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Seahawks MMQB: Comeback kids

Seahawks 4-0 for 1st time

After the game I was having a conversation about dramatic victories the Seahawks have had in the recent years.  I threw out the fact that the Bears game was the turning point of last season. It was also Russell Wilson‘s coming out party as he grew from the Seahawks starting quarterback to a household name.

Because of those reasons I said it was the most dramatic.

After the conversation though I might have to lean towards this game being a more important come from behind victory.

Yes, that was a great moment for Wilson and the 2012 Seattle Seahawks but Sunday’s victory over the Texans was as historical as it was dramatic.  Of course we don’t know what the season will bring but it has been a great start!

We are not talking about historical as far as the NFL is concerned, however, it sure was historical for the franchise.  For the first time in 38 seasons the Seahawks are 4-0.

It won’t be an easy task to be 5-0 after next week but for now we can bask in the victory that was.


I have to admit I did not expect the game to go into overtime, especially how lop-sided it looked as far into the game as halfway through the third quarter.  I did however expect a close game with a spectacular finish.

In my “Seahawks blueprints to victory” piece I wrote:

I look for a close game where the Seahawks are trailing until late in the 4th quarter.  That is when Russell Wilson leads the team down the field and scores the game winning touchdown with less than six minutes left on the clock. Seattle win 24-21

Because of that I felt pretty confident going into the second half despite trailing by 17 points.

Huge impact play by Smith forcing the Tate fumble.

Huge impact play by Smith forcing the Tate fumble.

But then…


More. . .

Week 4 Endgame: The blueprint for victory – Texans vs. Seahawks

Seahawks go for 4-0

Game in and game out the Seattle Seahawks biggest obstacle will be themselves.  I don’t know what it is about this team, whether it’s over-confidence or Pete Carroll’s preaching about not being able to lose a game in the 1st quarter, but they always start slow.

No matter the cause, Sunday the habitual slow start will be compounded by a 10:00 AM Pacific start time.

Somehow, Seattle must find a way to weather the early storm while keeping Houston close going into the second half of the game.

To accomplish this, the Seahawks must find a way to slow down the Texans’ passing attack.  Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins are ranked 17th and 20th respectively in receiving yards.  The Houston wide-out duo is averaging nearly 10 first downs per game; however, that could all change Sunday when they face the league’s best secondary, the Legion of Boom.

Andre Johnson returned to practice on Thursday after missing time in last week’s game when a cornerback’s knee landed on his shin.  

Even if Andre is at 100 percent Richard Sherman is more than capable of matching up against the large, physical receiver.

The Seahawks must lock down Andre Johnson on Saturday.

The Seahawks must lock down Andre Johnson on Saturday.

To be honest. . . More


Seahawks at Texans Preview

 A defensive battle


Written by: Carl Hoglin

This Sunday, the 3-0 Seattle Seahawks roll into Houston to battle the 2-1 Texans.

Two unrelenting defenses taking it out on opposing offenses, which one will stand the beating?  Which team has enough depth to outlast the struggle that will ensue on Sunday?  Will Seattle remain undefeated, or will Houston add another notch to the win column?

Houston and Seattle have only played twice after the Oilers left and the Texans were formed.  Each team has managed to best the other on their home fields respectively.  Seattle trounced Houston 42-10 in a 2005 meeting between the teams.  Houston bludgeoned Seattle 34-7 in the latest meeting in 2009.

Kam Chancellor forced a Frank Gore fumble, somehow the Seahawks didn't come up with the ball.

2012 Kam Chancellor forced a Frank Gore fumble, somehow the Seahawks didn’t come up with the ball. Photo by Brett Bivens

The last meeting in 2009 featured some of the key players that Houston has managed to build a team around.  The only players still playing for the Seahawks since then are: Brandon Mebane, Max Unger, Red Bryant, and Jon Ryan.

This will be a huge struggle between two powerhouse defenses.  In three games for both defenses, Seattle ranks first in yards per game, while Houston ranks second.  The Seahawks have managed to only surrender 27 total points on defense, while 17 of those came while the second team was on the field versus Jacksonville.  Seattle gave up 7 points to Carolina, and 3 points to San Francisco.

Houston has given up 82 points.  28 to San Diego, 24 to Tennessee, and 30 to Baltimore.

Seattle is allowing only 146.7 passing yards per game (1st), while Houston is allowing 157.7 (2nd).  Houston is averaging only 91.3 rushing yards on defense (9th), whereas Seattle is allowing 95 (12th).  Both Seattle and Houston have managed to pile up 8 sacks already this season.  Seattle has managed to pick off opposing QB’s 5 different times, while Houston has only managed 1 pick so far this season.

Both Seattle and Houston will have problems moving the ball against these stout defenses.

