Kam Chancellor.
3. Raheem Brock, DE
Brock showed that once he was given the chance to start opposite of Chris Clemons that he can make an impact with the team. With Red Bryant healthy again next year it could mean Jay Richardson and Kentwan Balmer will be let go to keep Brock, Clemons and Bryant in the mix at the end position.
2. Matt Hasselbeck, QB
His experience at the quarterback position will be hard to find somewhere else. Might be the most suitable to train a rookie quarterback signed as an undrafted free agent or signed once free agency starts.

1. Brandon Mebane, DT

Mebane is the youngest out of the top five most important free agents and is a force for the Seahawks run stoppage on the front four. He will come costly, but will be worth every penny as they continue to use him next to Colin Cole.


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