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Seattle’s own version of S.W.A.G.


We here the word swag thrown around a lot these days.  By definition it can either mean ornamental flowers or money taken by a thief.  Based on the later definition Aaron Curry and Brian Bosworth would have to be at the top of the list.

However, I don’t think that is what is meant today when people say “swag.”

Like many words the kids today use, it means something completely different.  Who makes these definition up?

I do not know but what I do know is that a ratchet is something I use to work on my car, not a person’s behavior. Now that we have established that I am an old fuddy-duddy, what is swag?

Obviously it is the acronym S.W.A.G.

  • S – Seahawks
  • W – Winning
  • A – Association
  • G – General

Though the team has a ton of S.W.A.G. there are 5 players who stand above all others in my eyes.

Russell Wilson

The 5-star general of the Seattle Seahawks on and off the field, all Russell Wilson does is win and he make everyone around him better.

Seattle could not ask for a better young man and role model.  He exudes excellence.

All week Russell spends honing his craft trying to become the best quarterback he can be.  That kind of dedication rubs off and builds the respect of his teammates and coaches.

…Read more here.

Seahawks Player Grades Regular Season 2011-5

Seahawks Player Grades from the Giants game.



First of all let me apologize for not getting the grades done like usually. I have been very sick and unable to sit at the computer to type them out.

I was able to do all the game notes and I have all the information I would normally put out but I think in the interest of getting the grades out I will post the actual grade for every player and if I get a request about why a players grade is what it is I will add to this post.

Thank you all for your patience.

The last grade I gave out was the quarterbacks so I will start here with the running backs


Running Back


1) Leon Washington (A-)

Last week he led the running backs with a B+

2) Marshawn Lynch (B+)

Last week C+

3) Justin Forsett (B-)

Last week B

4) Michael Robinson (C+)

Last week C-


He did a very nice job on special teams while blocking on punt returns and getting downfield in a hurry on a kick return and getting in on a tackle inside the Giants 15-yard line.


He ran into the back of his own player and fumbled the ball near the giants goal line. Darrell Bevell should have never handed him the ball three straight times but it is his job to hold onto the ball every time his number is called.


Wide Receiver


1) Doug Baldwin (A+)

Last week he led the receivers with an A-

2) Ben Obomanu (B+)

Last week B

3) Sidney Rice and Golden Tate (B)

Last week Sidney had a C+ and Golden did not receive a grade.


Tight End


1) Zach Miller (C+)

Last week B

His grade was extremely limited this week because he was injured on the Seahawks seventh offensive play.

2) Anthony McCoy (F+)

Last week C+



Defensive Line


1) Brandon Mebane and Chris Clemons (A+)

Last week: Brandon had a B+ and Chris had a B-

3) Alan Branch (A)

Last week he led the unit with an A

4) Red Bryant (A-)

Last week C

5) Raheem Brock and Clinton McDonald (B-)

Last week; Raheem B+ and Clinton an A-

7) Anthony Hargrove (C+)

Last week he was last of the defensive line with a C-

8) Al Woods and Jameson Konz (C)

This was the first week either player was graded.





1) KJ Wright (B+)

KJ Wright has almost perfect coverage on Tony Gonzalez. Photo by Brett Bivens

Last week C+

2) Leroy Hill and David Vobora (C+)

Last week: Leroy C+ and David was signed on October 4th.

4) David Hawthorne (C)

Last week D+

5) Aaron Curry (D-)

Last week he led the linebackers with a B-



Defensive Back



1) Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman (B+)

Last week: Brandon C and Richard led the corners with a C+

3) Walter Thurmond (B)

Last week he was not graded

4) Kennard Cox (B-)

Last week D-


1) Kam Chancellor (A+)

Last week Atari Bigby started in his place due to injury

2) Earl Thomas (B+)

Last week C+

3) Jeron Johnson (B-)

Last week he led all safeties with a B-

4) Atari Bigby (C-)

Last week D+



Seahawks Linebacker Grades Regular Season Game 2011-4

Seahawks Linebacker grades from the Falcons game



1) Aaron Curry (B-)

Aaron Curry tackles Michael Turner 10/2/2011. Photo by Brett Bivens

Last week C


He did a nice job avoiding a cut block and fighting off blockers to make tackles near the line of scrimmage. I was impressed on one play when he didn’t over pursue (like he normally does) and he set the edge forcing the runner back inside to help. He didn’t make the tackle but in my book it was his best play of the game.


