Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Defensive line

Seahawks defensive line grades


This is part two of the Seahawks player grades from the Titans game. If you missed the quarterbacks they can be found here.

Jason Jones tackle Chris Johnson for a loss. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jason Jones #90

The Good:

As advertised, Jason Jones was able to create pressure from the inside on Saturday. Jason showed off a wicked swim move that forced the Titans to double team him. I was surprised by his ability to get off blocks in the running game. He uses his strong hands to grab blockers and throw them off balance. Early in the game Jason locked up with a guard and pulled the guard towards him and off balance allowing  Jones to run Chris Johnson down from behind and pick up a tackle for a loss.

The Bad:

On one play Jones was pushed 5 yards down the field and out of a running play completely. Jason needs to do a better job of holding his ground.

The Grade: B+


Brandon Mebane #92

Honestly Brandon Mebane looked really good out there on Saturday, if he had played more snaps I would have been more apt to give him a higher grade. While he was in the Titans were double teaming him to keep him from disrupting the plays and he was still able to pursue them from behind as he shed blockers. Brandon looks like he’s in mid season form already, though his conditioning isn’t there yet.

The Grade: B


Greg Scruggs #98

The Good:

Greg Scruggs played the running game extremely well using his long arms to keep the blocker from setting solid blocks and then shedding the blockers. This is the technique he used to make a stop at the opponents 1 yards line as well as record a tackle for a loss.

The Bad:

I am not sure what was going on but on one snap him and Pep Levingston were talking while the ball was snapped and everyone began the play while those two just stood in their stance oblivious.

The Grade: B-


Jaye Howard #94

The Good:

The Seahawks 5th round looked pretty good on Saturday. On the third down play that was stopped at the Titans 1 yard line it was a combination tackle between Greg Scruggs and Jaye Howard as both players fought off blockers to make the big play. Jaye showed some ability to create pressure from the interior of the line as well as the power to collapse the pocket.

The Bad:

Jaye Howard lost his balance and was pancaked.

The Grade: B-


Red Bryant #79

Red Bryant is introduced to the 12th man for the first time in the new Nike uniforms. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Good:

Who would have thought that Red Bryant’s biggest contribution on Saturday would be against the pass? Yet it was. Red tipped an early screen pass causing it to fall short of the intended target and later dropped back into coverage while staying with the tight end step for step in the flat. The run game is Red’s forte and he was able to stretch the game outside keeping the running back from cutting upfield.

The Bad:

Red Bryant was unable to get any kind of a pass rush which isn’t odd for him but what was odd was watching him get blown up and pushed out of a running lane by a full back.

The Grade: C+


Bruce Irvin trying to rush Jake Locker. Photo by Brett bivens

Bruce Irvin #51

The Good:

When it comes to evading blockers Bruce Irvin does it well. Bruce showed he has an ability to stunt inside and find a gap to get a clean run at the quarterback as well as the ability to set up blocker and then change directions. In the running game he can fit through small lanes and he was able to record a tackle for a loss.

The Bad:

Once a tackle gets his hands on Bruce he’s done. The Seahawks coaching staff is going to have to work with him on that if he’s going to be successful at this level.

The Grade: C+


Several Players received a C and just like last year I am not going to break C’s down unless there is a specific player someone wants broken down.


Chris Clemons getting some pressure on Matt Hasselbeck during an interception. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons #91


Chris Clemons made a nice swim move inside on the first defensive snap getting in the face of Matt Hasselbeck right as he released the ball.

The Bad:

After that play Clemons was unable to do anything positive. Chris lost outside contain on one play and was being consumed by the tackle while trying to rush the passer.



Dexter Davis #58

Dexter Davis getting a little pressure a little too late on Jake locker. Photo by Brett Bivens


Dexter Davis needs to get pressure from the edge if he wants to stay a member of Seahawks. He was able to get minimal pressure in both the running and passing game on Saturday.

THe Bad:

He struggled mightily in special teams coverage and an end of the roster player like him will have to contribute on special teams if he is going to suit up. Dexter Davis struggled even more than Bruce Irvin did when blockers were able to get their hands on him and he was fooled by misdirection plays.

Pierre Allen #95

The Good:

Pierre Allen was able to get some push at the point of attack.

