Storm brewing?


Greetings fellow 12thman (and totally confused 49er fans)! I wanted to post this as early as possible—


Thunderstorms-iconI have details for potential thunderstorms on Sunday… Just in time for the game.  One of the weather models (the GFS MSL model for those that understand that) shows moisture over Seattle at roughly 7pm Sunday night. This most likely would be from a thunderstorm cell as thunderstorms are forecasted for Western Washington. Storms will be quick to travel through the area and are coming from the south southwest. From what I have read, most of the ‘severe’ thunderstorms will be isolated to the North Sound and San Juan Islands. Make sure you plan ahead for wet weather if you are attending the game!

For those that want to research the weather models on your own, click here and view about the 57 to 60 hour mark (new model runs are twice a day, so if you read this on Saturday, the times listed will be different).

Stay tuned for updates! I’ll do my best to keep every reader updated up through the start of the game (and during the game if changes are coming).


**UPDATE** 2:50pm Sunday 15

The word of the day is “NOWCAST” which simply means we have to rely heavily on radar and imagery to tell where thunderstorms will show up… and where the rain will fall at. This is not a WIDE SPREAD rain maker per say, rather a spotty thunderstorm related rain event. With that said, there will be heavy rain associated with each thunderstorm cell although it will be brief as these cells are moving fast. Pattern right now is taking the storms in a south to north direction… and will change slightly to a south southwest to north northeast direction as the evening progresses. With that said, I believe WE ARE IN THE CLEAR for heavy rain at kickoff… but may see some very light rain. In other words, the heavy rain we thought we may have is going to hold off for now. Model runs have another line of thunderstorms making its way into northern Oregon later on this evening so we will have to rely on the word of the day.


IF you are at the game, feel free to check back here for any new updates. I’ll have another update just before kickoff to include the game and drive home.


**UPDATE 4:45pm** Sunday 15

Several thunderstorm cells have spawned since the last update. Most are heading over the Olympics (Rolling off the Southern Washington Cascades). One of these will move over C-link within an 30minutes or less. This storm cell is over Renton and another one developing over Enumclaw (1-2 hours for that one if it develops stronger). At this time, no lightning strikes are being detected but a brief heavy shower is expected.


**UPDATE 4:56**

A friend in Renton is hearing thunder… could be from one of the nearby cells that are traveling towards the Olympics and will miss Seattle, or could be the one I mentioned above.


**UPDATE 5:24**

Confirmed multiple lightning strikes near and around C-link. Two thunderstorms cells detected JUST SOUTH OF C-LINK and are heading your way. Mother Nature is a #12thman Fan!


Side note, Last year I was 8-0 predicting home games (I know it wasn’t THAT hard to do) so lets continue the hot streak.

I have the Seahawks winning by two touchdowns and the 12thman destroying the old crowd noise record.

Seahawks 28

49ers 14