He still isn’t dropping deep enough to keep opposing quarterbacks from dropping hitting receivers underneath the secondary.

2) KJ Wright and Leroy Hill (C+)

Last week: KJ C+ and Leroy A-


KJ did a nice job setting up outside forcing the play back inside where he had help. Both players were able to fight of blockers and make plays. Leroy was able to get pressure on the quarterback.


Wright had a missed tackle on a touchdown run. Hill hesitated on a 3rd and short when he was in position which resulted in a first down. On one play he stumbled in coverage allowing for and easy completion.

4) Malcolm Smith (C-)

Last week C-


He is a rookie and has plenty time to learn from his mistakes.


On punt coverage he had a chance to make a play but he lowered his shoulder and hit the guy without wrapping up and the guy bounced off and kept going.

David Hawthorne makes a tackle against the Falcons 10/2/2011. Photo by Brett Bivens

5) David Hawthorne (D+)

Last week B


David did a good job reading the run and hit the quarterback.


He missed four tackles including one that led to a touchdown. Hawthorne struggled in coverage.

Seahawks Linebacker Grades Regular Season Game 2011-3

Seahawks Linebacker Grades



1) Leroy Hill (A-)

Last week C+


Leroy did a good job getting pressure on the quarterback and recording a sack. He was also able to get penetration in the running game and recorded a tackle for a loss (one of his team high 11 tackles). He was left one on one with Larry Fitzgerald and kept him from catching the ball. He showed his awareness recognizing the tight end screen and blowing it up and later in the game by keeping the player in bounds so he couldn’t stop the clock. Hill laid a big hit at the end of the game that caused a fumble and time ran out during the fumble recovery.


Leroy lost his gap control a couple of times and he needs to show a little more awareness in zone coverage.

2) David Hawthorne (B)

Last week C-


David had a pass defensed and had really good coverage near the end of the game. He hurried the quarterback a couple of times.


He got caught giving too much room in coverage.

3) KJ Wright (C+)

Was a backup last week but replaced Aaron Curry as the starter


On the first defensive play he dropped in zone coverage and jumped way up to deflected the pass that Earl Thomas intercepted. Unfortunately Brandon Browner was called for illegal contact on the play so the interception was negated. Kj made a sweet swim move to make the fullback whiff on a block attempt.


There was one play where he couldn’t get off his block.

4) Aaron Curry (C)

Last week B-


On one play he did a really nice job avoiding a blocker to make a tackle.


Aaron didn’t drop deep enough in the zone to keep Kevin Kolb from hitting hid receiver under the second layer of the zone.

5) Malcolm Smith and Matt McCoy (C-)

Last week Smith didn’t get graded and McCoy got a C+


Malcolm downed a punt inside the 5 yard line.


McCoy was late in his play recognition. Smith had trouble covering kickoffs getting caught out of his lane once and missing a tackle on another.

Seahawks Linebacker Grades Regular Season Game 2011-2

Seahawks Linebacker Grades


1) Aaron Curry (B-)

Last Week C


This was the best game that Aaron has played this year if not his professional career. He had a couple nice open field tackles and a pass deflection. Three times he recognized plays and didn’t over pursue them including a play where he saved a touchdown. Curry had a QB hit and blew up a pulling guard on a running play and showed amazing strength when he held on to the back of a running backs jersey with one hand while he was pulled 3 yards.


