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My estimation on the Seahawks 53 man roster

This is my complete projected Seahawks 53 man roster.  This started as a piece I was asked to do for Northwest Sports Beat.  That piece called for me to select 5 players who would stay and 5 who would go.  Like an idiot, I decide the only way to do it properly was to break down the entire 53 man roster.

This will simply be a list to acts as an addition to the post on Northwest Sports Beat where I actually break down some of the more difficult decisions.


Offense (26)

Quarterback (3)

Russell Wilson

Matt Flynn

Josh Portis- Released


Running Back (4)

Marshawn Lynch

Michael Robinson

Robert Turbin

Kregg Lumkin

Leon Washington- Kept


Wide Receiver (6)

Sidney Rice

Braylon Edwards

Doug Baldwin

Golden Tate

Ben Obomanu

Charly Martin


Tight End (3)

Zach Miller

Kellen Winslow

Anthony McCoy


Offensive Line (10)

Russell Okung

Max Unger

John Moffitt

Breno Giacomini

Paul McQuistan

Lemuel Jeanpierre

Paul Fanaika- released

JR Sweezy

Allen Barbre- suspended list

Frank Omlyale

James Carpenter- Activated from PUP


Defense (24)

Cornerback (5)

Brandon Browner

Richard Sherman

Jeremy Lane

Byron Maxwell

Marcus Trufant


Safety (4)

Earl Thomas

Kam Chancellor

Jeron Johnson

Chris Maragos

Winston Guy-  Kept


Defensive Line (9)

Red Bryant

Chris Clemons

Brandon Mebane

Bruce Irvin

Jason Jones

Greg Scruggs

Allen Branch

Jaye Howard

Clinton McDonald

Linebacker (6)

Bobby Wagner

Leroy Hill

KJ Wright

Mike Morgan

Malcolm Smith

Heath Farewell


Special Teams (3)

Clint Gresham

Steven Hauschka

Jon Ryan


Wether you like my decisions or you hate them, please take the time to read the reasoning behind some of them on Northwest Sports Beat and let me know how you feel.


Your new Seahawks starting QB Russell Wilson: love ‘em & hate ‘em

Pete & John announce Wilson starter

Some people are in love with the idea of having Russell Wilson start for the Seahawks, others hate the idea.  Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle.

Normally I do the Love ‘em section followed by the Hate ‘em section, but I feel in order to get the season started on the right foot, I am going to end this piece on a high note.

Hate ‘em (Hate is too strong a word)

Throughout the whole “quarterback competition” it was called a “3 player race” yet I felt like the position wasMatt Flynn‘s job to lose.  Matt Flynn played very well, every-time he saw live action.

Seahawks Pete Carroll Head Coach Your new Seahawks starting QB Russell Wilson: love em & hate em

The kid gloves are off says Pete Carroll

This isn’t a matter of me being right or me being wrong, this is a matter of conventional wisdom.  Sure, there have been many quarterbacks who have played in their rookie season and done very well, but can you name one that was not forced into the starting job? More…

Five Seahawks who impressed against the Chiefs Friday night

Nice Game Boys! Impressive!

Seattle 44, Kansas City 14
When: 5:00 PST, Friday, August 24, 2012
Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri
Temperature: 90


Dominate: “To rule; govern; control”…

That one word sums up the Seahawks-Chiefs game on Friday.  There was not one instance, not one aspect, of the game when the team that controlled the game was at question.  In every aspect of the game, the Seattle Seahawks DOMINATED the Kansas City Chiefs.

It has been difficult to select the five guys to write about in these posts each week, this week was no exception.  Like every week, those chosen are ordered by jersey number.

Russell Wilson #3

Read the rest of the piece I wrote for Northwest Sports Beat here.

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Defensive backs

Seahawks defensive back grades


Like I did with the receivers, I am going to just put the grades on this post unless I am asked to go into detail. Thank you all for your patience.




Richard Sherman #25

last week: C
this week: B


Brandon Browner #39

last week: A-
this week: B


Marcus Trufant #23

last week: C
this week: B


Jeremy Lane #1

last week: b
this week: C


Coye Francies #37

last week: c+
this week: C-


Phillip Adams #35

last week: f
this week: d+




Jeron Johnson #32

Last week: c
this week: B+


Kam Chancellor #31

last week: C+
this week: B


Chris Maragos #42

last week: c
this week: B


Earl Thomas #29

Last week: B+
this week: C


Winston Guy #27

last week: c-
this week: d-

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Receivers

Seahawks wide receiver/tight ends grades



We are in the 11th hour before tonights Seahawks-Cheifs matchup.  With that in mind, I am going to give players their grades without breaking down why.  If there are any players that you would like to see the reasonings behind the grade I gave just let me know, I will go back and add that in.