The Bad:

Having a hand in 2 touchdowns scored against your team is not a way to make a positive impression but that is exactly what Allen did on Saturday. Pierre was pushed out of the way by the left tackle, opening a huge hole, on a rushing touchdown and he was out of position on the punt return for a touchdown.


Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Quarterback

Seahawks quarterback grades



Russell Wilson #3
The Good:

Russell Wilson showed an ability to read/feel pressure and avoid it while continuing to look down the field for someone to throw to. He has enough confidence in his receiver to throw the ball 45 yards in the air and allow them to make a play (Touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards). Russell showed a lot of poise for a rookie and the play that impressed me the most was when he rolled out to avoid pressure but when he saw that no one open he threw the ball out of bounds to avoid a sack or an interception. I was also impressed when he rolled right (again avoiding pressure) and hit Charly Martin over the middle.

Running the ball is a large part of what the Seahawks do on offense and Wilson excelled in that category. He did a nice job on draw plays continuing to sell the draw after he has handed the ball off. When Russell Wilson has the ball in his hands he runs like a running back and does a nice job directing his blockers as well as reading their blocks, yet he is smart enough to slide to avoid big hits.

The Bad:

Wilson appears to struggle to hit his running backs in the flat a little bit. He had one pass tipped that was intended for Kregg Lumpkin because he didn’t get enough air under the ball and another pass where he threw it behind his target instead of leading him. That is all a little nit picky for a 3rd round rookie quarterback but the only major, and I do mean major, mistake was his interception. Russell had made his decision where he was going with the ball before the snap ever took place. The linebacker was with his tight end up the seam step for step yet he threw the ball straight to the defender in the end zone. Giving away points is not acceptable and I’m sure he has been shown his mistake, lets see if he makes it again or learns from it.

The Grade: B

Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson warm up shortly before the game. Photo by Brett Bivens


Matt Flynn #15
The Good:

Matt Flynn showed outstanding accuracy in the first half of Saturdays win over the Titans. Other than the pass to Robert Turbin in the middle of the field all of his passes were on target. He is in a different offense in Seattle than he was Green Bay (they are similar however) but showed he has a pretty good handle on where his outlets are if he needs to dump the ball off to avoid pressure. Matt is quick to find his receivers and make the decision to throw the ball to them or not, much quicker than Tarvaris Jackson (not that it’s saying much). I was impressed watching him go through his progressions like an NFL starting quarterback should.

The Bad:

Flynn is inconsistent with his play action fakes, at times he really sells it and other times it’s easy to tell what he’s doing before the fake ever happens, like on his interception. On that play there was a mix up and the fake was to one side while Robert Turbin was on the other but regardless of that the attempt was not fooling anyone because it was a lazy attempt and it very easy to read that it was a play action pass which allowed the linebacker to drop back into coverage and pick off the pass. I’m not sure what happened on the fumbled shotgun snap but it looked to me like Matt Flynn was not ready for it. The rest of the team looked ready but not him on that play, luckily he was able to recover the ball. He needs to learn that when he’s rolling out away from pressure and no one is open downfield he can throw the ball away and avoid taking a sack or throwing into coverage.

The grade: B-

Seahawks photo blog: Return of the quarterbacks

Titans at Seahawks photo blog

The 12th Man was on hand to welcome back Matt Hasselbeck. Photo by Brett Bivens

Matt of the past and Matt of the present have a conversation. My guess is they were talking about how much better they like living in Seattle than they did Green Bay. Photo by Brett Bivens

Richard Sherman and Terrell Owens go head to head during pre-game. Photo by Brett Bivens

Golden Tate checking out Terrell Owens? Was he smuggling maple bars on the field? Photo by Brett Bivens

Terrell Owens takes a moment to sign some autographs for fans before leaving the field after warming up. Photo by Brett Bivens

Richard Sherman was ready to go during pre-game introductions. Photo by Brett Bivens

Matt Hasselbeck’s first snap as a Titan at CenturyLink field. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jason Jones drags Chris Johnson down behind the line of scrimmage. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Matt Flynn era has begun. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie Bobby Wagner drags down Chris Johnson behind the line of scrimmage. Photo by Brett Bivens

