This game had a little added bonus for me because I have always been a big Donovan McNabb fan and this was the first time I have ever seen him play in person.


1) Charlie Whitehurst (B)

Last week B+. Charlie showed consistency between the first and second preseason games and that was exactly what I wanted to see out of him.


He had a quick release and showed command of the offense going through his reads and making the correct decisions. He moved around in the pocket to buy extra time for his receivers to get open. He showed poise on the touchdown pass to McCoy. The snap was low and the pocket collapsed but he was able to roll out and buy enough time to find his TE all alone in the back of the end zone.


On a mid range comeback route he under threw his receiver but WR Kris Durham dove and made the catch. He threw a pass into coverage when there was no chance his target would be able to come up with it. One pass Charlie threw behind the receiver which caused him to turn around. If he had led his receiver it could have been a touchdown. Whitehurst over threw a deep ball but you can see from this picture (below) I took during the play that Durham was being held by the cornerback.

Kris Durham is held while trying to run a deep route. Photo by Brett Bivens


2) Tarvaris Jackson (C+)

Last week D+. When I was watching the game from my seat I thought his grade was going to end up being worse because his receivers were getting open and he wasn’t finding them. After going through each play several times it became clear that most of the time he had a defender in his face or was running for his life.


On a play action pass he turned around and saw Jared Allen baring down on him. Tarvaris was able to avoid the rush and get outside of the pocket then throw the ball away. On another play where a defender was rushing free he scrambled and got positive yardage. With the rush coming he made a quality check down while getting hit. When he had a chance he showed good ball placement including a play he through a ball up to Mike Williams where he was the only one who would have a chance at the ball.


Tarvaris threw a ball to Golden Tate who was well covered but had Marshawn Lynch wide open. While throwing a deep ball leading the receiver towards the out of bounds he didn’t give his receiver enough room to catch the ball in bounds. As the game went on he got happy in the pockets and on one play had Doug Baldwin wide open for 15 yards and Leon Washington open as his check down but he took off and ran without being forced to do so. Jackson took a chance deep to Sidney Rice in the end zone but didn’t look the safety off, over threw the ball and it was almost intercepted by the Safety.

3) Josh Portis (F+)

Last week (C+). Josh took a big step back this week and showed his inexperience.


Portis was able to fit the ball in a small window and had good timing with his receivers. He had a nice scramble on fourth down picking up the first.


Once he started scrambling it was like he couldn’t stop. The next two plays he had Vai Taua wide open but never threw the ball to him even though he was looking in Vai’s direction. He missed high on his throws on multiple occasions.  Josh had the perfect chance to make a great throw but didn’t quite put enough air under it and the ball was deflected. As the quarterback you are the field general and need to get the plays off on time. Unfortunatly he got called for delay of game when he let the play clock run down. The last play of the game he gave up and just sat down for the sack when he should have at least thrown the ball up for grabs.



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