Wide Receiver

Jermaine Kearse #8

last week: c+
this week: b


Deon Butler #11

last week: b
this week: B-


Charly Martin #14

last week: B+
this week: b-


Braylon Edwards #17

last week: b-
this week: C+


Phil Bates #13

the grade: C+


Kris Durham: #16

last week: C
this week: C+


Lavasier Tiunei #19

last week: b-
this week: C+


Golden Tate #81

last week: C
this week: C


Ricardo Lockette #83

the grade: D+


Terrell Owens #10

the grade: F



Tight End

Kellen Winslow #82

the grade: B


Anthony McCoy #85

Last week: C+
This week: B+


Cameron Morrah #88

last week: F
this week: C+


Sean McGrath #45

Last week: C+
this week: C+


Cooper Heifet #84

the grade: C-

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Offensive line

Seahawks offensive line grades


This is part 5 of the Seahawks player grades against the Broncos. The quarterback, running back, linebacker and defensive line grades have already been posted.


Max Unger #60

Last week: A-

Max Unger continues to prove why he got his new contract during the offseason.  Last week he was the best offensive lineman on the Seahawks, and he backed that up by doing it again.

the good:
  • Ability to consistently get to the second level, and deliver solid blocks.
  • Ability to seal the running lanes up the middle and give the running back a large hole to run through.
the bad:
  • Max was pushed into the face of Matt Flynn and gave up a sack.
the grade: A+


Breno Giacomini #68

Last week: C-

After struggling a bit last week Breno Giacomini responded in week 2 of the preseason.  His aggression is a positive, but he needs to learn how to turn it off before he makes stupid mistakes.  That said, a stupid penalty couldn’t take away from the outstanding job Breno was doing out there on Saturday.

the good:
  • 3 pancake blocks in pass protection.
  • 1 pancake while run blocking.
  • Push in the running game, including on a 4th and 1 play.
  • Cut block, took out 2 defenders and created a big hole for the running back.
the bad:
  • Missed a cut block attempt while pass blocking.
  • Fell while trying to run block.
  • Got pushed back into Matt Flynn, while in pass protection.
  • He got baited into his 2nd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in 2 weeks, when he head-butted a Broncos player.
  • Holding penalty.
the grade: A


JR Sweezy #64

Last week: C+

I didn’t think JR Sweezy could impress me more than he had last week, but thats exactly what he did.  When the Seahawks drafted him and switched him to the offensive side of the ball I expected him to compete for a practice squad position. Now, he is definitely competing for a roster spot.

the good:
  • Strength to push defensive tackles out of the lanes, and open big holes to run through.
  • Aggressiveness, always plays through the whistle and looks for someone to hit.
  • Solid pass protection.
the bad:
  • Struggled getting to the 2nd level to make blocks.
  • Struggled to get outside and set up block on screen pass.
the grade: B+


Paul McQuistan #67

Last week: b+

Paul McQuistan has really improved his pass blocking ability this season.  Every snap Paul was in pass protection he was solid.  McQuistan struggled a couple times while run blocking.

the grade: B+


Russell Okung #76

Last week: b-

Russell Okung has had a career marred by injury.  Every game he makes it through without being carted off I feel is a success.

the good:
  • Pass protection, at times he is a complete wall at left tackle.
  • Pancake while run blocking.
the bad:
  • Russell missed a couple run blocks.
  • Missed 2 pass blocks, one he was forced to hold to save Matt Flynn, and the other led to a quarterback pressure.
  • Should have been called for a false start, but the officials missed it.
the grade: b+


Rishaw Johnson #63

last week: B

For the second week in a row, Rishaw Johnson looked good when he had a chance to play.  I hope that he gets an opportunity to play against better competition in the game against Kansas City this week.  If not, I think the Seahawks might try to sneak him onto the practice squad.

the good:
  • Good job holding the pocket.
  • Getting push in the running game.
the bad:
  • Rishaw plays near the end of games which means he’s playing against end of the roster type players at best.
the grade: b


