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“Heat-Seeking Missile” – Seattle Seahawks FS Earl Thomas in the spotlight

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Earl Thomas is the small guy in a vary large Seattle Seahawks secondary.

At 5’10″, on stilts, and about 200 pounds, soaking wet wearing sponges, he looks out of place when the defense is in the huddle.

Don’t let that fool you. . .

Once the ball is snapped Earl uses his great instincts to get himself into possition to be around the football.  Then, Thomas uses his 4.4 speed to close on the ball quickly.

When the ball comes down, Thomas is usually the first to meet it.  Not because he’s taller, but because the young man can jump. I’m just saying, he wouldn’t be rejected when trying to dunk the football over the cross-bar like some people in the division.

Vernon, please don’t get angry, you’ll always have your jump shot.

To dunk or not to dunk, that is the question

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

ETTD “Heat Seeking Missile” – Seattle Seahawks FS Earl Thomas in the spotlight

Once the ball is snapped Earl uses his great instincts… (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

On Monday morning, just hours before the Seahawks took on the Packers at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, Earl Thomas‘ significant other, Nina “Colada” (as she refers to herself on her twitter page) went into labor.

Earl was faced with two choices; Should he stay with Nina and welcome his new daughter into the world, or should he join his teammates, in front of a national audience, to take on the heavily favored Green Bay Packers? More…

Five Seahawks who impressed against the Packers Monday

A wild finish

Seattle Seahawks 14, Green Bay 12
When: 5:30 PST, Monday, September 24, 2012
Where: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington

Bad calls all the way around.

As I am writing this the news is breaking that the NFL and NFLRA (Referee Association) have reached an agreement.  The real refs will be back for tonight’s game in Baltimore.

This will end all of the complaining about bad calls right? Fat chance, but I am very happy they have reached an agreement and we can now move on.

It looks like the referees, which is a part-time profession, will receive $173,000 dollars per season, according to Pete Prisco’s twitter account.

Here then are my Five Seahawks who impressed against the Packers Monday night.

Jon Ryan #9

When the lights were on, and the Seattle Seahawks needed it the most, Jon Ryan delivered a couple booming kicks, including a 73-yard punt that was muffed.

That punt was the longest in the league this year.

Of course, it is still well shy of the NFL record 98-yard punt by Steve O’Neal back in 1969.  Ryan is currently ranked 7th in the league for punts downed inside the 20-yard line, and 4th in the league for average return against.

Both of those stats are attributed to Jon and an outstanding punt coverage team.

Speaking of joint effort, the punt unit has the second best net punt average in the NFL.

Jon Ryan vs. Packers e1348762506788 Five Seahawks who impressed against the Packers Monday

Ryan is currently ranked 7th in the league for punts downed inside the 20-yard line

Bruce Irvin #51

Seahawks photo blog: Packers at Seahawks

A great defensive battle tarnished

John Schneider pre-game. Remember, you can like us too, on Facebook. Photo by Brett Bivens

Russell Wilson signed a mini-helmet before the game. Photo by Brett Bivens

The 12th Man was rocking CenturyLink Fieldon Monday Night Football. Photo by Brett Bivens

This may have been the last game James Carpenter spends watching from the sidelines. He could replace Paul McQuistan this week t left guard. Photo by Brett Bivens

These guys stole the show during Monday Night Football.  One thing everyone can agree on, we need the regular officials back soon. Photo by Brett Bivens

Charly Martin fully extends to make this reception. Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch had 98-yards rushing on Monday. Lynch also had this 1-yard reception. Photo by Brett Bivens

Bruce Irvin may have had three sacks Monday, instead of two.  If Bryan Bulaga had not been holding him on this play. The Packers may be crying foul now, but I didn’t see any of them gripe about all the holding their offensive line got away with, especially during the second half. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate scored two touchdowns Monday. There was no doubt about this one. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons had 4 sacks in the first half of Monday Night’s game. This is the first one. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons’ second sack of the first half. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons’ third sack of the first half. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons’ fourth sack of the first half. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks defense played an outstanding game. In this picture Richard Sherman is about to hit Packers’ receiver James Jones as the ball arrives. Photo by Brett Bivens

At least the refs got this call right, after a replay. Greg Jennings’ toe is clearly out of bounds long before he attempts to reach the ball across the goal line. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks MMQB: Touchdown gate. Hawks win 14-12!