Breno Giacomini takes on the Titans defense by himself. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jake Locker can’t believe he’s watching Chris Johnson drop a perfectly placed ball. Johnson blamed the ball and asked for more money after the game. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks 1st round pick Bruce Irvin trying to get to former University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson avoids pressure and delivers a strike to his intended target. The kid looked pretty good Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

These guys were busy Saturday with the Seahawks scoring 27 points against the Titans. Photo by Brett bivens

Braylon Edwards makes a man miss to pick of some YAC yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie tight end Sean McGrath making the most of his opportunities on Saturday versus Titans. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks 7th round pick Greg Scruggs and Pierre Allen converge to sack Titans quarterback Rusty Smith. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks defense converging to keep the Titans from running out of their own endzone. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie linebacker Kyle Knox makes a nice tackle on Titans rookie DJ Wood. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks 5th round pick Korey Toomer picks up a quarterback hit. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks linebackers Heath Farwell and Kyle Knox converge to strip the ball for a fourth quarter turnover. Photo by Brett Bivens

Charly Martin blocked Titans rookie Coty Sensabaugh for ten yards leading the way for Russell Wilson’s touchdown run that put the nail in the coffin in the Seahawks 27-17 win over the Titans in the preseason opener. Photo by Brett Bivens

NFC West blog: Cardinals preseason game and T.O. reaction

Cardinals show weakness and strength versus the Saints


The Arizona Cardinals has some bright spots during Saturdays Hall of Fame game, unfortunately for them most of the bright spots were 2nd and third unit players.

Kevin Kolb under pressure last season in Seattle

The first unit offense was anemic at best. They couldn’t even manage a first down versus the Saints first unit defense. Kevin Kolb started the pre-season just like he played last season, terrible and then he got hurt. His first pass was intercepted due to his inability to read a defense. He did make one good play when he found a target as he was falling to the ground in the end-zone but that is also the play where he got a rib contusion and left the game.

In all fairness to all three quarterbacks who played for the Cardinals they got no help from their offensive line. The Cardinal offensive line appears to be implementing the Swiss cheese blocking scheme.

Defensively they looked decent although they need to work on tackling and they showed a weakness against miss direction plays. They need to learn to be a bit more patient to avoid getting suckered out of position.

As far as the rookie go; undrafted free agent wide receiver Trey Grey muffed a punt but overall they got a good performance from their rookie class. Fellow undrafted free agent wide receiver LaRon Byrd had a very solid game using his body to shield defenders from the ball and using his 6’4″ height and long arms to go up and high point the pass. This kid looked very good in his first live action as a pro. 6th round pick Ryan Lindley looked like a 6th round rookie quarterback, very inconsistent and missing high a lot (very well could be nerves). Defensive rookie defensive backs 6th round pick  Justin Bethel and undrafted free agent Eddie Elder gave the Saints all they could handle. Bethel delivered a big special teams hit and had a blocked field goal while Eddie Elder had a couple nice hits including a crushing blow on Saints receiver Andy Tanner causing him to fumble.


T.O. to Seattle?

Dave “Softy” Mahler (KJR-950 Radio host in Seattle) originally broke the news that Terrell Owens was planning on a trip to Seattle. Later in the evening the Seahawks confirmed that he was coming in for a workout. The Seahawks released Antonio Bryant during the weekend but brought in a kicker so the roster is at 90 without Owens.

The last time Terrell Owens played was for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. At the time I was covering the Everett Raptors of the same league and according to Raptors personnel Owens was released due to his failure to attend team meetings. His contract with the Wranglers gave him partial ownership in the team on top of the salary that is the same for every player in the league. According to this raptor employee his contracted stated that he was not required to attend away games but he was required to attend team meetings and practice. Failure to comply would lead to his release and forfeiture of his ownership in the team. Owens could not be bothered with living up to his responsibilities outlined by the contract and was released from the lowest level of professional football.

Now the Seahawks want to give him a chance? I see no reason to think this guy has changed and think the risk of his attitude being a cancer in the locker room is far greater than what he can bring to the team. A Seahawks employee told me just last week that T.O. was a guy who teammates can’t stand and went to the extent of saying “T.O. is the definition of narcissistic” those are pretty strong words from a current Seahawks employee who has been in the league for decades.

Photo blog: Seahawks training camp 7/31/12

Seahawks Training Camp

I got Brandon Mebane to sign the game worn jersey I bought at the pro-shop last year.

