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Seahawks photo blog 11/4/2012

Seahawks beat Vikings 30-20

Brandon Browner saves a touchdown. Photo by Anthony May

Matt Kalil rips Brandon Mebane’s helmet off, clearing the way for Adrian Peterson to score a touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jermaine Kearse catches his first pass in the NFL. Photo by Brett Bivens

Doug Baldwin drops another ball. This one came the play after Jermaine Kearse dropped a would-be first down. Photo by Brett Bivens

Losing KJ Wright, pictured walking to the locker room after his injury, for almost the entire game was a big blow to the Seahawks defense. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jared Allen and the Vikings defense couldn’t hold the Seahawks offense back on Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch went “Beastmode” for 124-yards Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks scored 30 points Sunday, the most this season. Photo by Brett Bivens

Golden Tate leaps toward the end-zone. Photo By Anthony May

Golden Tate scores the touchdown! Photo by Brett Bivens

Greg Scruggs sacks Christian Ponder. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks defense gave up 197 first-half rushing yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Pete Carroll challenged the spot on this Adrian Peterson reception. The play was upheld, first down Minnesota. Photo by Brett Bivens

This play didn’t count, but it was fun to watch Red Bryant throw Adrian Peterson to the ground like a rag doll. Photo by Brett Bivens

Brandon Mebane tackles Christian Ponder as he scrambles for a couple yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Leroy Hill sacks Christian Ponder. Photo by Brett Bivens

Five Seahawks who impressed against the 49ers on Thursday

Seahawks drop passes and an opportunity

Seattle Seahawks 6, San Francisco 49ers 13
When: 5:20 PM PST, Thursday, October 18, 2012
Where: Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California.

The only player who seemed to be able to catch Russell Wilson‘s passes on Thursday, Doug Baldwin, was out of the game before the end of the first half. It is no wonder the Seahawks could not get anything going offensively in the second half.

Marshawn Lynch #24

For the third time this season, Marshawn Lynch ran for over 100-yards. Unfortunately, the Seahawks are now 1-2 when he hits the century mark.

The 49ers averaged 3.6-yards per carry coming into the game, yet Marshawn was able to average 5.4-yards per attempt.

Currently, Lynch is ranked third in the league with 652-yards on the ground, and he is fourth in the league averaging 4.4-yards per carry.

Brandon Browner #39

The Seattle Seahawks defense only gave up 140-yards through the air on Thursday, that is an achievement earned by the entire secondary.

Brandon Browner‘s interception is what separated him from the rest of the players.

The 49ers were driving the ball down the field when Browner intercepted Alex Smith’s pass in the end zone. Brandon should have kneeled the ball down taking a touchback, but instead he made the mistake of trying to return it. He only made it out to the three yard line.

lynch241012 Five Seahawks who impressed against the 49ers on Thursday

Lynch had this third 100-yard game of the season, Thursday against the 49ers. Photo Credit: SFGate

As soon as he caught the ball I think he had flash backs to his 94-yards touchdown return against the Giants last season. More…

Seahawks MMQB (Friday edition): Mental mistakes seal the Hawks fate 13-6

Dropped passes and missed opportunities

Boxscore | Play-by-Play | Q’s Post Game Recap

When the Seattle Seahawks 2012 schedule was released I knew that going down to San Francisco on such a short week was going to be a tall order.  To make maters worse, it was the 49ers third straight home game.

Both teams only had 4 days to prepare for the big divisional matchup.  The Seattle Seahawks were coming off a big home win against the Patriots, one of the best teams in the AFC.

In contrast, the San Francisco 49ers were coming off an embarrassing loss to the New York Giants in San Francisco.

The funny thing about winning and losing, it is a lot easier to focus on the next weeks game after a loss than it is after an emotional win.

The difference was evident on the field Thursday.


When you look at the stats from the game, it looks like the Seahawks defense had another great game.  Unfortunately, stats do not tell the entire picture.

Wilson vs. 49ers Week 7 Seahawks MMQB (Friday edition): Mental mistakes seal the Hawks fate 13 6

Both teams only had 4 days to prepare

During the first half of the game defense played fine.

Then, at halftime, the 49ers made an adjustment.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman realized that the Seahawks were vulnerable in the middle of the defense and once the 49ers started attacking it, there was nothing the Seahawks defense could do to stop the onslaught.

