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Week 17: Rams vs Seahawks Gameday Weather

The End is Near!


overcast… and that is all we need to know! Seahawks will END the Rams year with a win, 2014 is near meaning 2013 comes to an end, Seahawks will win a NFC first place seed and end everyone else’s day when they realize they have to come to CLink through out the playoffs… yes indeed… the end is near!


But the fog is not! Today we will see fog turning to overcast with temps hovering between 40-44 degrees with no sun in sight… nor is there any precip in sight. Not that we care, the Seahawks will win in any type of weather and we will show up no matter what is forecasted!


So, dress warm (unless you carry around 2-5 cans of body paint… ahem 12th Hulk) and be ready to be as loud as the 12thman can be! See you in 2014!


Go Hawks!

Seahawks 35

Rams 14

seahawks santa profile




Week 16: Cardinals vs Seahawks Gameday Weather

NFC West AND NFC Champs?

ShowersPerhaps! Both can happen today with a win by Seattle! But first, they must battle the elements that we typically see in Seattle: WET. We will not see much in the way of heavy rain, or even light rain. In fact, we are looking clear of any moisture up in the atmosphere for the game. However, we will probably see moisture in the form of mist which will not show up on live radar. With that said, there is a system heading our way and showers are just now showing up south of Vancouver Island; I believe Seattle will be in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.


Temps for the game will be slightly warmer than what we are normally accustomed to I expect to see around 49 degrees with temps already at 47 degrees at time of this post (8am Sunday).  Winds will be from the south southwest but will be light: expect to see about 5-10mph winds.


So, dress for a win, stay warm and dry and enjoy the game!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

seahawks santa profile


Seahawks 31

Cardinals 14

Week 13: Saints vs Seahawks Gameday Weather MNF

Monday Night Football in Seattle!

cold  Are you all ready for some football? Monday night football in the Great Pacific Northwest?! I am! Next question, if you are heading to the game, are you layering up? You might want to consider it as temperatures will be around 30 degrees at some point during the game. Vague? Kinda. The problem is, the arctic cold air is taking its sweet time filtering into our area, and with that, temps are staying at their high of 43 degrees; most likely stay there for the start of the game. However, (comma dramatic pause) the wind direction just north of the border, where the Fraser Valley Outflow is located, are now coming from the NNE; a strong indication that that arctic air mass is now starting to filter into the area. How fast or slow is the million dollar question.  I am holding onto the thought that temps will drop fairly dramatically as that arctic air filters into the Seattle area, thus the 30 degree prediction.


What about snow? Doubtful! However, (comma dramatic pause) there certainly are scattered showers around the Puget Sound area… and it is not out of the realm of possibilities to have one of these scattered showers travel over Seattle and Clink. If that happens, we COULD see 0.5 to 2 inches depending on how heavy the showers are.


This is a fairly vague forecast, and for that I do apologize, but there is a lot of uncertainty with the forecast, even from now (3pm) to end of the game. A lot of ‘nowcasting’ will be in order so please check back.


Meanwhile, GO HAWKS!

Seahawks 28

Saints 21

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