Unfortunately for him his performance was not enough to keep Head Coach Pete Carroll from dropping him to the 2nd team and promoting Rookie KJ Wright to replace him. On the play where he deflected the ball he he should have intercepted the ball and would have probably taken it to the house for six and with an extra point the game would have been tied at 7. Instead the Steelers marched the ball and made the game 14-0. Aaron could not fight of a block by Wide Receiver Hines Ward. On the second touchdown he followed Kam Chancellor right into a blocker tacking himself out of the play and making it easy for the back to score. He missed a tackle and on one play lost back side contain.

2) Leroy Hill and Matt McCoy (C+)

Last week: Leroy C- and Matt led the linebackers with a B-


Leroy was able to fight off a block by the guard and had a quarterback hit. Matt had three big tackles in the game including a play at the goal line where he knifed in and had a tackle for a loss. He also had a nice tackle on punt coverage.


He needs to show better awareness in the passing game while in zone coverage. He had no threat underneath but failed to drop deep enough in his zone and made it easy for Pittsburg to have a big gain. McCoy had a missed tackle and allowed the quarterback to look him off of his coverage. He also had a face mask penalty on a punt.

4) David Hawthorne (C-)

KJ Wright started in his place last week


David brought the “Heat” on a running back in the hole and met a pulling guard in the hole on one play and it ended with the guard falling back a few yards on his butt.


Rashard Mendenhall made a quick cut and made Hawthorne completely whiff on his attempted tackle. He started trying to do too much and lost his gap control a couple times.

Curry demoted, Wright to start

NFL scouts say you can’t judge a draft pick until at least three-years later.

Aaron Curry in the 2010 Home Playoff win against the Saints. Photo By Brett Bivens

In 2009 Aaron Curry was selected by the Seattle Seahawks with the fourth-overall pick- right before Mark Sanchez’s selection.

At the time of the pick Seattle still had Matt Hasselbeck as quarterback, Jim Mora Jr. as coach and the best offensive lineman had already been selected by the St. Louis Rams in Jason Smith. It was an ideal pick for the Seahawks in selecting the linebacker out of Wake Forest College.

At the time of the selection scouts regarded him as the most highly regarded product in the entire draft, but as we’ve seen in the NFL before scouts tend to be wrong sometimes.

In August, Seattle restructured his rookie deal meaning that Curry could be let go as early as the 2012 season.

Through his first two-full years as a Seahawk, Curry has played in 30 games- starting 28 of them and having 145 tackles, while only 5.5 sacks. He hasn’t lived up to the expectations he carried with him out of Wake Forest and has proved to be a question mark in the selection of Curry in 2009.

It’s hard to go back and think “what could have happened?” had Seattle selected a guy like Mark Sanchez or even BJ Raji, but his selection isn’t the sexy pick for the Seahawks.

Sanchez has blossomed into an elite quarterback, while Raji has a Super Bowl ring and is a threat on the defensive front, but Curry has yet to live up to the threat he was supposed to bring to the field for Seattle.

It come as no surprise that Pete Carroll has named rookie KJ Wright starter for the upcoming match-up between Arizona, benching Curry.

Through two games for Wright he has seven tackles, but has shown signs of a future. Curry’s clock is quickly approaching the three-year judge period and Seattle could see how Wright handles the chance.

Once the season is done Curry could be let go or even be traded before the Week 6 trade deadline. If Curry gets traded it will be Wright’s job, but if not its Wright’s to lose.

The demotion is another sign towards Pete Carroll’s tendency to do whatever it takes to get competition going. Maybe Curry’s demotion is nothing more than an attempt to bring the best of Curry’s game out, or maybe it’s more than that.

Time will tell which is the latter part, but hopefully it’s not a long three-year wait that most scouts say is the ideal time of judging a player.

Linebacker Grades Regular Season Game 2011-1

Image by Ryan Gray


1) Matt McCoy (B-)

On the punt return for touchdown he was blocked in the back and knocked down making him unable to get to the area the returner used to break through the coverage.


Matt played well on special teams staying true to his lane responsibilities. He was able fight through a block by a guard to make a tackle for a short gain and had an amazing flying hit on Frank Gore that stopped him dead in his tracks. Matt him so hard Gore’s knees buckled like he had been shot.