(Insert any trap play you like)

In the second half, San Francisco had 4 drives (excluding the final 2 plays from victory formation).

Those four drives went as follows:

  1. 85-yards and a touchdown.
  2. 68-yards, but Brandon Browner intercepted in the end zone on an ill advised pass from Alex Smith that was intended for Randy Moss.  Moss had been wide open while he was in the middle of the field.  His drag route, in the back of the end zone, was outside of the hash marks by the time Smith released the ball and Browner was able to step in front of the ball.
  3. 3 runs up the middle that totaled 40-yards.  After a 49er tripping penalty More. . . 

Five Seahawks who impressed against the Patriots on Sunday

Seattle made the plays that mattered

Seattle Seahawks 24, New England Patriots 23
When: 1:05 PM PST, Sunday, November 14, 2012
Where: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington

After the Seahawks imploded in the second quarter, and stumbled their way through the 3rd quarter, they found themselves down by 13 points with less than 10 minutes to play.

From that moment on, both sides of the ball made every play they had to.

Sure, Tom Brady and the Patriots racked up 475-yards in total offense.  But, when it mattered the most, theSeattle Seahawks defense held the Patriots two yards short.

Russell Wilson #3

I have to throw out his line for everyone.  Partially because it seems like people like to talk about his stats, and partly because I love numbers.

16/27 for 293-yards, 3 touchdown and no interceptions.  Plus, 5 rushes for 17-yards.  It all adds up to a 133.7 Rating and a QBR of 91.4. If you felt like you have read that before, I stole it from my MMQB piece last night.

In case you didn’t read that piece, let me point out that the last time a Seattle Seahawks quarterback had that much of an impact (QBR) in a game was week three of the 2008 season.

Sidney Rice vs. Patriots Five Seahawks who impressed against the Patriots on Sunday

Sidney Rice made several nice plays throughout the game. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

We were able to see Russell Wilson air the ball out quite a bit on Sunday.  I have to be honest, I am extremely impressed with the way he throws a deep ball.  The last time I saw someone throw a ball like that, for the Seahawks, was before Matt Hasselbeck.

From here on out, defenses will have to game plan against big passing plays.  That should limit the amount of defenders opposing teams are willing to stack in the box.

Which should really help the running game, not that it isn’t pretty good already.

Sidney Rice #18

Sidney Rice made several nice plays throughout the game.  He also messed a few up, we will skip over those for the purpose of this piece.  After it was all said and done, two plays put Rice on my list. More. . . 

Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Defensive backs

Seahawks defensive back player grades



Brandon Bowner #39

After making the pro bowl last season, Brandon Browner wasted no time proving he hadn’t been resting on his laurels during the off season. On the first play from scrimmage Brandon intercepted Matt Hasselbeck’s first pass in CenturyLink Field as a member of an opposing team and took it to the house. It wasn’t Matt’s fault, but Browner made an outstanding play by staying with the action through the whistle. It appeared the pass was going to be incomplete, but it bounced off Earl Thomas‘ arm and Brandon grabbed it.  Being a big physical corner allows him to play the run well and Saturday was no exception.

the grade: A-


Earl Thomas #29

Earl Thomas is ready for some action Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Earl Thomas seems to be playing at a different level this year. I think he is starting to understand the game better than he has in the past. Instead of relying solely on his physical talents to run around and make plays he’s using his head more. That’s a scary thought for opposing offenses. This could be the year that Earl breaks away from being a talented young safety and becomes a dominant force, like Troy Polamalu. In the first preseason game I noticed Earl playing the run extremely well. I couldn’t have asked for much more out of him.

the grade: b+


Jeremy Lane tackle the Titans tight end. Needs to keep his head up or a better player will hurdle him. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jeremy Lane #1

The good:

Jeremy Lane is a big physical corner, the kind of kid that Pete Carroll likes to see play the position. He was playing the run very well and was one of the best tacklers on the team Saturday. Late in the game Jeremy stripped the ball that could have ended the game but unfortunately it was recovered by the offense

the bad:

On the play where Jeremy stripped the ball he didn’t stick with it. Unlike when Heath Farwell punched the ball out earlier in the game, Heath’s eyes never left the ball and Farwell was able to recover the fumble. Jeremy Lane seemed content with stripping the ball. He hesitated, for just a moment, before going after it. In the NFL if you hesitate at all in the NFL you miss out and he learned that lesson the hard way…I hope. Jeremy needs to work on his timing a little bit and avoid pass interference penalties. Now for a little rant, I cannot stand to see players who don’t either kick the ball or throw it who don’t wear a single digit number.

the grade: B


Kam Chancellor #31

Kam Chancellor did not see much action against the Titans but he did have a big hit on Chris Johnson. The play was a run up the middle and I’m sure Chris was feeling that hit most of the week.

the grade: C+


DeShawn Shead #5

DeShawn Shead, an undrafted free agent out of Portland State, was not tested in the passing game but he did have an opportunity to show that he can play the run very well.

The grade: C+


Coye Francies looked good returning a kickoff on Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Coye Francies #37

the good:

Coye Francies looked very solid in coverage against the Titans. When he kept the receiver from going out of bounds and stopping the clock he also demonstrated awareness of the situation late in the game.

The bad:

Tackling is an area that he needs to improve on if he want to stay in the NFL.

the grade: C+


Richard Sherman #25, Chris Maragos #42, Marcus Trufant #23, Jeron Johnson #32 and Byron Maxwell #41

all received C grades.


Winston Guy #27

The good:

Winston Guy showed some awareness recognizing the draw play.

the bad:

Winston looked lazy out there to me. I did not see him finishing plays but I did see him half heartedly try to tackle and miss it. If he doesn’t want to be the NFL bad enough there are other players that can replace him who do.

the grade: C-


Phillip Adams #35

the good:

It was tough to find something Phillip Adams did well, but on one play I saw him take on a blocker and still tackle the running back.

the bad:

Most of the time when Phillip was in position to tackle he missed it, having 2 missed tackles in the game. On the long touchdown run he was in position to make a play or force the running back inside to help. Instead, he spun himself out of bounds and completely took himself out of the play. If it were up to me, I would have already cut him and brought someone else in.

the grade: F














Seahawks Linebacker and Defensive Back Grades Regular Season Game 2011-9

Seahawks Player Grades Vs. Ravens




1) David Hawthorne (B+)

Last week C


David had a quarterback pressure, a quarterback hit, a pass defensed and an interception that he almost returned for a touchdown.


He missed a tackle.

2) Leroy Hill (B-)

Last week he led the linebackers with a B


Leroy did a nice job shooting the gap on a running play. He had a quarterback pressure, a pass defensed and a nice open field tackle.


He had a couple issues in coverage. He lost track of Ed Dickson on one play and fell down on another.

3) Malcolm Smith (C+)

Last week D+


Malcolm had a quarterback pressure and a sack.


On the Ravens final touchdown he was in position but never looked back to try to find the ball.

4) KJ Wright (C)

Last week C



1) Richard Sherman (B+)

Last week he led the CB’s with a B


Sherman had really good coverage most of the game and broke up 3 passes.


He fell behind Torrey Smith on a deep rout but luckily the ball was overthrown. In the two minute defense Richard let the receiver get out of bounds to stop the clock. This is a rookie mistake and a very coachable moment.

2) Brandon Browner (B-)

Last week C


Browner had a nice block on a punt return and almost had an interception but Earl Thomas ran into him. Brandon also broke up another pass later in the game.


He got called for pass interference but it was a really bad call in my opinion.

3) Byron Maxwell (C+)

Last week D


Byron forced the second fumble in kick coverage.


He over ran a play on punt coverage.

4) Roy Lewis (D-)

Last week B-


Lewis had a rough game. Hopefully he is just breaking off some rust.


He took a bad angle on one play and wasn’t able to get in position to make a tackle. He dropped an interception that squirted through his hands and was caught by the receiver. Then he was called for holding and illegal contact.



1) Atari Bigby (B-)

Last week C


He recovered the second kick that the Ravens fumbled.


He was injured during the game.

2) Earl Thomas and Chris Maragos (C+)

Last week Earl got an A- and Chris wasn’t graded


Thomas made a couple nice open field tackles and had a pass defensed. Maragos was able to fight off a blocker and still make a tackle inside the 20 on a kick return.


Earl was pancaked and he missed a tackle.