Bruce Irvin signs autographs for fans after tuesdays practice,

Jason Jones posses for a picture as he runs back to the practice field after using the restroom.

Tom Cable coaches Breno Giacomini and Alex Barron during tuesdays practice.

Breno Giacomini teaches 7th round pick JR Sweezy some tricks to the trade as JR tries to switch from DT in college to OG in the NFL.

Bruce Irvin has such a quick first step but he really surprised me with his power on Tuesday. Duce Lutui in the foreground is looking pretty lean, well as lean as a Duce can look.

Matt McCoy (knee) takes a break from watching practice to take a drink.

Russell Wilson drops back to pass.

Offensive line/assistant head coach Tom Cable runs the offense through drills on Tuesday.

Middle linebacker Barrett Ruud (knee/shoulder) watches his teammates practice on tuesday.

Red Bryant and defensive line coach Todd Wash show offseason acquisition Jason Jones how to go through a drill.

Marshawn Lynch explains the power of the rainbow to Brandon Mebane during Tuesdays practice.

Seahawks Defensive Line Coach Todd Wash runs his group through drills on Tuesday.

Ricardo Lockette takes a breather during Tuesdays Practice

Seahawks Defensive Lineman Chris Clemons and Clinton McDonald wait for their turn during position drills on Tuesday

2012 NFL free agency tracker: Seahawks blog

Free agency, Seahawks and beyond



The last couple days I have been examaning the free agent market as it pertains to the Seahawks. I have writtens pieces about the QB,RB,WR,TE,OL,DL, and LB positions.

Here I will track the leagues signings as well as keep a tally of What the Seahawks have been doing.


Seahawks Free Agents:

QB: Charlie Whitehurst – signed SD

RB: Justin Forsett

FB: Michael Robinson – re-signed 2-yr

TE: Chris Baker

TE: John Carlson – signed MIN

PK: Steven Hauschka – Tendered

OG: Allen Barbre – re-signed 1-yr $700,000

OG: Robert Gallery – released signed NE 

OT: Jarriel King – released

OG: Michael Gibson – signed PHI

OG: Paul McQuistan – agreed to terms

DE: Raheem Brock

DE: Red Bryant – re-signed SEA 5 year $35 m dollar deal with $14.5 guaranteed

DE: Anthony Hargrove

DT: Clinton McDonald – exclusive rights

DT: Jimmy Wilkerson

LB: Heath Farwell – re-signed SEA

LB: David Hawthorne

LB: Matt McCoy

CB: Kennard Cox – exclusive rights

CB: Roy Lewis  –

SS: Atari Bigby – signed SD

DT: Jason Jones – signed 1-yr $4.5 million all guaranteed

T: Frank Omiyale – signed

RB: Kregg Lumpkin – signed (terms not disclosed)


NFC West Free Agency:

Arizona Cardinals:

OL Adam Snyder – SF

LS Mike Leach – re-sign 3-yr

LB Reggie Walker-re-sign 2-yr

T Levi Brown – re-signed 5-yr

T D’Anthony Batiste – re-signed

Early Doucet – re-signed 2-yr

K Jay Feely – re-signed 2-yr

CB Greg Toler – 1-yr

CB William Gay – signed ARZ 2-yr 



SS Sean Considine – signed BAL 1-yr

CB Richard Marshall – MIA

OL Rex Hadnot – released

C Kristofer O’Dowd – NYJ

San Franscisco 49ers:


LB Tavares Gooden

CB Carlos Rogers – re-signed

QB Alex Smith – re-signed 3-yr $24 million with $9 million guaranteed + incentives. total contract $33 million

QB Josh Johnson – 2-yr $2 million + $1.5 million in incentives

WR Ted Ginn Jr. – re-signed

RB Rock Cartwright – signed SF 1-yr

WR Mario Manningham – signed SF 2-yr $7.375 million


LB Blake Costanzo – CHI

CB Shawntae Spencer – released signed OAK

OL Adam Snyder – ARI



CB Courtland Finnagan

TE Matthew Mulligan

WR Steve Smith (Eagles)

