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Seahawks at Colts Preview

And keys to the game


By Carl Hoglin

The Seattle Seahawks travel east to face the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in a matchup between two sophomore Quarterbacks.  Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck have both made huge strides for their respectable teams and will continue to do so after Sundays game.

This will be the first matchup between the two since they came into the league last year in different rounds.  Andrew Luck was taken #1 overall by the Colts last year, where Russell Wilson was taken #75 overall.

Nevertheless, a football game isn’t decided by what rounds their Quarterbacks are taken.

Both teams have had a great September start, with the Seahawks going 4-0, and the Colts sitting at 3-1.  These two teams have played against each other 10 times before, with Sundays matchup being number 11.  Seattle has won the matchup between these two teams only 4 times.

The last time these two teams met was in 2009, well before both Quarterbacks were drafted.  Since 2009, both of these teams have vastly changed. Seneca Wallace and Peyton Manning are no longer running the shows.

Both Offenses are strikingly similar in stats.  Russell Wilson is 59/96(61.5%) for 787 yards with 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.  Andrew Luck is 81/127(63.8%) for 915 yards with 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  Wilson has been sacked 13 times for a loss of 84 yards.  Luck has been sacked 10 times for a loss of 59 yards.

The Seahawks have managed to total up 1409 offensive yards(577 rushing, 832 passing).  The Colts have put up DSCN13931495 total yards(601 rushing, 894 passing).  Both teams have put up 12 touchdowns.  Seattle is managing 27.2 points a game, good enough for 6th in the league.  Indianapolis is pushing 26.2 which puts them at 9th in the league.

Defense has been a focal point for both of these teams.  Seattle is only allowing 11.8 points per game(2nd), while Indianapolis is allowing 12.8(9th).  Seattle boasts the Legion of Boom, which has accounted for 6 of the teams 7 interceptions.  Indianapolis has managed to intercept opposing Quarterbacks 6 different times themselves.  Indianapolis has registered 13 different sacks, Seattle has only put up 11.  Indianapolis has forced three different fumbles, whereas Seattle has managed to force 6.

These two teams have played two of the same teams.  We can use them as a slight comparison.

Both teams have played San Francisco and Jacksonville.

The Seahawks trounced the 49ers(in Seattle) 29-3, while the Colts went to Candlestick and dismantled the 49ers 27-7.  The Seahawks also bludgeoned the Jaguars(in Seattle) 45-17, whereas the Colts went into EverBank Field and took care of the Jaguars 37-3.  In the two weeks the Seahawks outscored the two 74-20, while the Colts outscored the two by 64-10.

Going into Lucas Oil Stadium with a unbeaten record, Seattle has to be on their game.  Indianapolis’ only loss came at home to the Miami Dolphins.

 If the Seahawks are wanting to leave with a win, they have to be fully prepared.

Russell Wilson will have to be himself, calm under pressure and precise. Facing the looks of Cory Redding, Aubrayo Franklin, and Fifi Moala, Wilson will have to make quick reads.

The Colts defense is allowing 200 yards passing a game.  Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, and Sidney Rice all need to create separation and get open.  Greg Toler, Vontae Davis, Antoine Bethea, and Sergio Brown all will be keeping close tabs on them.

Marshawn Lynch needs another big game.  Colts’ defense is allowing 100 yards rushing a game.  Lynch needs to get all of that himself to wear them down.  The offense cannot go three and out repeatedly and expect to win.

Richard Sherman and the rest of the Legion of Boom need to pressure Reggie Wayne, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Dwayne Allen.  The defense has to put a stop to the offensive power that the Colts possess.  Sherman, Chancellor, and Thomas all have two picks each, and need to nab atleast two more.  Maybe Brandon Browner will get two this week to catch up with the rest of the LOB.  The Seahawks have held opposing offenses to 300.2 yards a game, and this game needs to be less.  If Andrew Luck gets on a streak like Matt Schaub did last game it will put more pressure on the offense to put up more points.  The defense gets Bruce Irvin back this week, after serving a 4 game suspension for PED use.  Irvin may be a little rusty because of the loss in action.