Marshawn Lynch went "Beastmode" for 124-yards Sunday.  Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch . Photo by Brett Bivens

Leading their respective offenses, Russell Wilson, and Matt Schaub will have to both be on their games in order to succeed.  Wilson is 47/73 for 664 yards with 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  Schaub is 85/128 for 838 yards with 6 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.  Both teams have amazing backs in Marshawn Lynch and Arian Foster.  Lynch has rumbled 210 yards on 62 carries, and Foster has steamrolled 190 yards on 49 carries.

Seattle is managing 28.7 points per game putting up an average of 379 yards per game (247 passing, 132 rushing).  Houston is averaging 388 yards per game(259 passing, 128 rushing).

Both teams have outstanding receivers, the Texans in Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins, while the Seahawks have Sidney Rice and Golden Tate.

Any one of these players, on any given Sunday, can make or break a game.

Gary Kubiak and Pete Carroll have built highly respectable teams.

  • Time managing Quarterbacks with powerhouses at Running Back.
  • Big sure-handed receivers that can fly down the field.
  • Complete total offenses that can light up any defense not full in tune.
  • Strong, unrelenting defenses that can play lights out against any offense, any given game.

Either side of the ball for either team can take control and tilt the tables for their respected team.  This game will boil down to who was better on the field, who wins each battle will win the final battle.

Are Houston’s receivers bigger than Seattle’s cornerbacks?  Can Seattle’s defensive line hold Arian Foster?  Can Russell Wilson escape JJ Watt and his teammates on the defense?

Seahawks MMQB: Seattle avoids the trap

Seahawks beat Jaguars 45-17

The score seems like a pretty decisive victory but to be honest the game was not even that close.  After jumping out to a two touchdown lead by early in the second quarter the Seahawks played a fairly vanilla game, both offensively and defensively.

Zach Miller‘s first touchdown of two in the game was anything but vanilla.  When Zach threw what appeared to be a typical Seahawks chop block everyone, including myself, thought he was nothing more than a blocker on the play.

The way he popped back up to his feet and became wide open in the end zone was completely by design, hats off to Darrell Bevell for the design and call.

That play will set up plays in the future

Teams will see what Miller did on film which will cause the outside rusher to hesitate before they crash down on the line.  In situations where the Seahawks only need little yardage any hesitation can be the difference in a positive outcome versus a negative one.

It was evident early on that the Seahawks intended to win the game but Pete Carroll and his team had no intentions on embarrassing their former defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Despite the loss Jacksonville can hang their hat on the fact that they scored 7 more points against theSeahawks defense than the Panthers and 49ers did combined.  Quarterback Chad Henne threw for twice as many yards than Colin Kaepernick did last week and nearly twice as many as Cam Newton had against the Legion of Boom in week 1.

Offensively the Seahawks seemed to be able to move the ball at will gaining a season high 479 yards of total offense.

Wilson after a punter?

Russell Wilson tied a career high with 4 touchdown passes in less than 3 quarters of work Sunday.  Unfortunately he threw a pass slightly behind Golden Tate and the pass bounced off his hand leading to Wilson’s second interception in as many games.

Wilson had a nice day. 4 TD passes.

Wilson had a nice day. 4 TD passes.

A play that really bothered me was when Russell was trying to avoid. . .More

Week 3: Jacksonville at Seattle Game Day Weather

Windy Conditions Ahead


WindyWelcome to the first day of fall and another, loud and exciting Seahawks home game.

First things first; Weather. There has been a lot of talk of a windy Sunday.  What you may have heard by now is true, it will be a very windy day especially for the North Sound folks while Seattle will eventually see 20-30 mph sustained winds.

The question at hand is what time does this storm show up. Some believe it will show up around noon. Most believe it will show up Sunday evening. I am leaning towards Sunday evening with the peak after midnight. This storm is hard to predict and will need updated “nowcasts” which I will provide probably a few hours before the game starts.

What does this mean for the Seahawks game day weather?

Expect 15-20 mph southerly winds during the game. Winds will start to pick up as the game moves along. Those of you sitting on the hawks nest will have the wind blowing almost directly at you.

The next issue at hand is the rain. Model runs are indicating light rain throughout the game. Much like the wind, as the day progresses the rain will fall a little faster and harder (much like our beloved Seahawks… faster strong louder).

Lastly, there is an outside chance of a thunderstorm which of course, will need an updated “nowcast” before the game starts.

Game temps should remain in the lower 60s.

For those that are interested, temps will drop about 10 degrees once this storm passes through due to the cold air associated with this storm. Snow levels will drop to about 5,000 to 6,000 as per the NWS of Seattle.


Update — The storm was indeed early by about 6 hours. The bulk of the rain is just now hitting Seattle. Good news is, the rain will end around 3pm with very few lingering showers afterwards. Winds will remain coming from the south and about 10-15mph.


Have a great Seahawks game!


Seattle over Jacksonville, 31-7


Week 3 Endgame: The blueprint for victory – Jaguars vs. Seahawks

Seahawks keys to success

Lets face it, the Seattle Seahawks are head and shoulders a better team than the Jacksonville Jaguars. That doesn’t mean the Jaguars cannot come up to Seattle and steal a victory in front of the 12th man while ending the longest active home winning streak in the NFL.

