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Russell Wilson congratulates Robert Turbin after a touchdown.  Photo by

Seahawks win with ease

Seahawks beat Chargers 41-14


The Seattle Seahawks’ 1st unit could do no wrong as they jumped out to a 24-0 lead before handing over the reigns to the backups.  Russell Wilson was in the zone and there was nothing the San Diego Chargers’ defense could do about it.

During the Seahawks opening 4 drives Wilson was 11/13 for 121 yards through the air and

Russell Wilson congratulates Robert Turbin after a touchdown.  Photo by

Russell Wilson congratulates Robert Turbin after a touchdown. Photo by

added another 31 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground.  Russell did a good job of spreading the ball around but his favorite target was Percy Harvin, who caught 4 passes for 31 yards.

Wilson wasn’t the only Seahawks’ offensive player to have a big day.  3rd year running back Robert Turbin had 81 yards, 3 more than the Chargers running backs combined, and a touchdown.  Most of those yards came on one run.  Zach Miller blocked a defensive back and sprung Turbin outside.  Robert used a Marshawn Lynch esque stiff arm to pick up about another 10 yards at the end of the run.  Unfortunately he averaged just 3.1 yards per carry the rest of the game.

Marshawn Lynch did see some game action, the first two offense plays, where he did some minor pass blocking/decoy work.

Terrelle Pryor runs in a 44 yards touchdown. Photo from

Terrelle Pryor runs in a 44 yards touchdown. Photo from

Terrelle Pryor was unable to do anything special with his arm but he looked like Colin Kaepernick with the ball in his hands.  Especially when he went running up the left sideline on the way to his was to a 44 yard touchdown.  His long strides eat up a lot of ground quickly in the open field.

James Carpenter saw his first live action this preseason and it started roughly.  On the opening drive he had miss communication with center Lemuel Jeanpierre and they let a free rusher through the line resulting in the only sack of Russell Wilson during the game. As a matter of fact, it was the only sack the Seahawks offensive line gave up all night.  After that, he was solid.

Fellow offensive lineman Justin Britt looked a lot better than he did last week.  He managed to clean up some of the mistakes he made during the first preseason game.  Justin did very well in his run blocking assignments but struggled a little bit in pass protection.  Chargers’ Melvin Ingram was able to force some pressure, on the quarterback, by using a combination of his speed and a bull rush which gave Britt fits.

Rookie linebacker Brock Coyle looked very good for his second preseason game.  There is no hope that Brock will beat out starting middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, but I’d say he has done enough to lock down the backup role heading into the regular season.  The young man is always around the ball whether it is a run or a pass.  That will take him far during his career.

The Seahawks defense made it tough for Chargers’ quarterbacks all night.  They ended up with 5 sacks, 9 quarterback hits and pressured them just about every time they dropped back to pass.

After the first unit defense left the game the secondary and linebackers struggled in coverage.  Rookie Kevin Pierre-Louis looked a bit lost at times.  A big factor is probably that he has missed a lot of time nursing an injury.  These next couple week will be crucial for him to catch up.

Tharold Simon had a 105 yard interception returned for a touchdown called back after a

Tharold Simon returns an interception for a touchdown.  Play would be called back by penalty.  Photo from

Tharold Simon returns an interception for a touchdown. Play would be called back by penalty. Photo from

questionable illegal contact penalty by him.  This came after dropping an interception shortly before.  The Chargers turned that into 7 points of their own.

On special teams Bryan Walters stood out returning punts as he looked considerably better than Earl Thomas.  The Seahawks need to find a replacement for Golden Tate who joined the Lions during the offseason.  Punter Jon Ryan was a little disappointed that he never had a chance to do more than just hold for kicks.

At the end of the day the score doesn’t matter, it’s the experience that does.  The young players got to feel the atmosphere in CenturyLink Field and the joy of winning.  As for the Chargers, at least they did better than the Broncos in the Super Bowl.


Go Seahawks!