Although the injury report is rather vague at this point, both teams have a few key players either questionable or probable for Sunday.  Injuries at certain positions can debilitate a team if they don’t have capable backup.

Breno Giacomini is questionable, and Russell Okung is out, that leaves Seattle with two backup tackles.  Max Under(center) is also listed as questionable at this point.  Without those three key players, Seattle is missing 3 offensive linemen for the second game in a row.

Colts’ Ahmed Bradshaw and LaRon Landry are both listed as questionable for this game as well.

While the focus is on these two sophomore quarterbacks and how exactly they will perform, there will be a game going on.  Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck cannot be on the field 100% of the plays.

DSCN8031This war between two teams should be brutal, both teams want to extend their winning records.  Neither team is going to just roll over and allow the other to steamroll to a win.  When the game clock rolls down to 0, the winning quarterback will be crowned like the rest of the game didn’t matter. The Seahawks went into Houston, and played a great team, now they have to go into Indianapolis and face a better team.  Indianapolis faced a good defense when they faced the 49ers, but they haven’t faced the caliber that the Seahawks possess.

Seahawks photo blog: Cowboys at Seahawks 9/16/12

Seahawks vs Cowboys: Seahawks win 27-7

Though the Seahawks only got one sack, Tony Romo was hit all day. Photo by Brett Bivens

Anthony McCoy catches his first career touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks defense swarmed the Cowboys all game long. Photo by Brett Bivens

Balanced offense! Photo by Brett Bivens

The Cowboys held all game. Photo by Brett Bivens

Part 1 of 3: It looks clear to me, by this photo, that Golden Tate was clearly targeting Sean Lee’s chest when Tate delivered a crushing blow. Perfectly clean, if you want these type of plays out of football let’s just get rid of pads and helmets. We can replace them with flags and tutus. Photo by Brett Bivens

Part 2 of 3: Golden Tate crushes Sean Lee: In football “keep your head on a swivel” isn’t just a saying, it’s a rule of thumb. Photo by Brett Bivens

Part 3 of 3: Golden Tate crushes Sean Lee, notice Lee’s chin strap is holding on to his nose. Photo By Brett Bivens

Nice to see these guys running on the field after the Seahawks offense was able to score a touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

Breno Giacomini takes DeMarcus Ware out of a running play with his right arm. Photo by Brett Bivens

Yes, there was a handshake after the game.

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Offensive line

Seahawks offensive line grades


This is part 5 of the Seahawks player grades against the Broncos. The quarterback, running back, linebacker and defensive line grades have already been posted.


Max Unger #60

Last week: A-

Max Unger continues to prove why he got his new contract during the offseason.  Last week he was the best offensive lineman on the Seahawks, and he backed that up by doing it again.

the good:
  • Ability to consistently get to the second level, and deliver solid blocks.
  • Ability to seal the running lanes up the middle and give the running back a large hole to run through.
the bad:
  • Max was pushed into the face of Matt Flynn and gave up a sack.
the grade: A+


Breno Giacomini #68

Last week: C-

After struggling a bit last week Breno Giacomini responded in week 2 of the preseason.  His aggression is a positive, but he needs to learn how to turn it off before he makes stupid mistakes.  That said, a stupid penalty couldn’t take away from the outstanding job Breno was doing out there on Saturday.

the good:
  • 3 pancake blocks in pass protection.
  • 1 pancake while run blocking.
  • Push in the running game, including on a 4th and 1 play.
  • Cut block, took out 2 defenders and created a big hole for the running back.
the bad:
  • Missed a cut block attempt while pass blocking.
  • Fell while trying to run block.
  • Got pushed back into Matt Flynn, while in pass protection.
  • He got baited into his 2nd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in 2 weeks, when he head-butted a Broncos player.
  • Holding penalty.
the grade: A