OL Quinn Ojinnaka 1-yr

DE Kendall Langford – signed STL 4-yr $24 million with $12 million guaranteed

C Scott Wells – agreed to terms

FB Brit Miller – re-signed




WR Brandon Llyod – NE

CB Ron Bartell – OAK

LB Chris Chamberlain – NO

NFL Free Agency movement by position:


Derek Anderson – re-signed CAR 1 year

Jason Campbell – signed CHI 1 year

David Carr – re-signed NYG

David Gerrard – signed MIA 1-yr $3.35 million with $1 million guaranteed + $1.5 million in incentives

Rex Grossman- re-signed WAS 1-yr

Bryan Hoyer – signed tender NE 1-yr $1.9 million

Matt Flynn – signed SEA

Caleb Hanie – signed DEN 2-yr

Chad Henne – signed JAX 2 year

Shaun Hill – re-signed DET 2-yr

Josh Johnson – signed SF 2-yr $2 million + $1.5 million in incentives

Peyton Manning – signed DEN 5-yr $96 million

Josh McCown – re-signed CHI 1 year

Donovan McNabb –

Dan Orlovsky – signed TB 2-yr $2.5 million

Kyle Orton – signed DAL 3 year

Brad Quinn – agreed to terms KC

Chris Redman – agreed to terms ATL

Sage Rosenfels – Re-signed MIN

Alex Smith – re-signed SF 3-yr $24 million with $9 million guaranteed + incentives. total contract $33 million

Drew Stanton – signed NYJ then traded to IND

Charlie Whitehurst – signed SD 2-yr



Cedric Benson –

RB Michael Bush – signed CHI 4-yr $14 million with $7 million guaranteed

RB Rock Cartwright – signed SF 1-yr

RB Tashard Choice – re-singed BUF

FB Jerome Felton – signed MIN

FB Tony Flammetta – agreed to terms NE

Ryan Grant –

RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis – signed CIN 3-yr $9 million

RB Lex Hilliard – signed MIN 1-yr $615,000

RB Peyton Hillis – signed KC 1 year $3M

FB Will Johnson – futures contact PIT

FB Spencer Larsen – signed NE 2-yr

RB Kregg Lumpkin – signed SEA

FB Le’Ron McClain – signed SD

FB Brit Miller – re-signed STL

FB Michael Robinson – re-signed SEA 2-yr

RB Steve Slaton – signed 1-yr MIA

RB Kevin Smith – re-signed DET 1-yr

RB Mike Tolbert – signed CAR

FB Lawarence Vickers – signed DAL 2 year



Devin Aromashodu – re-signed MIN 1-yr

Donnie Avery – signed IND

Deion Branch – re-signed NE 1-yr

Andre Caldwell – signed DEN 2-yr

Early Doucet – re-signed ARI 2-yr

Harry Douglas – agreed to terms ATL

Pierre Garcon – Signed WAS 5 year $42.5M $21.5M guaranteed

Ted Ginn Jr. – re-signed SF 1-yr

Anthony Gonzalez – signed NE

Derek Hagan – re-signed BUF

DeSean Jackson – re-signed PHI 5 year $48.5M

Vincent Jackson – signed TB 5 years $55.55M with $26M guaranteed

Brandon Lloyd – signed NE 3-yr $12 million

Mario Manningham – signed SF 2-yr $7.375 million

Scotty McKnight – re-signed NYJ

Robert Meachem – signed SD 4 year $25.9M with $14M guaranteed

Joshua Morgan – signed WAS 

Kevin Ogletree – re-singned DAL

Laurent Robinson – signed JAX 5 year $32.5M

Eddie Royal – signed SD

Chaz Schilens – agreed to terms NYJ

Matt Slater – re-signed NE

Steve Smith (Eagles) – signed STL 1-yr

Donte Stallworth – signed NE 1-yr

Mike Wallace –

Hines Ward – retired

Reggie Wayne – signed IND 7 years $17.5M and $7.5M guaranteed

Eric Wheems – signed CHI 3 years



Martellus Bennet – signed NYG 1year-$2.5M

Kevin Boss – agreed to terms KC 3-yr $9 million

John Carlson – signed MIN 5 year $25M

Dallas Clark –

Fred Davis – signed tender WAS $5.446 million

Kellen Davis – signed CHI 2-yr $6 million

Joel Dressen – signed DEN

Larry Donnell – re-signed NYG

Daniel Fells – signed NE 3-yr

Will Heller – re-signed DET 1-yr

Wes Lyons – futures contract PIT

Jeron Mastrud – signed tender MIA $540,000

Randy McMichael – signed SD 2-yr

Matthew Mulligan – signed STL 2-yr

Donte Rosario – signed SD 1-yr

Bo Scaife –

Visanthe Shiancoe –

Jeremy Shockey –

Alex Smith – re-signed CLE (1 year deal)