McCoy was flagged for illegal block in the back on a punt return.

2) Aaron Curry, KJ Wright and Malcolm Smith (C)

5)  Leroy Hill (C-)

Leroy is trying to resurrect a promising career that has been disrupted by drugs and injuries.


Hill showed how explosive he can be when he blew up a pulling guard in a running lane and still made the tackle for a loss.


Leroy lost the outside contain on a run and later in the game got called for a horse collar which was a bad call but they could have called him for a face mask on the same play. A face mask would have been a good call because Gore’s head did get jerked on the play.



Linebacker Grades Preseason Game 2011-4


1) Matt McCoy (A-)

Last week D+


Matt was crashing in on the run getting a tackle for a loss and a tackle for no gain. He was also able to get pressure on the quarterback hitting him twice and did a nice job sniffing out a screen play.


He didn’t play like this all preseason.

2) Malcolm Smith (B+)

Last week he led the linebackers with a B-


Malcolm played his most solid game of the preseason. For the most part he stayed under control and let the play come to him rather then make the mistakes of trying to do to much which has plagued him all preseason. He had a nice open field tackle and did a nice job sniffing out the screen. On Tate’s big Kickoff return he had a nice block that helped spring him.


On one play he overran his gap responsibility reverting to the way he had played previously in the preseason.

3) Aaron Curry and KJ Wright (B-)

Last week: Aaron brought up the worst on the team with an F and KJ had a C+.


Aaron was playing smart football staying at home and not biting on a fake reverse. On 3rd and 2 he filled the hole and stepped up making a tackle for a loss and on another play he crashed in the hole and drove the fullback into the backfield leaving the running back nowhere to go. KJ did a good job filling the running lanes and had a tackle for no gain. He got outside to cover a tight end in the flat and made a nice open field tackle.


Curry had a big hit but did not wrap up to make the tackle and the ball carrier gained extra yards because of it. Before making that nice play on the tight end I mentioned above KJ was late getting outside and they took advantage of it.

5) Leroy Hill (C+)

Last week C-


Showed awareness staying at home on a miss direction and made the tackle.


He didn’t play long enough to make many plays.

6) David Vobora (C-)

Last week D+plagued


David stayed at home and made a nice open field tackle.


He had two missed tackles including one on the quarterback.


Linebacker Grades Preseason Game 2011-3


1) Malcolm Smith (B-)

Last week B


He played the run outside in maintaining his outside responsibilities yet crashing down and making a play on the running back inside. He got pressure on three occasions including on 4th and short and when he sacked the quarterback. Malcolm showed he can fight off block which is something the linebackers have had a lot of trouble with in Seattle. He had an excellent play in Punt Coverage getting down the field and making the tackle.


Smith over ran his gap responsibilities taking himself out of the play twice, bit hard on play action leaving a tight end wide open and got an ineligible man downfield penalty. Malcolm missed two tackled including one that would have been a sack.

2) KJ Wright and Michael Johnson (C+)

Last week; KJ B and Michael didn’t receive a grade


KJ got a quarterback hit. Michael was excellent in pursuit making two tackles from behind and got pressure on the quarterback.


When Johnson got his pressure he missed the tackle on the quarterback.

4) Leroy Hill and Mike Morgan (C-)

Last week: Leroy B- and Mike D


Hill was in position and forced the fullback to hold.


Leroy missed a tackle for loss and was called for a face mask penalty. Mike had a chance to pin the Broncos at the ten yard line but he got too close to the ball (when it hit the ground after being punted) and it bounced by him and lost almost ten yards because of it. This is a bit nit picky but for a guy who has to make the team on special teams you need to be error free.

6) Matt McCoy and David Vobora (D+)

Last week: Matt D+ and David was not on the team.


Matt was able to fight off a blocker and get pressure on the quarterback by bull rushing the running back.