JR Sweezy #64

Last week: C+

I didn’t think JR Sweezy could impress me more than he had last week, but thats exactly what he did.  When the Seahawks drafted him and switched him to the offensive side of the ball I expected him to compete for a practice squad position. Now, he is definitely competing for a roster spot.

the good:
  • Strength to push defensive tackles out of the lanes, and open big holes to run through.
  • Aggressiveness, always plays through the whistle and looks for someone to hit.
  • Solid pass protection.
the bad:
  • Struggled getting to the 2nd level to make blocks.
  • Struggled to get outside and set up block on screen pass.
the grade: B+


Paul McQuistan #67

Last week: b+

Paul McQuistan has really improved his pass blocking ability this season.  Every snap Paul was in pass protection he was solid.  McQuistan struggled a couple times while run blocking.

the grade: B+


Russell Okung #76

Last week: b-

Russell Okung has had a career marred by injury.  Every game he makes it through without being carted off I feel is a success.

the good:
  • Pass protection, at times he is a complete wall at left tackle.
  • Pancake while run blocking.
the bad:
  • Russell missed a couple run blocks.
  • Missed 2 pass blocks, one he was forced to hold to save Matt Flynn, and the other led to a quarterback pressure.
  • Should have been called for a false start, but the officials missed it.
the grade: b+


Rishaw Johnson #63

last week: B

For the second week in a row, Rishaw Johnson looked good when he had a chance to play.  I hope that he gets an opportunity to play against better competition in the game against Kansas City this week.  If not, I think the Seahawks might try to sneak him onto the practice squad.

the good:
  • Good job holding the pocket.
  • Getting push in the running game.
the bad:
  • Rishaw plays near the end of games which means he’s playing against end of the roster type players at best.
the grade: b


Allen Barbre #78

last week: B-

Though Allen Barbre was not quite as good this week as he was last, he still had a very solid game.

the good:
  • Threw defender to the ground like a rag doll.
  • Ran defender out of the play on a running play.
  • Solid pass protection when left on an island
  • Cleaned the linebacker out of the hole on Russell Wilson’s quarterback sneak.  (That was the key block that allowed the Seahawks to move the chains.)
the bad:
  • Pushed into the backfield on a running play.
  • Missed a run block.
  • Allowed a sack.
the grade: C+


Edawn Coughman #70

Edawn Coughman may wear Michael Sinclair’s old number, but he sure isn’t doing it justice.

the good:
  • He isn’t expected to make the roster.
the bad:
  • Lost a run block.


the grade: c-


Lemuel Jeanpierre #61

last week: A-

I don’t have to pick a player who disappointed me the most along the offensive line.  Then again, Lemuel Jeanpierre didn’t have to go out and play like an undrafted rookie free agent.

the good:
  • Held the pocket strong.
the bad:
  • Knocked to the ground at the second level while run blocking.
  • Slow getting to the second level while run blocking.
  • Completely missed a run block.
the grade: D+


Alex Barron #73

Last week: D+

Pete Carroll, John Schneider and Tom Cable have got to be extremely disappointed in the job Alex Barron has done since joining the Seahawks.

the good:
  • He can’t be the worst on the line, as long as Duce Lutui is lined up next to him.
  • Monday is a cutdown day so, he might not be around by the end of that day.
the bad:
  • His play on the field.
the grade: D-


Duce Lutui #72

last week: D-

Is there something to be said for consistency?

the good:
  • He plays nasty football.
the bad:
  • He plays nasty bad football.
the grade: d-

Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Offensive line

Seahawks offensive line player grades



This is part 5 of the Seahawks player grades against the Titans. Quarterback, running back, linebacker, and defensive line have already been done.

Max Unger #60

Max Unger and Duce Lutui prepare to block on Matt Flynn’s first snap as a Seahawk. Photo by Brett Bivens.