Allen Barbre #78

last week: B-

Though Allen Barbre was not quite as good this week as he was last, he still had a very solid game.

the good:
  • Threw defender to the ground like a rag doll.
  • Ran defender out of the play on a running play.
  • Solid pass protection when left on an island
  • Cleaned the linebacker out of the hole on Russell Wilson’s quarterback sneak.  (That was the key block that allowed the Seahawks to move the chains.)
the bad:
  • Pushed into the backfield on a running play.
  • Missed a run block.
  • Allowed a sack.
the grade: C+


Edawn Coughman #70

Edawn Coughman may wear Michael Sinclair’s old number, but he sure isn’t doing it justice.

the good:
  • He isn’t expected to make the roster.
the bad:
  • Lost a run block.


the grade: c-


Lemuel Jeanpierre #61

last week: A-

I don’t have to pick a player who disappointed me the most along the offensive line.  Then again, Lemuel Jeanpierre didn’t have to go out and play like an undrafted rookie free agent.

the good:
  • Held the pocket strong.
the bad:
  • Knocked to the ground at the second level while run blocking.
  • Slow getting to the second level while run blocking.
  • Completely missed a run block.
the grade: D+


Alex Barron #73

Last week: D+

Pete Carroll, John Schneider and Tom Cable have got to be extremely disappointed in the job Alex Barron has done since joining the Seahawks.

the good:
  • He can’t be the worst on the line, as long as Duce Lutui is lined up next to him.
  • Monday is a cutdown day so, he might not be around by the end of that day.
the bad:
  • His play on the field.
the grade: D-


Duce Lutui #72

last week: D-

Is there something to be said for consistency?

the good:
  • He plays nasty football.
the bad:
  • He plays nasty bad football.
the grade: d-

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Defensive line

Seahawks player grades


This is the 4th part of the Seahawks player grades from the Broncos game. Already posted are; Quarterback, running back and linebacker.

In order to keep this post manageable I am going to be very brief in the descriptions. If you would like me to elaborate on any player in particular let me know and I will happily add that.

Defensive Line


Brandon Mabane #92

Last week Brandon received a B

Brandon Mebane is a solid player and he drew several double teams against the Broncos.  He was strong in the running game as usual and he was also able to create some pressure on the quarterback.  Mabane does need to work on his backside contain.

the grade: A


Photo By Brett Bivens

Pep Levingston #93

Last week he received a C

Pep Levingston is a very athletic guy and it is not surprising that he is able to get pressure on the quarterback, or his ability to pursue plays from the backside.  What surprises me is his ability to hold the point of attack and the strength he shows when he throws guards to the ground to get run penetration.

the grade: A-


Red Bryant #79

Last week Big Red Bryant received a C+

We all know how solid Red Bryant is in the running game, but in years past he has been a liability in the passing game.  This year he is paying more attention to the quarterback throwing the ball and working to get his hands up to deflect it.  Against the Broncos he was able to tip a pass at the line that KJ Wright intercepted.  Conditioning may be a question, he looks a little more chubby than he has in years past and he seemed to take a couple plays off.

the grade: B+


Clinton McDonald #69

Last weeks Clinton received a C

Denver’s offense showed Clinton McDonald a lot of respect on Saturday.  They spent a lot of his snaps double teaming him, yet he was still able to get some run penetration.  I dinged him a bit on his grade because he definitely took one play off, he didn’t even pretend to defend on the play.  He should have been rushing the passer but just engaged the blocker and stood around.

the grade: B


Dexter Davis (Waived/Injured)

Unfortunately for Dexter Davis, he injured his hip during the game against the Broncos and the Seahawks parted ways with him earlier in the week.  I believe he was a long shot to make this years team had he stayed healthy.

the grade: B-


Greg Scruggs #98

Last week Greg really impressed me and received a B-

This week he was even more impressive making plays.  Greg Scruggs has shown an ability to effect the passing game by collapsing the pocket while lining up at the defensive tackle position.  Whether he was lined up inside at tackle or outside at defensive end he was able to create pressure, recording a sack while at DE.  The one thing that is annoying me about his play is that far too often he is the last player off the snap.

the grade: b-


Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons before the Titans game. Photo By Brett Bivens