Jacob Tamme – signed DEN 3-yr $9.5 million



T Jeff Backus – signed DET 2-yr $10 million

T Khalif Barnes – re-signed OAK 1-yr $2 million

T D’Anthony Batiste – re-signed ARZ

T Demetrius Bell –

C Matt Birk – signed BAL 3-yr $8.52 million with $2.1 guaranteed

T Levi Brown – re-signed ARZ 5-yr

OL Mackenzy Bernadeau – agreed to terms DAL

G Cooper Carlisle – re-signed OAK 1-yr $1 million

T Anthony Collins – re-signed CIN

C Dan Connolly – agreed to terms NE

OL Oniel Cousins – re-signed CLE

C Dan Koppen –

G Ryan Diem – retired

T Demar Dotson – signed tender $1.26 million

T Jared Gaither – re-sign SD 4 year

G Robert Gallery – signed NE

G Michael Gibson – signed PHI 2-yr

G Ben Grubbs – signed NO 5-yr $36 million with 10 million guaranteed

C Geoff Hangartner – re-signed CAR (3 years)

G Artis Hicks – signed MIA 1-yr $2 million

G Steve Hutchingson – signed TEN 3-yr

OL Kory Lichtensteiger – signed tender WAS $1.26 million

G Nate Livings – agreed to terms DAL 5-yr $19 million with $6.2 million guaranteed

G Evan Mathis – re-signed PHI 5-yr $25 million with $7 million guaranteed

C Todd McClure – re-signed ATL

G Mike McGlynn – signed IND

T Jamon Meredith – signed TB 2-yr

T Marcus McNeil –

C Chris Myers – re-signed HOU 4-yr $25 million with $14 million guaranteed

G Carl Nicks – signed TB 5 year $47.4M with $31M guaranteed

C Kristofer O’Dowd – signed NYJ

T Frank Omiyale – signed SEA

G Mike Pollak – signed CAR

T Joel Reinders – Re-sign NYG

C Samson Satele – signed IND 3-yr $10.8 million with $5 million guaranteed

C Jeff Saturday – signed GB 2-yr $7.75 million

OL Geoffrey Schwarts – signed MIN 1-yr $1.5 million

OL Adam Snyder – signed ARI 5 year

OL Steve Vallos – signed PHI 1-yr

C Scott Wells – agreed to terms STL

G Travelle Wharton – signed CIN 

T Eric Winston – signed KC



DE John Abraham – re-signed ATL 3-yr

DL Jamaal Anderson – agreed to terms CIN

DE Mark Anderson – signed BUF 4-yr $27.5 million with $8 million guaranteed

DL Ryan Baker – re-signed MIA

DE Michael Bennett – signed tender TB $2.7 million

DT Brodick Bunkley – signed NO 5-yr $25 million with $9 million guaranteed

DE Red Bryant – signed SEA 5 year $35 m dollar deal with $14.5 guaranteed

DE Everette Brown – signed DET 1-yr

DL Adam Carriker – re-signed WAS 

DE Trent Cole – Re-signed PHI 4 years $53M with $15M guaranteed

DL Fred Evans – re-signed MIN 2-yr

NT Antonio Garay –

DT Letroy Guion – Re-signed MIN (3years $9M with $2.5M guaranteed)