After receiving his fat new contract extension Max Unger has to be feeling pretty good right now and that is exactly how he is blocking. I couldn’t find a single play where he missed a block. The only thing he could have done better saturday would have been to pick up another pancake or two.

the grade: A

Lemuel Jeanpierre #61

Lemuel Jeanpierre was doing it all on Saturday. He was pass blocking , run blocking and even getting to the second level. During the course of the game I only saw his miss one block and that was a running play.

THe grade: A-

Paul McQuistan #67

Paul McQuistan is another offensive lineman who received a contract from the Seahawk this offseason.  Unlike Max Unger his was not an extension but rather a new 2 year deal worth $4 million. Watching the game he looked like he was just about perfect but as I was going through it snap by snap I noticed on one play he grabbed a defensive lineman and tackled him. Russell Okung quickly jumped on the defender making it look like Okung had pancaked him unless you were paying close attention and clearly the refs were not because it was never called. Other than that Paul did a great job on Saturday.

the grade: B+


Frank Omlyale finished a block while Alex Barron takes a seat. Photo by Brett Bivens

Frank Omlyale #65

Blocking was not the issue for Frank Omlyale on Saturday as he was pretty solid on every snap. I did knock him down a bit for being on the slow side and struggling to get outside to throw effective blocks, he also had a false start and those drive me nuts at home.

the grade: B


Rishaw Johnson #63

Rishaw had a few really nice blocks but also ended up on the ground a lot. Despite being on the ground a lot I never saw him miss a block and overall I think he did a pretty nice job for an undrafted free agent.

The Grade: B


Russell Okung #76

On Saturday Russell Okung showed how nasty he can be. He got a pancake, he was shoving people way down the field and looking to hit someone. The best part is he made it through the whole game without being carted to the locker room. Russell missed a couple of cut blocks so he definitely has room for improvement.

the grade: b-


Allen Barbre #78

Allen Barbre demonstrating the flying block. Photo by Brett Bivens

On one of Allen Barbre’s first plays in the game he went for a cut block and completely missed leaving the running back no where to run and eventually tackled for a loss. After that he seemed to settle down and play pretty well especially in tandem with Frank Omlyale against stunting defenders.

the grade: B-


JR Sweezy #64

For a young man trying to learn a new position on a different side of the ball at the highest level of football I think he is doing an amazing job. He is doing a nice job staying with his man through the play and finishing his blocks. JR Sweezy has also shown an ability to get to the 2nd level effectively.

THe Grade: C+


Paul Fanaika #66

I was surprised how badly Paul Fanaika struggle against lower competition. He was having trouble sticking his blocks and completely missed on a run block and a pass block. I see him being lazy with his feet out there and trying to reach for guys.

The grade: C-


Breno Giacomini taking care of some business. Photo by Brett Bivens

Breno Giacomini #68

In training camp I noticed Breno spending a lot of time teaching JR Sweezy what he should be doing. After watching them both on Saturday I would say, as much as I like to see him helping the young man out,  Breno needs to spend more time working on his own craft than he does helping the coaching staff teach the kid if he wants to make an impact. He did have some nice blocks during the game, especially at the second level and I loved the fire I saw in him when he took on the Titans alone along their sidelines. I would like to see him tone that back just before he picks up the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct but I’m not too upset about that. He seemed to struggle with the speed of the Titans line and at times he was left blocking air.

the grade: C-


Alex Barron #73

Breno being flagged for taking care of business (notice flag in air above and to the right of Breno). Photo by Brett Bivens

Can you believe Alex Barron is a former first round pick? Saturday he played more like a first round cut. Is it possible to be big, slow and weak? I didn’t think so before the Titans game.

I saw him getting thrown to the ground, completely missing blocks and just straight getting beat. He was able to avoid getting an F by making a few nice blocks that leave a glimmer of hope that his career is not over.