The Day After

Obviously, everyone is talking about the final offensive play of the game between the Packers and theSeattle Seahawks.  Was it a touchdown?  Was it an interception?

I’ll add in my two cents, but first I would like to shed light on something that has been lost in all of the commotion.

When you remove all of the controversy of bad calls, you are left with an outstanding football game, and I just have to say, “How Bout That Defense?”

Defense Ruled The Day

The Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers played a defensive battle on Monday Night Football atCenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington.

Chris Clemons vs. Packers Seahawks MMQB: Touchdown gate. Hawks win 14 12!

Chris Clemons’ had four sacks in the first half. (Photo John Lok

How about Earl Thomas even showing up to play?  His first born, daughter Kaleigh, came into this world about 15 minutes before kick off.

This morning Earl Tweeted:

“My baby girl will be born today…she knew daddy has a big game tonight she didn’t wanna miss it…”

Seahawks first round draft pick, Bruce Irvin, had two sacks under the lights Monday.  Bruce now leads all rookies in sacks.

Of course that effort was overshadowed by fellowSeahawks defensive end Chris Clemons‘ four sacks in the first half, including picking up a sack on back to back plays. More. . . 

The weekly Seahawks Infirmary for Week 3

Packers/Seahawks Week 3

Having an extra day this week to heal up was advantageous for both teams.


The Seattle Seahawks should have wide receiver Charly Martin (Chest) and starting left tackle Russell Okung (Knee) back this week.

Last week Frank Omiyale filled in brilliantly for Okung, yet it’s always good to have your starting left tackle back in the game.

Both players (Martin and Okung) have been full participation in practice all week.

We all know Sidney Rice has trouble staying healthy, so giving him Saturday off should be of no concern.

I am willing to bet that we see Rice getting days off throughout the season, as Pete Carroll tries to avoid over taxing the fragile body of his most explosive receiver. Marshawn Lynchis on the injury list for the third consecutive week due to his back spasms, nevertheless, for the third consecutive week he’ll get the majority of the carries.

Charly Martin Seahawks e1348374992198 The weekly Seahawks Infirmary for Week 3

Charly Martin is no Doug Baldwin…

Zach Miller was listed as questionable last week due to his foot injury, this week he is listed as probable, so there is not reason to think he will miss the Monday Night Football game.

Last week Russell Okung was a game time decision and was unable to play.  This week Doug Baldwin is in the same position, after injuring his shoulder during Thursday’s practice.

Though Doug feels like he will be able to play, head coachPete Carroll confirmed that Charly Martin will fill in as the slot receiver if Baldwin has to remain on the sidelines.

Charly Martin is no Doug Baldwin, however, when Charly has been given chances, he has delivered.  I hope that Baldwin can play, but if he cannot, I look forward to. . . More

“The Hit” – Seattle Seahawks WR Golden Tate in the spotlight

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Some people feel lucky to be drafted once, Golden Tate has been drafted three times.  Twice in baseball (2007 by the Arizona Diamondbacks and in 2010 by the San Francisco Giants), and of course, he was selected 60th overall by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 NFL draft.

While attending Notre Dame, Golden Tate had a very good college football career.  In 2009, Tate was selected to be a unanimous All-American and won the Biletnikoff Award.

The Biletnikoff has been awarded to the Nations top college wide receiver since 1994.  Former Seahawkswide out Bobby Engram won it in 1994, current Seahawk Braylon Edwards won it in 2004.

The list of winners is pretty impressive and includes names like; Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson.

During the 18 years the Biletnikoff Award has been handed out, only 4 players who earned it were drafted lower then Tate.

The reason?

Golden Hands

In College, Golden Tateused his superior athleticism to make plays.  He never worried about mundane things such as route running or film study.  In the NFL it doesn’t matter how athletic or how fast you are, everyone is fast and athletic. More. . . 

Five Seahawks who impressed against the Cowboys Sunday

Team effort leads to win

Seattle 27, Dallas 7
When: 1:05 PST, Sunday, September 16, 2012
Where: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington

On Sunday we saw the Seattle Seahawks team that we expected in the season opener against the Cardinals. The Seahawks out physical’d the Cowboys in all three phases of the game.

I guarantee that there are a lot of Dallas players who spent Monday in the Cowboys training facility, or a massage parlor, trying to recover from getting their butts handed to them.

Marshawn Lynch #24

Marshawn Lynch has the third most rushing yards (207) in the NFL, after Sundays game.