Richard Sherman came to play Sunday.  He doesn't care if you are Tom Brady or Brady Quinn, if you test him, he will make you pay.

Richard Sherman came to play Sunday. He doesn’t care if you are Tom Brady or Brady Quinn, if you test him, he will make you pay.

Coming off of a decisive win against a team that is one of the best in the league, like the Seahawks did last week, and following it up with a game against one of the worst teams in the league leaves the door wide open for the dreaded “trap game.”

You probably know by now that Richard Sherman has teamed with Peter King to produce a Monday Morning Quarterback article.

This week Sherman wrote about the topic of avoiding a let down performance. Richard gave a glimpse into his thought process and that of his teammates.

Easier said than done . . .

The Seahawks have a great chance to show that they can practice the principles that Sherman preaches in his article. If Seattle can play Seahawks football then the game should be a very decisive victory. More. . .

Seattle’s own version of S.W.A.G.


We here the word swag thrown around a lot these days.  By definition it can either mean ornamental flowers or money taken by a thief.  Based on the later definition Aaron Curry and Brian Bosworth would have to be at the top of the list.

However, I don’t think that is what is meant today when people say “swag.”

Like many words the kids today use, it means something completely different.  Who makes these definition up?

I do not know but what I do know is that a ratchet is something I use to work on my car, not a person’s behavior. Now that we have established that I am an old fuddy-duddy, what is swag?

Obviously it is the acronym S.W.A.G.

  • S – Seahawks
  • W – Winning
  • A – Association
  • G – General

Though the team has a ton of S.W.A.G. there are 5 players who stand above all others in my eyes.

Russell Wilson

The 5-star general of the Seattle Seahawks on and off the field, all Russell Wilson does is win and he make everyone around him better.

Seattle could not ask for a better young man and role model.  He exudes excellence.

All week Russell spends honing his craft trying to become the best quarterback he can be.  That kind of dedication rubs off and builds the respect of his teammates and coaches.

…Read more here.

It was fan appreciation day at CenturyLink Field.  Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks weather forecast: Seahawks vs 49ers

Storm brewing?


Greetings fellow 12thman (and totally confused 49er fans)! I wanted to post this as early as possible—


Thunderstorms-iconI have details for potential thunderstorms on Sunday… Just in time for the game.  One of the weather models (the GFS MSL model for those that understand that) shows moisture over Seattle at roughly 7pm Sunday night. This most likely would be from a thunderstorm cell as thunderstorms are forecasted for Western Washington. Storms will be quick to travel through the area and are coming from the south southwest. From what I have read, most of the ‘severe’ thunderstorms will be isolated to the North Sound and San Juan Islands. Make sure you plan ahead for wet weather if you are attending the game!

For those that want to research the weather models on your own, click here and view about the 57 to 60 hour mark (new model runs are twice a day, so if you read this on Saturday, the times listed will be different).

Stay tuned for updates! I’ll do my best to keep every reader updated up through the start of the game (and during the game if changes are coming).


**UPDATE** 2:50pm Sunday 15

The word of the day is “NOWCAST” which simply means we have to rely heavily on radar and imagery to tell where thunderstorms will show up… and where the rain will fall at. This is not a WIDE SPREAD rain maker per say, rather a spotty thunderstorm related rain event. With that said, there will be heavy rain associated with each thunderstorm cell although it will be brief as these cells are moving fast. Pattern right now is taking the storms in a south to north direction… and will change slightly to a south southwest to north northeast direction as the evening progresses. With that said, I believe WE ARE IN THE CLEAR for heavy rain at kickoff… but may see some very light rain. In other words, the heavy rain we thought we may have is going to hold off for now. Model runs have another line of thunderstorms making its way into northern Oregon later on this evening so we will have to rely on the word of the day.


IF you are at the game, feel free to check back here for any new updates. I’ll have another update just before kickoff to include the game and drive home.


**UPDATE 4:45pm** Sunday 15

Several thunderstorm cells have spawned since the last update. Most are heading over the Olympics (Rolling off the Southern Washington Cascades). One of these will move over C-link within an 30minutes or less. This storm cell is over Renton and another one developing over Enumclaw (1-2 hours for that one if it develops stronger). At this time, no lightning strikes are being detected but a brief heavy shower is expected.


**UPDATE 4:56**

A friend in Renton is hearing thunder… could be from one of the nearby cells that are traveling towards the Olympics and will miss Seattle, or could be the one I mentioned above.


**UPDATE 5:24**

Confirmed multiple lightning strikes near and around C-link. Two thunderstorms cells detected JUST SOUTH OF C-LINK and are heading your way. Mother Nature is a #12thman Fan!


Side note, Last year I was 8-0 predicting home games (I know it wasn’t THAT hard to do) so lets continue the hot streak.

I have the Seahawks winning by two touchdowns and the 12thman destroying the old crowd noise record.

Seahawks 28

49ers 14

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