The grade: D+


Duce Lutui #72

If I were Duce Lutui I would be telling my agent to start looking at Canadian Football League teams that might be interested because after Saturday I have no confidence in him. He looks leaner but he is getting thrown all over the place and can’t stay cleat side down. I don’t know which is worse, let him eat to where he’s so out of shape that he can only play a few plays a game or keep him light where you get severally really crappy plays out of him. The coaching staff was even kind enough to pull him out and put him back in later in the game against lower competition and he still couldn’t block. Truly one of the saddest performances of a lineman I have seen at this level from a guy who was suspected to be a contender. He better turn it around because his days in the NFL could be numbered.

the grade: D-


Tomorrow defensive backs, wide receivers and tights ends will be graded. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Seahawks photo blog: Return of the quarterbacks

Titans at Seahawks photo blog

The 12th Man was on hand to welcome back Matt Hasselbeck. Photo by Brett Bivens

Matt of the past and Matt of the present have a conversation. My guess is they were talking about how much better they like living in Seattle than they did Green Bay. Photo by Brett Bivens

Richard Sherman and Terrell Owens go head to head during pre-game. Photo by Brett Bivens

Golden Tate checking out Terrell Owens? Was he smuggling maple bars on the field? Photo by Brett Bivens

Terrell Owens takes a moment to sign some autographs for fans before leaving the field after warming up. Photo by Brett Bivens

Richard Sherman was ready to go during pre-game introductions. Photo by Brett Bivens

Matt Hasselbeck’s first snap as a Titan at CenturyLink field. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jason Jones drags Chris Johnson down behind the line of scrimmage. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Matt Flynn era has begun. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie Bobby Wagner drags down Chris Johnson behind the line of scrimmage. Photo by Brett Bivens

Breno Giacomini takes on the Titans defense by himself. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jake Locker can’t believe he’s watching Chris Johnson drop a perfectly placed ball. Johnson blamed the ball and asked for more money after the game. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks 1st round pick Bruce Irvin trying to get to former University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson avoids pressure and delivers a strike to his intended target. The kid looked pretty good Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

These guys were busy Saturday with the Seahawks scoring 27 points against the Titans. Photo by Brett bivens

Braylon Edwards makes a man miss to pick of some YAC yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie tight end Sean McGrath making the most of his opportunities on Saturday versus Titans. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks 7th round pick Greg Scruggs and Pierre Allen converge to sack Titans quarterback Rusty Smith. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks defense converging to keep the Titans from running out of their own endzone. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks rookie linebacker Kyle Knox makes a nice tackle on Titans rookie DJ Wood. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks 5th round pick Korey Toomer picks up a quarterback hit. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks linebackers Heath Farwell and Kyle Knox converge to strip the ball for a fourth quarter turnover. Photo by Brett Bivens

Charly Martin blocked Titans rookie Coty Sensabaugh for ten yards leading the way for Russell Wilson’s touchdown run that put the nail in the coffin in the Seahawks 27-17 win over the Titans in the preseason opener. Photo by Brett Bivens

Photo blog: Seahawks training camp 7/31/12

Seahawks Training Camp

I got Brandon Mebane to sign the game worn jersey I bought at the pro-shop last year.

Bruce Irvin signs autographs for fans after tuesdays practice,

Jason Jones posses for a picture as he runs back to the practice field after using the restroom.

Tom Cable coaches Breno Giacomini and Alex Barron during tuesdays practice.

Breno Giacomini teaches 7th round pick JR Sweezy some tricks to the trade as JR tries to switch from DT in college to OG in the NFL.

Bruce Irvin has such a quick first step but he really surprised me with his power on Tuesday. Duce Lutui in the foreground is looking pretty lean, well as lean as a Duce can look.

Matt McCoy (knee) takes a break from watching practice to take a drink.

Russell Wilson drops back to pass.

Offensive line/assistant head coach Tom Cable runs the offense through drills on Tuesday.

Middle linebacker Barrett Ruud (knee/shoulder) watches his teammates practice on tuesday.

Red Bryant and defensive line coach Todd Wash show offseason acquisition Jason Jones how to go through a drill.

Marshawn Lynch explains the power of the rainbow to Brandon Mebane during Tuesdays practice.