4) Kam Chancellor (C)

Last week D+

Seahawks Defensive Back Grades Regular Season Game 2011-8

Seahawks Player Grades




1) Richard Sherman (B)

Last week A-


Richard had multiple plays where he had excellent coverage including a play in the end zone and another where he almost intercepted the ball but Dez Bryant knocked it away. He made a nice open field tackle and laid a big hit on Bryant at the goal line causing him to fumble the ball.


He missed a couple tackles and was beat deep on one play by Miles Austin.

2) Roy Lewis (B-)

Last week C-


In the 2 minute drill he did a great job forcing the receiver inside after he caught the ball to keep the ball running. He also recovered Sherman’s forced fumble.


Lewis was late in reacting to one route.

3) Brandon Browner and Kennard Cox (C)

Last week: Browner C- and Cox did not get graded

5) Byron Maxwell (D)

Last week C+


He usually plays much better than he did against Dallas.


All of his troubles were on special teams. He had a missed tackle on punt coverage and was called for two Un-sportsman like conduct penalties for running out of bounds and not making an effort to re-establish himself in bounds.



1) Earl Thomas (A-)

Last week D+


Earl Thomas was probably the most sure tackler on the team last Sunday. He made a nice open field tackle, tackle for a short gain and a tackle for a loss. Earl had really good coverage on a couple plays including a play in the end zone. He came close to intercepting a pass that Richard Sherman had broken up.


Earl Played a solid game.

2) Atari Bigby (C)

Last week C-

3) Kam Chancellor (D+)

Last week B-


Kam had a big hit on a running back and had a tackle for no gain. He had good coverage on a couple play including one where he broke up a pass that Cowboys tight end Jason Witten already had in his hands.


He struggled a little in coverage and was late getting out to help cover the deep route on one play. He was called for pass interference but I can’t see what he did wrong so I did not dock him for it. Usually a fairly sure tackler, he struggled in Dallas missing several tackles including one where he went through the hole to hit the running back and turned his head away and completely missed the hit.

Seahawks Defensive Back Grades Regular Season Game 2011-6

Seahawks Secondary Player Grades



The funny thing about this group is that individually they all played pretty average with the exception of Kennard Cox (who stunk it up pretty bad) but as a group playing in the scheme of the defense they held the Browns to only 159 yards passing. I find myself torn at this point because these are individual player grades but at the same time their effort led to the production by the defense.

I think what I will do is leave out the sum of their play (at least for now) and just evaluate each player on his own.


1) Chris Maragos (C+)

Chris was signed from the practice squad earlier in the week.


He mad a nice tackle on special teams while covering a kick.


It is sad that I have him listed as the top grade here.

2) Richard Sherman, Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner (C)

Last week: Richard B+, Walter B and Brandon B+

5) Kennard Cox (D)

Last week B-


Cox had a few plays where he had good coverage.


On the play when Josh Cribbs muffed the fair catch Kennard ran behind Cribbs but if he had stayed in front when Josh muffed the punt he would have been in a position to compete for the ball.  He got called for the block in the back on Leo’s big punt return. I think it was a bogus call but the fact remains that Cox was reaching for the guy and gave them an opportunity to make a bad call. He should have kept his hands to himself there was nothing he could have done because he was out of position anyway. He had 2 missed tackles including one that would have been a sack.




1) Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Jeron Johnson (C)

Last week: Earl B+, Kam A+ and Jeron B-

4) Atari Bigby (C-)

Last week C-


If he had only made one big play


He missed a tackle on a punt coverage.

Seahawks Player Grades Regular Season 2011-5

Seahawks Player Grades from the Giants game.



First of all let me apologize for not getting the grades done like usually. I have been very sick and unable to sit at the computer to type them out.

I was able to do all the game notes and I have all the information I would normally put out but I think in the interest of getting the grades out I will post the actual grade for every player and if I get a request about why a players grade is what it is I will add to this post.

Thank you all for your patience.

The last grade I gave out was the quarterbacks so I will start here with the running backs


Running Back


1) Leon Washington (A-)

Last week he led the running backs with a B+

2) Marshawn Lynch (B+)

Last week C+

3) Justin Forsett (B-)

Last week B

4) Michael Robinson (C+)

Last week C-


He did a very nice job on special teams while blocking on punt returns and getting downfield in a hurry on a kick return and getting in on a tackle inside the Giants 15-yard line.


