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What to watch for? Seahawks third 4 game stretch of the season

Five things to watch

The Seattle Seahawks are half way through the season.  So far, they have lost just about every game that I expected them to win, and won just about every game that I expected them to lose. On the bright side, they are 4-4 just like I thought when I originally looked at the schedule.

Total Defense

Going into the season, there was a lot of talk about how great the defense was going to be.  Although they are a top 5 defense overall, they are far from elite, or great for that matter.

You cannot call yourself elite when you are the 26th worst defense in third down situation.

Over the last four games, they have been mediocre in total defense (15th in NFL), the last three games have been terrible (29th in NFL).

During the next four games, I want to see if the Seahawks defense can figure out how to protect the middle of the field.  Teams have figured out that Seattle is very vulnerable to the inside passing game, especially underneath.  Teams have also figured out that the Seahawks achilles heal in the running game is the inside trap.

John Moffitt

It looks like John Moffitt will be returning to the starting lineup for week 9.  Since being drafted in 2011, John has managed to start 11 out of the Seahawks 24 games.  He has been injured 54.2% of the time since joining the team.

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