Seahawks Defensive Line Coach Todd Wash runs his group through drills on Tuesday.

Ricardo Lockette takes a breather during Tuesdays Practice

Seahawks Defensive Lineman Chris Clemons and Clinton McDonald wait for their turn during position drills on Tuesday

Seahawks Offensive Line Grades Regular Season game 2011-10

Seahawks Player Grades



Offensive Line

1) Russell Okung (B)

Russell Okung blocking for Marshawn Lynch

Last week C+


Russell was solid in the passing game and running game all day. He several nice blocks including a cut block and blocking own the field.


He did lose one of his run blocks and was called for unnecessary roughness for hitting a guy while he was on a pile. Personally I love the nasty attitude and can’t be too hard on him for it.

2) Robert Gallery and Max Unger (B-)

Last week: Robert A- and Max led the line with an A


Gallery had several nice blocks including a cut block on a screen pass and a couple pancakes. He showed athleticism blocking downfield and they both had nice blocks on the 20 yard Justin Forsett touchdown. Unger did a nice job getting to the second level and had a couple pancake blocks.


Unfortunately Robert also struggled on several play. He was unable to seal the lane a couple times, was pushed into the backfield on one play and on one play him and Max Unger were doubling a defender and they couldn’t block him. He also lost a block in the passing game that led to a quarterback pressure and a false start. Max was unable to get outside to block for a screen pass on one play and struggled a little in the running game losing a few of his blocks including a play that led to a tackle for a loss.

4) Breno Giacomini (C+)

He is new to the line up this week replacing James Carpenter


He had several really good blocks in the running game getting push at the line, sealing lanes and picking up a pancake. He also had a big block to spring Justin Forsett on his touchdown.


He missed a cut block and struggled in the passing game giving up a couple quarterback pressures including one on the second interception. He also got the quarterback hit and gave up a sack.

5) Clint Gresham (D+)

Last week C


It was a rough day for the usually reliable Gresham.


He allowed a blocked punt and was called for holding.

6) Paul McQuiston (D-)

Last week C+


He had a pancake block and did a nice job sealing a running lane. He has a couple nice run blocks and a couple pass blocks including one where he showed a lot of awareness when McQuistan lost his pass block and he went over to help him to avoid the sack.


Paul was unable to seal 3 running lanes, lost his run block on several occasions and was pushed into the backfield. He had a bogus false start penalty where he was reacting to the pass rusher jumping the snap but he also was called for a legitimate false start and a hold.

Offensive Line Grades Regular Season 2011-1

Image by Ryan Gray

Offensive Line

1) Russell Okung, Max Unger and John Moffitt (C+)

This is Russell’s first game back after injuring his ankle in the first preseason game and he was playing both LT and RT when they overloaded the right side of the line. Max is hopefully starting his first full season at Center. John is a 3rd round draft pick this year and is learning to be an NFL guard under fire.


Okung showed off his strength recording a pancake block and driving his man 5 yards down the field on a run block. He showed his agility with a couple cut blocks including one that opened up a passing lane. Russell played with a little nasty in him blocking through the whistle and showed he hasn’t missed a beat while he has been out working  with James Carpenter on a stunt. Unger held up well in pass pro for 4+ seconds one on one and had a pancake block in the running game. He showed his awareness recognizing Carpenter was struggling and got out to help him. Moffitt was also able to hold up in pass pro for 4+ seconds blocking one on one. He really showed potential getting to the second level blocking Patrick Willis and added a nice down the field cut block on a swing pass.


Russell was inconsistent and did almost as much wrong as he did right. He was beat on a spin move and gave up a sack, missed a cut block on a WR screen and was late getting over to help his TE and the quarterback got hit because of it. Okung was called for a false start and a holding penalty although the hold was a bad call. Max appeared to wear down in the fourth quarter having  a bad exchange with Tarvaris and it was fumbled. Right after that he was knocked on his butt from a bull rush. John was beat by a pass rush move to the outside and got stood up by NaVorro Bowman in the running lane and left no where for the running back to go.