Rams at Seahawks photo blog

Photos from the Seahawks game in week 17

In the final game the Seahawks played in 2012 they beat the Rams 20-13

Taima led the Seahawks onto the field Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

It was fan appreciation day at CenturyLink Field. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons getting a hit on Sam Bradford. Photo by Brett Bivens

Doug Baldwin hauling in one of his two reception during the game. Photo by Brett Bivens

This pass to Zach Miller would have been Russell Wilson’s record tying 26th touchdown pass if not for a pass interference call on Anthony McCoy. Photo by Brett Bivens

Danny Amendola making a great catch against Marcus Trufant. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seattle is always tough on Steven Jackson. He has yet to rush for 100 yards against any Seahawks defense. Sunday was no exception as he managed just 52 yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jeremy Lane was in position to make a play on the ball. Unfortunately he went for the interception rather than knocking the ball away and the play resulted in a touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch out for a little jog. Photo by Brett Bivens

Russell Wilson scrambles for yardage against the Rams. Photo by Brett Bivens

2012 moments in time: Seattle Seahawks second quarter report card

Grades Are In

The Seattle Seahawks went 2-2 during the first quarter of the season.  As I expected, they split the games in the second quarter of the season as well.

After the first half of the season, the 4-4 Seahawks are tied for 7th place in the NFC and are 3rd place in the NFC West.

Here is how they got there:

At Carolina

Seattle won 16-12

Despite having seven penalties and three turnovers, the Seahawks pulled off their first win on the road of the 2012 season.

The defense dominated the air as well as the ground.  Carolina was only able to manage 190 yards of total offense.  The only touchdown the Panthers scored was an interception off a Russell Wilson poorly thrown ball.

Canada Day

Sidney Rice

Seattle played an impressive game against the New England Patriots in the second quarter of the season. Photo Credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Seattle beat the Patriots 24-23, at CenturyLink Field.

Russell Wilson had the best game of his young career at home versus one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, because Marshawn Lynch had his least productive game since last October.

Jon Ryan became the first punter to average 60 yards per punt, with a minimum of 4 attempts, since 1946.  Jon, a native to Canada, picked the perfect day to accomplish the feat.

Defensively, the Seahawks did what they needed to do to win.  Bobby Wagner had the best game of his career and both Earl Thomas and Richard Shermanintercepted Tom Brady passes.  Of course, they came after Earl had already dropped two interceptions earlier in the game.

The game will most notably be remembered for the photo that Richard Sherman tweeted after the game.  In case you didn’t see it, the photo was of him and Tom Brady, after the game, with the caption “U Mad Bro?”.

Richard took the photo down after persuasion from Seahawks media relations.

At San Francisco

Seattle lost 6-13.

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Welcome to Seattle Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

12 on 12

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., (can you imagine filling that in on your SAT’s), will finally get to feel the power of 12.

He has worn the number for since joining the Patriots as a 6th round draft choice in 2000.

Twelve seasons, seven Pro Bowls, five AFC Championships, three Super Bowl Championships, and two Super Bowl MVPs later he has yet to throw a single pass in Seattle.

In fact, Thomas has played in every NFL City except against the Seattle Seahawks and in San Francisco.  That will all change when he walks onto the field turf at CenturyLink Field to take on the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th man.

In Brady’s one-hundred and sixty-seventh start, he will finally feel the stomach churning power of the 12th man.

For many years I have sat in the crowd cheering on the Seahawks, I still do.  I was screaming while standing in front of the seat I still have now during Beast-quake.

I’ll even admit I have taken a few moments, where I stopped yelling, just to take in the atmosphere.  Nothing prepared me for the feeling of being down on the field.

Seahawks Lawyer Milloy Welcome to Seattle Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

Brady thinks that he has the power to dictate what the 12th Man does Sunday!?

Last year, when the Rams came to Seattle for the Monday Night Game, I finally got to experience what it was like to be on the field while the 12th man was screaming.

First, it is loud, you cannot even hear yourself think.  That is the easy part to deal with, although, I am sure it is much more difficult while trying to talk to someone.

The part that I found extremely amazing was the pressure from the sound waves.  As the crowd gets loud it is like a weight that starts pressing on your shoulders, and through your body.