DL Jonathan Fenene – agrees to terms NE

DL Andre Fluellen – re-signed DET 1-yr

DT Marcus Harrison – re-signed NE

DE Derrick Harvey – re-signed CIN

DL John Henderson – retired

DL Israel Idonije – agreed to terms CHI 1-yr

DT Jason Jones – signed SEA 1-yr $4.5 million all guaranteed

DE Kendall Langford – signed STL 4-yr $24 million with $12 million guaranteed

DL Jeremy Mincey – signed JAX 4 years $27.2M with $9M guaranteed

DL CJ Mosley – re-signed JAX 3 years $7.5M

DT Daniel Muir – signed GB

DE Cory Redding – signed IND 3 year $10.5M

DE Frostee Rucker – signed CLE 5 year $21M $8M guaranteed

DL Brian Schaefering – signed tender CLE $540,000

DL Trevor Scott – signed NE 1-yr

DT Pat Sims – re-signed CIN

DT Paul Soliai – re-signed MIA 2 year $12M

DE Juqua Parker – signed CLE 1-yr $3 million

NT Sione Pouha –

DE Mario Williams – signed BUF 



Russell Allen – agreed to 3 year deal with JAX

Brendon Ayanbadejo – re-signed BAL

Jovan Belcher – signed tender KC $1.97 million

Chris Chamberlain – signed NO 3-yr

Dan Connor – signed DAL 

Blake Costanzo – signed CHI 2 years

Tavares Gordon – Signed 49ers

Heath Farwell – re-signed SEA

London Fletcher –

David Hawthorne –

Erin Henderson – re-signed MIN 1-yr $2 million

Jarret Johnson – signed SD 4years

Niko Koutouvides – re-signed NE 1 year

Curtis Lofton – signed NO 5-yr

Joe Mays – signed DEN 3-yr $12 million with $4.5 million guaranteed

Jamaal McClain – signed BAL 3-yr $10.5 million

Kenny Onatolu – signed CAR 3-yr

Ashlee Palmer – re-signed DET

Byan Thomas – re-signed NYJ 1 year $990,000

Stephen Tulloch – re-signed DET 5-yr $25 million with $11 million guaranteed

Reggie Walker – re-signed ARZ 2-year

Jamaal Westerman – signed MIA

Tracy White – re-signed NE 1 year $990, 000 with $300,000+ guaranteed

Chavis Williams – re-signed BAL

Kamerion Wimbley – signed TEN 5-yr $35 million with $13.5 million guaranteed

Wesley Woodyard – agreed to terms DEN



FS Mike Adams – agreed to terms DEN 2-yr

CB Jason Allen – signed CIN 2-yr $8.2 million

CB Will Allen – signed NE 1-yr $975,000

CB Ronde Barber – re-signed TB 1-yr

CB Ron Bartell – signed OAK

SS Atari Bigby – signed SD 2-yr $2.5 million + $2 million in incentives

CB Zackary Brown – agrees to contract 1-yr MIN

CB Jarrett Bush – re-signed GB 3-yr $6.25 million with $1 million signing bonus

CB Brandon Carr – signed DAL 5 years

CB Michael Coe – re-signed NYG

CB Marquince Cole – signed NE

SS Sean Considine – signed BAL 1-yr

S Thomas DeCoud –

CB Cortland Finnegan – signed STL

CB William Gay – signed ARZ 2-yr

CB Corey Graham – signed BAL 2-yr

SS Steve Gregory – agreed to terms NE 3-yr

CB Cedric Griffin agreed to terms WAS 1-yr $2.5 million

S Chris Horton – signed NYG 1-yr

CB Dante Hughes –

CB Adam Jones – re-signed CIN

CB Jacob Lacey – signed DET 1-yr $1.3 million

FS LaRon Landry – signed NYJ 1-yr $1.75 million

CB Patrick Lee – signed OAK 1-yr

SS Dwight Lowery – re-signed JAX 4 year

CB Richard Marshall – signed MIA 3 year $16M $6M guaranteed

CB Rashean Mathis –

S Brandon Meriweather – signed WAS 2-yr $6 million

SS Haruki Nakamura – signed CAR 3-yr $4.8 million worth up to $5.5 million with incentives