4) Tyler Polumbus (C-)

Tyler was not a starter and was only brought in as an extra tackle.


Polumbus got playing time that wasn’t because someone was injured.


He missed a backside cut block that led to a tackle for a loss.

5) James Carpenter and Breno Giacomini (F-)

James was starting at LG in place of injured Robert Gallery in his first NFL start. This was also Breno’s first career start but has 4 years in the league and this is the second time he has played in a game.


On a stunt by the defense James did a good job working with Okung. This was his first start and a lot of his mistakes can be corrected by coaching and film study. Giacomini held 4+ seconds on a one on one pass block.


The biggest problem Carpenter was having was his awareness. He looked lost on the field much of the game getting his QB hit or leaving his running back with no where to go. At times he played too high and got pushed back because of it. On the play where Robinson got his ankle sprained it was the guy who beat James to the inside who landed on the ankle. He got the QB hit four times because of physical mistakes. These had a big part to do with a veteran player abusing a rookie. Justing Smith was beating him on inside and outside or he would bull rush him and push him back into the QB. On one play he got Carpenter to overextend and simply pushed James out of his way on the way to the quarterback. Breno got stood up and was pushed back into the quarterback and was beat by an inside move and got Tarvaris hit. In the running game he was terrible. He moved to the second level too early leaving the defender to make an easy tackle. He couldn’t handle the athleticism of the 49ers linebackers and was unable to block them. On one play he was out-physicalled by the defensive lineman and got thrown out of the way. To top it all off he got flagged for not reporting as eligible.

Offensive Line Grades Preseason Game 2011-4

Image by Ryan Gray

Offensive Line

I have adjusted the order of these posts. They will now be: Offensive Lineman, Quarterback/Running Backs, Wide Receivers/Tight Ends, Defensive Lineman, Linebackers, Defensive Backs.

1) Tyler Polumbus (A-)

Last week D-


Tyler did an excellent job in pass block including a play when he went 1:1 with the defensive end and he completely stonewalled the end. On a quick slant inside the red zone he had a perfect cut block to clear the passing lane for the throw. He had a cut block on the backside of a running play that allowed the running back to cutback and pick up positive yards when his primary lane was full.


He was blocking a linebacker at the second level but allowed him to fight off the block to make the play. Later in the game he missed a backside cut block.

2) Lemuel Jeanpierre (B+)

No grade last week


He was solid in pass protection and excelled in the running game. Lemuel recorded a pancake block, was able to seal the running lane and showed agility getting to the second level and setting up a solid block.


Jeanpierre played a very clean game.

3) James Carpenter, William Robinson, Paul Fanaika and Paul McQuinstan (C+)

Last week: Carpenter F+, Robinson and Fanaika did not grade and McQuinstan led offensive linemen with a B-


On one play James showed his strength and agility when he pulled and opened a hole by pushing three defenders past the first down marker. He played Right Guard on a running play at the goal line and was able to get the push necessary for a touchdown. James was able to seal the running lane and push the end out of the way. William had one of the most beautiful cut blocks I have ever seen opening a hole for the final touchdown run. Fanaika showed his strength pushing people down field and did a solid job in pass protection. McQuinstan showed strength holding at the point of attack and clearing the running lane. He had a cut block on a TD run and did a solid job in pass pro. Paul continued blocking down field until the whistle blew.


Carpenter missed a cut block on the backside of a running play, couldn’t get in front of the defensive tackle fast enough to keep him from making a play and was called for a false start penalty. Fanaika was too slow to get to the second level in time to make a decent attempt at a cut block on the linebacker. McQuinstan did not have the footwork needed to get ahead of the defender and stop lateral movement towards the ball carrier and was unable to sustain a block on a linebacker. He also got called for two holding penalties.

7) Max Unger and Breno Giacomini (C)

Last week: Unger C+ and Giacomini C-

9) Robert Gallery and Mike Gibson (C-)

Last week: Gallery C+ and Gibson did not grade.