Despite nursing a back injury, that has limited him in practice, Marshawn has the second most carries in the NFL (47).

Sunday, Lynch gashed the Cowboys defense for 122-yards on 26-carries and capped the day off with his first touchdown of the season.  It looks like Marshawn is starting the season right where he left off at the end of last year.

Malcolm Smith #53

Even as a backup linebacker/special teams player, Malcolm Smith showed he can impact a game.  More. . . 

Seahawks photo blog: Cowboys at Seahawks 9/16/12

Seahawks vs Cowboys: Seahawks win 27-7

Though the Seahawks only got one sack, Tony Romo was hit all day. Photo by Brett Bivens

Anthony McCoy catches his first career touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks defense swarmed the Cowboys all game long. Photo by Brett Bivens

Balanced offense! Photo by Brett Bivens

The Cowboys held all game. Photo by Brett Bivens

Part 1 of 3: It looks clear to me, by this photo, that Golden Tate was clearly targeting Sean Lee’s chest when Tate delivered a crushing blow. Perfectly clean, if you want these type of plays out of football let’s just get rid of pads and helmets. We can replace them with flags and tutus. Photo by Brett Bivens

Part 2 of 3: Golden Tate crushes Sean Lee: In football “keep your head on a swivel” isn’t just a saying, it’s a rule of thumb. Photo by Brett Bivens

Part 3 of 3: Golden Tate crushes Sean Lee, notice Lee’s chin strap is holding on to his nose. Photo By Brett Bivens

Nice to see these guys running on the field after the Seahawks offense was able to score a touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

Breno Giacomini takes DeMarcus Ware out of a running play with his right arm. Photo by Brett Bivens

Yes, there was a handshake after the game.

“The UDFA” – Seattle Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin in the spotlight

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Last season, heading into training camp, Doug Baldwin was simply hoping to make the final roster.  Coming out of Stanford, it was easy to see that the young receiver was extremely talented, unfortunately, for his wallet, and fortunately, for the Seattle Seahawks, Doug didn’t have the “measurables”.

He’s not extremely fast, he is extremely short, and although he put up good numbers in college, teams were unsure how that would transfer to the NFL.

After the draft Doug Baldwin was a hot commodity.  

Doug Baldwin Seahawks TD e1342240752714 The UDFA   Seattle Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin in the spotlight

I feel confident saying there are 31 other teams that wished they drafted Baldwin.

Though teams were unwilling to spend a draft pick in hopes his game would translate, many were willing to spend money to acquire him (in the form of a rookie free agent signing bonus, part of the undrafted free agent program of the new CBA).

What a difference a year makes

Seattle offered Doug a $17,500 signing bonus, and he took it.

What a steal for the Seahawks, not only was he the 41st ranked receiver by the end of the season, he also led Seattle in receiving yards.

I feel fairly confident saying there are 31 other teams that wished they had used a draft pick on him.  Baldwin former head coach at Stanford, current 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh went as far as to admit it.

In an article on the Tacoma News Tribune’s website Eric Williams quoted Harbaugh: More. . . 

Seahawks MMQB: Rough start in Arizona, Seattle lose 20-16

My Take

I don’t think many of us, if any, expected the game we saw on Sunday.  Other than the Seattle Seahawks forcing a fumble, and the subsequent recovery, the Cardinals owned the Seahawks during the first half.

The rough start in the game led to a rough start for the season as the Seahawks fell to the Cardinals 16-20.

For the second straight regular season game, I am heartbroken by the hands of the Cardinals.

Lets dive right in to the Seahawks MMQB.

Play Calling

It’s easy to look at the play calling and blame Darrell Bevell, however, I have to shift it to Pete Carroll.  Carroll chose to start a rookie 3rd round draft pick, on the road game, in a hostel environment, against a team that gets after opposing quarterbacks.

Pete gave Darrell no choice but to formulate a game plan that would help shelter Russell Wilson from his inexperience.

I would say Bevell’s biggest mistake was keeping Russell Wilson in the pocket near the goal line.  I feel like the Cardinals defense had been set up perfectly, during the course of the game, for a roll out to open up a receiver.

Russell Wilson had a very successful game in my opinion.  If you look at his numbers, 18/34, 53% completion rate, 153 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, they are very similar to that of Tarvaris Jackson’s two games against the Cardinals last season.

More . . . 

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