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Seahawks photo blog: Packers at Seahawks

A great defensive battle tarnished

John Schneider pre-game. Remember, you can like us too, on Facebook. Photo by Brett Bivens

Russell Wilson signed a mini-helmet before the game. Photo by Brett Bivens

The 12th Man was rocking CenturyLink Fieldon Monday Night Football. Photo by Brett Bivens

This may have been the last game James Carpenter spends watching from the sidelines. He could replace Paul McQuistan this week t left guard. Photo by Brett Bivens

These guys stole the show during Monday Night Football.  One thing everyone can agree on, we need the regular officials back soon. Photo by Brett Bivens

Charly Martin fully extends to make this reception. Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch had 98-yards rushing on Monday. Lynch also had this 1-yard reception. Photo by Brett Bivens

Bruce Irvin may have had three sacks Monday, instead of two.  If Bryan Bulaga had not been holding him on this play. The Packers may be crying foul now, but I didn’t see any of them gripe about all the holding their offensive line got away with, especially during the second half. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate scored two touchdowns Monday. There was no doubt about this one. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons had 4 sacks in the first half of Monday Night’s game. This is the first one. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons’ second sack of the first half. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons’ third sack of the first half. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons’ fourth sack of the first half. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks defense played an outstanding game. In this picture Richard Sherman is about to hit Packers’ receiver James Jones as the ball arrives. Photo by Brett Bivens

At least the refs got this call right, after a replay. Greg Jennings’ toe is clearly out of bounds long before he attempts to reach the ball across the goal line. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Defensive backs

Seahawks defensive back player grades



Brandon Bowner #39

After making the pro bowl last season, Brandon Browner wasted no time proving he hadn’t been resting on his laurels during the off season. On the first play from scrimmage Brandon intercepted Matt Hasselbeck’s first pass in CenturyLink Field as a member of an opposing team and took it to the house. It wasn’t Matt’s fault, but Browner made an outstanding play by staying with the action through the whistle. It appeared the pass was going to be incomplete, but it bounced off Earl Thomas‘ arm and Brandon grabbed it.  Being a big physical corner allows him to play the run well and Saturday was no exception.

the grade: A-


Earl Thomas #29

Earl Thomas is ready for some action Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Earl Thomas seems to be playing at a different level this year. I think he is starting to understand the game better than he has in the past. Instead of relying solely on his physical talents to run around and make plays he’s using his head more. That’s a scary thought for opposing offenses. This could be the year that Earl breaks away from being a talented young safety and becomes a dominant force, like Troy Polamalu. In the first preseason game I noticed Earl playing the run extremely well. I couldn’t have asked for much more out of him.

the grade: b+


Jeremy Lane tackle the Titans tight end. Needs to keep his head up or a better player will hurdle him. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jeremy Lane #1

The good:

Jeremy Lane is a big physical corner, the kind of kid that Pete Carroll likes to see play the position. He was playing the run very well and was one of the best tacklers on the team Saturday. Late in the game Jeremy stripped the ball that could have ended the game but unfortunately it was recovered by the offense

the bad:

On the play where Jeremy stripped the ball he didn’t stick with it. Unlike when Heath Farwell punched the ball out earlier in the game, Heath’s eyes never left the ball and Farwell was able to recover the fumble. Jeremy Lane seemed content with stripping the ball. He hesitated, for just a moment, before going after it. In the NFL if you hesitate at all in the NFL you miss out and he learned that lesson the hard way…I hope. Jeremy needs to work on his timing a little bit and avoid pass interference penalties. Now for a little rant, I cannot stand to see players who don’t either kick the ball or throw it who don’t wear a single digit number.

the grade: B


Kam Chancellor #31

Kam Chancellor did not see much action against the Titans but he did have a big hit on Chris Johnson. The play was a run up the middle and I’m sure Chris was feeling that hit most of the week.

the grade: C+


DeShawn Shead #5

DeShawn Shead, an undrafted free agent out of Portland State, was not tested in the passing game but he did have an opportunity to show that he can play the run very well.

The grade: C+


Coye Francies looked good returning a kickoff on Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Coye Francies #37

the good:

Coye Francies looked very solid in coverage against the Titans. When he kept the receiver from going out of bounds and stopping the clock he also demonstrated awareness of the situation late in the game.

The bad:

Tackling is an area that he needs to improve on if he want to stay in the NFL.

the grade: C+


Richard Sherman #25, Chris Maragos #42, Marcus Trufant #23, Jeron Johnson #32 and Byron Maxwell #41

all received C grades.