Bruce Irvin #51

Last week Bruce received a C+

This week I notice some signs of improvement in his pass rush.  There were two plays that really stood out to me.  When Bruce Irvin threw the tackle to the ground and when he pushed a tackle into Peyton Manning’s face.  That said, Bruce is still struggling in his pass rush, partially because he is getting a slow jump off that snap.  I would expect that to correct itself as he becomes more comfortable in the defense. Players always play faster when they stop thinking so much and start playing.  Bruce was a liability in the running game, especially  when they run at him but that is to be expected from a guy his size.

the grade: C+


Alan Branch #99

Allen Branch was able to create a lot of pressure from the inside, on one play the Broncos triple teamed him, yet he still able to get pressure on the quarterback. When the offense ran the ball at him he was unable to hold the point of attack.  Allen was pancaked on a pass rush attempt.

the grade: C+


Pierre Allen

Photo By Brett Bivens

Last week Pierre struggled and receive a unit low D-

This week Pierre Allen played a lot better than he did last week.  He was able to get some pressure in the running game as well as the passing game.  Allen’s biggest play of the night was when he was able to get to the running back behind the line and bring him down.  The worst play was when he was run out of the play 1:1 by a right guard.

the grade: C+


Jaye Howard #94

Last week Jaye Howard looked really good and received a B-

This week was a bit of a rough week for Jaye.  He was able to get a quarterback pressure and a tackle for a loss.  Other than those two plays Howard struggled to stay under control.

the grade: C-


Chris Clemons #91

Last week he received a C-

For the second straight week Chris Clemons under performed. Chris is losing 1:1 battles for the most part.  I need to see a more consistent pass rush than Chris has been giving.  Hopefully the money has not gone to his head, but if he doesn’t turn it around soon I’m going to start becoming concerned that is what has happened.

the grade: D


Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Running back

Seattle Seahawks player grades


Before I get into the individual players in this group, I would just like to say how fantastic the group was as an entire unit.  I cannot remember having a position group where every player evaluated had a grade above a C before today.

Earlier this week I posted quarterback and linebacker grades.




Robert Turbin #22

Last week Robert was solid, but did not stand out and received a C for the week

the good:

One of the biggest holes on the team was at backup running back.  When the Seahawks drafted Robert Turbin they hoped he could carry his running tough style from college over to the NFL.  If he could run like he did in college at the NFL level the Seahawks would have a guy playing behind Marshawn Lynch who could run like Marshawn Lynch.

Don’t get me wrong, his running style isn’t identical to Marshawn’s, but it is very similar.  Robert Turbin is a tough runner and he is learning how to stick his cleat in the ground, make one cut and go.  Of course he breaks a lot of tackles, but he also has a nice lateral jump cut that allows him to avoid tacklers.

the bad:

Like many rookies Robert Turbin has a lack of awareness that, at times, creates a liability on offense.  No one expects him to be perfect.  If he was he wouldn’t have made it out of the first round.

the grade: A-


Kregg Lumpkin #20

Last week Kregg Lumpkin led all running backs with an A-

the good:

On the Seahawks first touchdown of the game Kregg Lumpking did a nice job getting to the outside by using his free hand to avoid the only defender he had to beat.  Kregg also showcased a nice little cut to avoid tacklers, as well as a little power.  In the beginning of the game he had a nice cut block to clear a passing lane.

the bad:

For the most part Lumpkin struggled in pass protection.  He was beat a couple times that force Russell Wilson to scramble to avoid a sack.

the grade: A-


Marshawn Lynch #24

Last week Marshawn did not play

the good:

I don’t really think I need to say anything other than, Marshawn looked like Marshawn out there.  When he had the ball in his hands he did what he does.

the bad:

Marshawn Lynch was beat by a blitzer early in the game, but was smart enough to hold the defender and take the penalty rather than allowing his quarterback to take a big hit.

the grade: B


Tyrell Sutton #30

Last week Tyrell Sutton received a C-

the good:

Last week it looked like Tyrell Sutton was going to fade into obscurity, and allow Kregg Lumpkin to take the Seahawks 4th running back position.  This week he looked much sharper.  In particular the play that he made when he caught the screen pass for a touchdown, that play was all about individual effort.  In order to score the touchdown Tyrell had to break 3 tackles.  It reminded me of a play Leonard Weaver made back in the days when he was trying to earn a roster spot.

the bad:

Sutton needs to work on his pass blocking ability, specifically holding his blocks longer.

the grade: B


Leon Washington #33

Last week Leon received a B

the good:

Leon Washington did not see much playing time in the game but, in limited action, he was able to make a few plays that stood out.  On one play he did a really good job picking up a blitzer and gave his quarterback the time to throw the ball.  One thing that Leon does as well as anyone on the Seahawks roster is set up his blockers.  He has the patience to give them time to get into position before he makes his move.

the bad:

The return game is really the time for Leon to shine, and in Denver Leon Washington made a stupid mistake.  There is no reason to call for a fair catch around the 45 yard line and then let the ball hit the ground.  Nine times out of ten that is going to put your offense much deeper in their own territory.

the grade: B-




Via Taua #40

Last week Via struggled early the game, but came on strong and received a B-.  This week Via Taua played the entire game with Michael Robinson sidelined.

the good:

Via shows the ability to make some pretty big blocks look easy.

the bad:

He reminds me a little of the player Michael Robinson was a couple years ago.  What I mean is, at times he goes for the big hit on the defender but doesn’t stick his block.  In the NFL defenders are very good at absorbing those hits and then making a play.  Via Taua will need to make the same adjustments Robinson did if he ever wants to be a solid NFL fullback.

Mariners photo blog: Mariners vs Indians 8/21/12

Mariners Photo blog

Felix enters the supreme court. Photo by Brett Bivens

John Jaso looks pretty pleased with himself after his ground rule double gave the Mariners the lead. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jesus Montero touches home plate and points to the sky after his home run. Photo by Brett Bivens

Felix Hernandez heads for the clubhouse up 5-1 with his night over. Photo by Brett Bivens

Strike three, you’re out!

The last out of the game secures Felix Hernandez’s 12th win of the season. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Linebackers

Seahawks linebacker player grades



KJ Wright #50

In much the same way I praised Earl Thomas last week, I see a football player who has grown mentally when I look at KJ Wright.  KJ is avoiding blocks by being one step ahead of the blocker, and using technique.  It looks to me like his coverage skills are much better than they were a season ago, he is putting himself in position to make plays.  When Red Bryant tipped a Peyton Manning pass at the line, Wright was there to catch the ball and returned it 29 yards.

the grade: A-


On a sad note Tuskeegee Airman/12th man George Hickman passed away today. Last year he raised the 12th man flag. Photo By Brett Bivens

Leroy Hill #56

the good:

Leroy Hill played the run very well on Saturday.  When the Broncos were running at him, he was able to shed blockers and when they ran away he pursued the play from the backside.  Hill showed great awareness when he noticed that Jeron Johnson had stripped the ball out of the running backs arms and it was on the ground.  A Broncos player was actually in better position to recover the ball, but was oblivious to the fumble.

the bad:

For the most part Leroy struggled in coverage.  There were two plays in particular that caught my eye.  The first one, Leroy was giving a running back 4 yards in man coverage.  In the NFL that is wide open, against Peyton Manning you might as well be in a different city. The second play, Hill had his back towards the line of scrimmage.  He was chasing a tight end down the field trying to mirror him.  Leroy’s coverage was decent.  The problem is in the NFL if defenders aren’t paying any attention to the quarterback he will sling the ball in to his receiver no matter how tight the coverage.  By the time the defender realizes the quarterback has thrown the ball it is in the hands of the intended target.

the grade: b+


Korey Toomer #59

Korey Toomer showed awareness on the first Jon Ryan punt that was blocked.  Toomer noticed the block, and fell on the ball to keep Denver from picking it up and scoring a touchdown.  Korey was also doing a good job shedding blockers, and was able to pick up a quarterback hit for the second week in a row.

the grade: b


Bobby Wagner #54 and Barrett Ruud #57 both receiver C grades.

Barrett Ruud was traded to the New Orleans Saints today for a conditional pick, based upon him making the team.


Allen Bradford #44

Allen Bradford played pretty solid in the game, but he did have a missed tackle.  Just like last week, the missed tackle continue to be a problem around the league.

the grade: C-


Seahawks news

Dexter Davis waived/injured today by the Seattle Seahawks. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks trade of Barrett Rudd

Defensive end Dexter Davis was waived/injured today.

Seahawks re-signed cornerback Donny Lisowski to fill his roster spot.

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