Potential Holdout Looms

On Friday, July 25, 2015, the Seattle Seahawks will officially begin the most important training camp in franchise history.  I say most important because nothing is harder in sports than defending a championship.


Today, on the NFL Network, former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson announced that Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch is preparing to start camp as a hold out while he tries to renegotiate his contract.

Marshawn Lynch is entering the third year of a four-year contract he signed in March 2012.  He is set to make $5 million this season with another $1.5 million available through bonuses.  He ranks as the sixth-highest paid player in base salary for the 2014 season.

Marshawn Lynch only has three 100-yard rushing performances this season. (Photo: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Marshawn Lynch stiff arming his own organization? (Photo: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Adrian Peterson tops the list with $11.75 million while Jamaal Charles is second with $8.3 million in the final year of his contract.

LeSean McCoy’s contract is where it gets interesting.  Yes, he has a higher base salary (by $650,000) than Lynch, but his contract gave the Eagles cap relief during the 2012 and 2013 season, earning just $3.615 million total.  Meanwhile, Marshawn has enjoyed his $11 million over the same period.  For those keeping track at home, that’s: McCoy with $11.265 over the last three seasons (including 2014), Lynch with $16 million.

Matt Forte is in the same boat as McCoy. . .more