FS reggie Nelson – re-signed CIN

CB Terence Newman –

CB Dimitri Patterson – re-signed CLE 3-yr $16 million with $6 million guaranteed

FS Brodney Pool – signed DAL

CB Tracy Porter – signed DEN 1-yr $4 million

CB Carlos Rogers – re-signed SF 4 year $31.3M

CB Aaron Ross – signed JAX 3-yr $15.3 million

SS Bryan Scott – re-signed BUF

CB Shawntae Spencer – signed OAK

CB B.J. Stanford – signed tender $540,000

SS Craig Steltz – agreed to terms CHI 2-yr

CB Nick Taylor – signed futures contract MIN 3-yr

CB Terrell Thomas – re-signed NYG 4 year $17M

CB Greg Toler – signed ARZ 1-yr

CB Justin Tryon – re-signed NYG

CB Eric Wright – signed TB 5 years $37.5M $15.5M guaranteed

FS Tom Zbikowski – signed IND




K Nick Folk – re-signs NYJ

LS Mike Leach – re-sign ARZ 3-year

K Jay Feely – re-sign ARZ 2-yr

LS Joe Zelenka – re-signed ATL 

K Phil Dawson – signed tender CLE $3.81 million

P Steve Weatherford – signed NYG 5-yr

LS Don ed – re-signed DET 1-yr





My Top 5 Seahawks Roster Moves of 2011

From my latest piece on Northwest Sports Beat


Roster Schmoster

A list of my top 5 Seattle Seahawks roster moves this season based solely on my opinion of the way they have effected the team this season as well as the impact they will have in the future.

1) Pete Carroll hiring Tom Cable

When Pete came to Seattle he first hired Alex Gibbs the “Godfather” of the zone blocking scheme to be the offensive line coach. Unfortunately he retired before the Seahawks first game and Art Valero took over and coached the offensive line for the 2010 season.

This season Carroll Brought in former Oakland Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable to coach the line. (Read More)

NWSB: Seahawks Weekly Notebook December 9th

My Latest piece on Northwest Sports Beat.


The Seattle Seahawks take on the St. Louis Rams in the prime time matchup on Monday Night Football. The last time the St. Louis Rams squared off with the Seattle Seahawks, the NFC West title and a berth in the playoffs were on the line….(more)

NWSB: Richard Sherman Profile

Here is a piece I wrote on Richard Sherman for Northwest Sports Beat:


Heading into the 2011 NFL draft most draft analysts had a middle to late round grade on Richard Sherman(4th-6th round). The Seahawks drafted him with the 23rd pick of the 5th round.

Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman were not strangers going into the draft, in fact Carroll recruited Sherman out of high school.

In a strange twist Sherman thought….(more)

Seahawks Offensive Line Grades Regular Season game 2011-10

Seahawks Player Grades



Offensive Line

1) Russell Okung (B)

Russell Okung blocking for Marshawn Lynch

Last week C+


Russell was solid in the passing game and running game all day. He several nice blocks including a cut block and blocking own the field.


He did lose one of his run blocks and was called for unnecessary roughness for hitting a guy while he was on a pile. Personally I love the nasty attitude and can’t be too hard on him for it.

2) Robert Gallery and Max Unger (B-)

Last week: Robert A- and Max led the line with an A


Gallery had several nice blocks including a cut block on a screen pass and a couple pancakes. He showed athleticism blocking downfield and they both had nice blocks on the 20 yard Justin Forsett touchdown. Unger did a nice job getting to the second level and had a couple pancake blocks.


Unfortunately Robert also struggled on several play. He was unable to seal the lane a couple times, was pushed into the backfield on one play and on one play him and Max Unger were doubling a defender and they couldn’t block him. He also lost a block in the passing game that led to a quarterback pressure and a false start. Max was unable to get outside to block for a screen pass on one play and struggled a little in the running game losing a few of his blocks including a play that led to a tackle for a loss.

4) Breno Giacomini (C+)

He is new to the line up this week replacing James Carpenter


He had several really good blocks in the running game getting push at the line, sealing lanes and picking up a pancake. He also had a big block to spring Justin Forsett on his touchdown.


He missed a cut block and struggled in the passing game giving up a couple quarterback pressures including one on the second interception. He also got the quarterback hit and gave up a sack.

5) Clint Gresham (D+)

Last week C


It was a rough day for the usually reliable Gresham.


He allowed a blocked punt and was called for holding.

6) Paul McQuiston (D-)

Last week C+


He had a pancake block and did a nice job sealing a running lane. He has a couple nice run blocks and a couple pass blocks including one where he showed a lot of awareness when McQuistan lost his pass block and he went over to help him to avoid the sack.


Paul was unable to seal 3 running lanes, lost his run block on several occasions and was pushed into the backfield. He had a bogus false start penalty where he was reacting to the pass rusher jumping the snap but he also was called for a legitimate false start and a hold.

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