He ran into the back of his own player and fumbled the ball near the giants goal line. Darrell Bevell should have never handed him the ball three straight times but it is his job to hold onto the ball every time his number is called.


Wide Receiver


1) Doug Baldwin (A+)

Last week he led the receivers with an A-

2) Ben Obomanu (B+)

Last week B

3) Sidney Rice and Golden Tate (B)

Last week Sidney had a C+ and Golden did not receive a grade.


Tight End


1) Zach Miller (C+)

Last week B

His grade was extremely limited this week because he was injured on the Seahawks seventh offensive play.

2) Anthony McCoy (F+)

Last week C+



Defensive Line


1) Brandon Mebane and Chris Clemons (A+)

Last week: Brandon had a B+ and Chris had a B-

3) Alan Branch (A)

Last week he led the unit with an A

4) Red Bryant (A-)

Last week C

5) Raheem Brock and Clinton McDonald (B-)

Last week; Raheem B+ and Clinton an A-

7) Anthony Hargrove (C+)

Last week he was last of the defensive line with a C-

8) Al Woods and Jameson Konz (C)

This was the first week either player was graded.





1) KJ Wright (B+)

KJ Wright has almost perfect coverage on Tony Gonzalez. Photo by Brett Bivens

Last week C+

2) Leroy Hill and David Vobora (C+)

Last week: Leroy C+ and David was signed on October 4th.

4) David Hawthorne (C)

Last week D+

5) Aaron Curry (D-)

Last week he led the linebackers with a B-



Defensive Back



1) Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman (B+)

Last week: Brandon C and Richard led the corners with a C+

3) Walter Thurmond (B)

Last week he was not graded

4) Kennard Cox (B-)

Last week D-


1) Kam Chancellor (A+)

Last week Atari Bigby started in his place due to injury

2) Earl Thomas (B+)

Last week C+

3) Jeron Johnson (B-)

Last week he led all safeties with a B-

4) Atari Bigby (C-)

Last week D+



Seahawks Defensive Back Grades Regular Season Game 2011-4

Seahawks Defensive Back grades from the Falcons game




1) Richard Sherman (C+)

Last week he did not receive a grade.


He had a big block on Leon Washington’s big punt return and had a solo tackle.


He isn’t getting any playing time on defense.

2) Brandon Browner (C)

Brandon Browner levels Julio Jones 10/2/2011. Photo by Brett Bivens

Last week C-

Yes, there were times when he had trouble in coverage deep but he played the underneath routes pretty well especially the wide receiver screens. On that long pass to Julio Jones to start the third quarter he couldn’t have had much better coverage but a perfectly thrown ball and a great play by a wide receiver will beat great coverage any time.

3) Marcus Trufant (D)

Last week B+


A couple times he had really good coverage and had a pass defensed.


He played too soft in coverage especially on 3rd and 1-yard and when he had safety help over the top. On one play he completely blew his coverage and to top it off he had a missed tackle.

4) Kennard Cox (D-)

Last week C-


Hopefully with the additions made this week he will either “shape up or ship out”.


He missed his block on two different kick returns both led to a tackle and on Washington’s big punt return he missed a block that ended up being the reason Leon was tackled short of the end zone.



Jeron Johnson pushes Julio Jones out of bounds 10/2/2011. Photo by Brett Bivens

1) Jeron Johnson (B-)

Last week he did not receive a grade.


Jeron had a big tackle that upended the kick returner after Sidney Rice’s touchdown. He showed he understands angles by the way he used the sideline as an extra tackler when there was no one around to help. On Leon’s punt big punt return he had a big block to help spring him.


Johnson doesn’t see a whole lot of time on the field to show what he has but he takes advantage of the time he gets.

2) Earl Thomas (C+)

Last week B-


Earl had four tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage and was causing havoc in the running game all day with the way he was crashing in on the run.


Thomas gave up on a Michael Turner run early in the game. In the NFL (especially when facing a back like turner) the play isn’t over till the whistle. He was a little late in his coverage at times and had a couple missed tackles.

3) Atari Bigby (D+)

Last week C


Atari was able to get a little pressure on Matt Ryan and also had a pass defensed. He did a good job keeping contain and forcing the running back inside.


Bigby struggled a little in coverage like most of the secondary. He was late in his run recognition at times and had a couple missed tackles.

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