McCoy missed two tackles, got stuck inside on a running play and missed a tackle. He also miss played a run when he chose to dive over a pile of players to try and make a tackle when the running lane was literally one step away and he could have taken that step and met the running back in the hole. Instead he missed the running back and the back was left to break a big run. David was too aggressive running too far upfield on a run and opened a huge hole for the running back and bit hard on the play action leaving the tight end wide open.

8 ) Aaron Curry (F)

Last week D+. There is so much to say on him I am just going to do this in list form


Blew up wide receiver screen

Got off the blocker filling the running hole forcing the back to look for a secondary hole.

Pressure on blitz

On 3rd and short he took on a blocker and stayed in the hole.

Had a big hit on punt coverage


Couldn’t get off a tight end block

Missed tackle on wide receiver screen

Missed tackle on punt return

Celebrating a mundane tackle on 3rd and 23 after 1 4 yard gain when the running back ran right into his arms and it wasn’t even a solo tackle.

Faked a blits then couldn’t get back to fill his responsibilities in the zone coverage

Overly aggressive and overran his gap responsibility

Aaron ended up 1:1 with Eddie Royal in coverage which is a major miss match and I don’t expect Curry to be able to cover him but if he has a chance to tackle Royal after Eddie makes the catch I expect Aaron to be able to tackle but he couldn’t.

Followed player out of his zone then was caught in no mans land as he watched the man in his zone make a catch.

He was late getting outside on the touchdown pass.
















Linebacker Player Grades Preseason Game 2011-2

Part 6 of 8 of the Seahawks player grades from the Vikings game. QuarterbacksOffensive LinemenRunning BacksTight EndsWide Receivers and Defensive Linemen have already been posted. This is a series that will go position by position, player by player evaluating the single game performance of the players on the Seahawks roster.



1) K.J. Wright and Malcolm Smith (B)

Last week these guys were one and two as well. K.J. with a C+ and Malcolm with a B.


Wright was able to knife through the gap to stop the running back. He showed he can take on a blocker and fight through it to make the tackle. When he was called upon to blitz he was able to get pressure on the quarterback and was able to record a QB hit. Smith showed he is a capable blitzer getting pressure 3 times including a QB hit. He was able to knife through the hole to get the running back. Malcolm may have done his best work in coverage including a play action where he recognized the play and was able to stay on his man giving the QB no where to go with the ball.


K.J. had a missed tackle. Smith got called for holding on a kick return, missed two tackles, lost quarterback contain and lost gap control on the final touchdown of the game.

3) David Hawthorne and Leroy Hill (B-)

David avoided detection last week and Leroy received a C-.


David avoided a chop block and was able to come off another block to make a tackle. Leroy played the swing pass well and made a nice open field tackle. He was able to fight of a block to get outside and make a play.


Both players were solid.

5) Neal Howey (C)

Last week he got a C- this week he didn’t play enough to be good or bad so he got put in the middle.

6) Aaron Curry and Matt McCoy (D+)

Last week Aaron received a C- and Matt received a C.


Curry had a fumble recovery on a punt return that would have been a touchdown in the refs had made the right call. He was able to get pressure on a blitz. There was one Linebacker worse then McCoy on saturday.


Aaron fell hard for a play action pass following the running back clear outside the opposite hash marks before he realized the back didn’t have the ball. Doing this left the Vikings TE wide open in the flat. He had poor coverage on a running back as well. The worst play was his stupidity ripping a Vikings players helmet off and throwing it in front of the refs. I know he isn’t the smartest guy but these things are un-exceptable even for the dumbest players in junior high. Matt got called for an illegal block in the back on a kick return and had a half-assed attempt to jam a tight end falling several yards behind him in the process.

8 ) Mike Morgan (D)

This weeks last of the linebackers


He Recorded a sack.


He bit on the play action on multiple occasions and he crashed down on the inside run loosing his outside leverage making it easy for the running back to get outside for a big play. Mike was not aggressive enough on kick coverage and there is no room for finesse play on special teams which is where he would have to earn his living.


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