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Who is the Best Seahawks Team?

Greatest Seahawks team


By Carl Hoglin


The 2013 Seahawks team has managed a franchise best record at 9-1, but are they the best Seahawks team?

The Seahawks have been to one Super Bowl, and they are the only team in the NFL to attend both the AFC and NFC Championship games.

Lately the question has been that, “Are we witnessing the greatest Seahawks team?”

Statistically we can compare two different teams and make our own judgement.  But let’s throw a little wrench into this, and compare three different teams.

As mentioned before, the Seahawks are the only team to have attended both AFC and NFC championship games.  The 2005 Seahawks as we all know went to the Super Bowl.  The 1983 Seahawks team managed to get to the AFC Championship game.  Therefore both of these teams are viable in contrast as the Greatest Seahawks team.  Comparing these three teams should be a lot of fun!  All of these stats will be compared through the first ten games of the season regardless of the bye week.  The 1983 team didn’t have a bye week, and the 2005 Seahawks had their bye week in week 8.  The current team the bye week is week 12.

                                 2013                                       2005                                         1983

Total Record               9-1                                           8-2                                            6-4

(Home Wins)               4-0                                           5-0                                            3-2

(Away Wins)                5-1                                           3-2                                            3-2

Points For                   265                                           272                                           246

Points Against             159                                           187                                           225

Total Offense            3,620                                        3,892                                        3,071

Total Defense            2,890                                        3,158                                        3,744

Total Sacks                  30                                              34                                            27

Interceptions               13                                                9                                             20


Surprised at how close they are?  It’s actually very interesting data.

There really isn’t a clear cut greatest team off these statistics.  Three different teams, three different coaches, not a single player that played on two of these teams.  We can delve deeper into the depths of these statistics and get a little bit more personal.  If all of these stats are fairly close, we can break down a few key positions to see if there is any big difference.


  •   Russell Wilson                      163/257(63%)     2,132 yards    17 TD 6 INT
  •   Matt Hasselbeck                   200/316(63%)     2,357 yards    12 TD 7 INT
  •   Jim Zorn*                              103/205(50%)     1,166 yards     7 TD 7 INT

*These comparisons were through the first ten games of the season.  However Jim Zorn only started 8 games in the 1983 season.

Running Backs

  • Marshawn Lynch                    191 carries          871 yards          7 TD
  • Shaun Alexander                   232  carries         1229 yards       19 TD
  • Curt Warner                          198 carries          889 yards          8 TD

Wide Receivers

  • Golden Tate                           41 catches           574 yards          4 TD
  • Joe Jurevicius**                      36 catches           421 yards          5 TD
  • Steve Largent                         38 catches           547 yards          6 TD

** Jurevicius was chosen because Darrell Jackson only played 6 games that year and didn’t meet the minimum requirement of 10 games.

While the argument can be made that the current team we are watching is the greatest Seahawks team ever,

Bruce Irvin, the look says it all.  Photo by Brett Bivens

Bruce Irvin, the look says it all. Photo by Brett Bivens

the stats are really similar to the other two great Seahawks teams.  Each team has its strengths and weaknesses.  Chuck Knox, Mike Holmgren, and Pete Carroll all have run  unique football teams that had great players in key positions.

Maybe it is too early to compare these three great teams to decide which one is the greatest.

At the end of the season we can again look at these stats and re-visit the argument as to which Seahawks team should be crowned the greatest Seahawks team?

Week 11: Vikings vs Seahawks Gameday Weather

It is starting to look like…

A typical Western Washington fall!


ShowersToday we will see showers off and on with a game time high near 50 degrees; it is already 47°. At time of post, a weak system ushered in moisture from the south southwest direction. This left the southern part of Seattle on the border between rain and the rain shadow. Those coming from Everett will see dry conditions.


As mentioned, the disturbance is moving over Western Washington now and will leave pockets of rain showers for the game. It is windy; we saw a guest of 22mph in Seattle but I don’t think it will effect the game much given the SSW direction and the fact the wind should die down after the front passes by. Emphasis placed on should as model runs indicate that to be true. 


For this curious and have not heard yet, a major “Pineapple Express” style storm is heading our way for Monday through Tuesday. It appears to be a 24 hour event of nothing but rain. We are looking at 0.5 inches of rain being the minimum and possible 1.50 inches of rain being the maximum. Good news is, we look fairly dry ice that storm passes by possible through the weekend!


My fearless predictions:

Seahawks 31 Vikings 10

Go Hawks

Week 9: Buccaneers vs Seahawks Gameday Weather

 Rain Rain Go Away



So… the Seahawks DO play in Seattle after all! It seems like so long ago when the Seahawks played at home… likewise It has been awhile since the Seahawks had to play in adverse rainy weather. Back in September 13th the Seahawks played at home against the 49ers during a stormy, lightning and thunder, night. A week later, they played Jacksonville that saw 20mph sustained winds but the rain quickly gave way to sunshine.  October 13th, the Seahawks played at home against the Titans in nearly perfect football weather. Tomorrow, the ‘bucs come to town and will see nothing like the two stormy games, but will not see perfect weather either.


The weather models differ a bit when it comes to pinpointing the rain so I will leave a chance of rain for the game, although, I think it will be dry; the greatest chance of rain will be in the morning and pre-game. The winds will be light and a non-factor. Cloud cover will diminish as the night goes on… in fact; I believe we will see the sun tomorrow for the most part… so call it partly sunny. Temps will be on the chilly side; looking at a game time temp of about 45 degrees.


All in all the field should be drained and the ball should stay dry! Go Hawks #LOB (Lets be great).


Seahawks 27

‘Bucs 9

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