Robert Had a nice cut block down field. Mike was able to get under the defenders pads on one play and clear them out of the hole.


Gallery was pushed back into the backfield on a running play and later missed a cut block. Gibson seemed over powered much of the game being thrown down on a running play and getting pushed around in the passing game getting the quarterback hit.

11) John Moffitt (D-)

Last week D-


He had a good backside cut block, was able to seal a running lane and had a play where he did an excellent job in pass protection.


John was being over powered when he got thrown out of the way by John Henderson on one running play and got blown up on another allowing his assignment to get a tackle for loss. He was unable to get push on a running play to open the hole. At times Moffitt was still unsure who his blocking responsibilities were, he missed a cut block and was penalized for a false start.


Offensive Line Grades Preseason Game 2011-3

Image by Ryan Gray

Offensive Line

One note I wanted to add:

The second team offense had a play where only the left tackle and center moved at the snap. I’m not sure how it happened but more then one player clearly got the snap count wrong.

1) Paul McQuistan (B-)

Last week C-. He got some work with the first team replacing Moffitt and Carpenter while playing beside the other one and had another series where he played beside Breno Giocamini.


Paul was able to pull from the right guard position around the line and seal off the left side of the line. On a tight end screen he was able to seal the line.


He needed to come in and settle the rookies down.

2) Robert Gallery and Max Unger (C+)

Last week Gallery led the O-line with a A- while Unger received a D+


Robert had an excellent cut block on a screen pass that unfortunately led Broderick Bunkley getting injured on the play. They both did a good job firing off the ball selling the run on play action. Gallery recorded a pancake (Unger had one too) and on one play blocked two defenders to open up a running lane. On one play he transferred his block off to Unger and absolutely stone walled a bull rush. Max had a good cut block on a screen pass.


On 3rd and short Gallery was pushed into the backfield. He missed a block in the running game which led to a tackle for loss, got thrown to the ground out of the way on another play and missed a down field block on a screen pass and fell flat on his face mask. Robert also got a false start penalty. Unger missed two blocks at the second level one of which led to the running back getting tackled. He also got called for one holding penalty.

3) Breno Giacomini and Brent Osborne (C-)

Last week Breno B- and Brent did not receive a grade.


They held up in pass pro much better that the 1st team line did.


Breno didn’t pick up a blitz fast enough and got Charlie Whitehurst hit. Brent fell down on a pass block.

5) John Moffitt and Tyler Polumbus (D-)

Last week John B- and Tyler D+


John showed his athleticism being able to pull and seal the hole or the edge of the line. Tyler got 2 pancake blocks including one on 3rd and 1. He sold the play action well and on an outside run was able to seal the edge.


Moffitt is know for being a strong run blocker using his strength to enforce his will on opponents but in this game it was the opposite. He was getting pushed into the backfield, into holes and even into the running back himself. On a goal line run he was unable to get any push. John had a half hearted attempt to block Von Miller at the second level and the ball carrier got creamed because of it. Moffitt was pulled from the game on two different series during the game. Tyler preformed in all facets of the game equally. He missed blocks in the running game, in pass pro and even missed on a wide receiver screen. He was pushed back on 3rd and short and later pushed into his QB. He got no push on the goal line. The most embarrassing moment was when he fell down while block no one.

7) James Carpenter (F+)

This is actually an improvement over the F he earned last week.


The team has become very good at selling the play action pass and James is no exception. He was able to seal the backside persuite and allow the runner to cut back. On a screen pass he knocked down a defender while pushing the guy he was blocking right into him taking both defenders out of the play.


He was replaced twice in the game and on both series Jackson had more time in the pocket. I noticed that he was playing extremely high and he was getting worked by the defenders because of it. They were able to beat him with the speed rush or bull rush every time he stood up to take them on. It doesn’t matter how strong you are if you don’t use proper technique you won’t win at this level and he got the quarterback sacked twice and hit another because of it.




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