Winston Guy #27

The good:

Winston Guy showed some awareness recognizing the draw play.

the bad:

Winston looked lazy out there to me. I did not see him finishing plays but I did see him half heartedly try to tackle and miss it. If he doesn’t want to be the NFL bad enough there are other players that can replace him who do.

the grade: C-


Phillip Adams #35

the good:

It was tough to find something Phillip Adams did well, but on one play I saw him take on a blocker and still tackle the running back.

the bad:

Most of the time when Phillip was in position to tackle he missed it, having 2 missed tackles in the game. On the long touchdown run he was in position to make a play or force the running back inside to help. Instead, he spun himself out of bounds and completely took himself out of the play. If it were up to me, I would have already cut him and brought someone else in.

the grade: F














Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Linebacker

Seahawks linebacker player grades



This is part 4  of the player grades against the Titans. Previous posts include quarterback, running back and defensive line.

Heath Farwell #55

Heath Farwell punched the ball free in the 4th quarter. Photo by Brett Bivens

I did not expect Heath Farwell to be the top preforming linebacker on Saturday but that’s exactly what he was. He may not have gotten very many snaps but I feel he did enough to earn more against Denver this week. When there are two defenders in on a tackle one of them should be going for the ball and that is what he did against the Titans. A perfect punch was delivered to the ball causing it to pop out and then he recovered in. A few plays later he nearly had a diving interception but was unable to come up with a rather difficult catch.

THe grade: A-

Leroy Hill #56

Leroy Hill gets some pressure on Matt Hasselbeck. Photo by Brett Bivens

THe good:

When Leroy Hill was assignment correct in his coverage he was solid and did not give up any completions. One of his biggest attributes is his ability to rush the passer from the linebacker position and he was able to get some while blitzing. Leroy did a nice just keeping contain against the run showing that he has matured as a player.

THe bad:

At times he can be fooled by a decoy in his line of sight as became evident when he got caught peeking in at the running back in the flat and lost a feel for where the tight end was in his zone and gave up a completion.

the grade: B


Bobby Wagner drags Chris Johnson down from behind. Photo by Brett bivens

Bobby Wagner #54

The good:

When the Seahawks used their 2nd round pick on Bobby Wagner I had one concern, his coverage ability. On Saturday he was solid in that department. Bobby showed how fast he can get into the flat and cover a running back as well as the ability to run stride for stride with tight ends. Awareness is an important attribute of any middle linebacker and he showed an ability to read what the offense was doing before it happened, especially against the screen.

the bad:

Rookies make mistakes and Wagner is no different. I have been talking about how solid he is against the run and how that will cut down the big runs against the Seahawks defense. What does he go out on CenturyLink Field and do on Saturday? Loses gap integrity and the Titans gash the Seahawks for a big run. My biggest pet peeve of any linebacker is hesitation in blitzing. Once you decide you’re going after the quarterback you need to do it full out or you are basically just taking yourself out of the play. I saw hesitation from Bobby Wagner but I’m hoping that’s him being a rookie. I absolutely cannot stand missed tackles and he managed one of those as well.

the grade: B


Malcolm Smith #53

Malcolm Smith has come a long way since last year. Getting pressure on the quarterback, covering the tight end, and reading the screen play were a few things that stood out to me as improvements over this time last year. He was extremely solid while in the game against the Titans.

THe Grade: B


Mike Morgan #48

The Good:

Mike showed a lot on one play. The Titans ran a reverse, never being fooled by it he was able to keep backside contain. Not only was he able to keep contain but just about everyone else fell for it and he was left on an island with the receiver. He had perfect technique and won the battle picking up a tackle for a loss. Mike Morgan also showed an ability to create pressure while blitzing.

The Bad:

Morgan did lose backside contain on a play that was designed to go away from him but the running back cut back towards him.

Grade B-


KJ Wright #50

the grade: C


Korey Toomer hits the quarterback late in the 4th quarter. Photo by Brett Bivens

Korey Toomer #59

The Good:

Korey Toomer did a solid job avoiding and shedding blockers and was able to get a quarterback hit during the game.

the bad:

Toomer needs to learn to play more assignment correct and avoid over pursuing plays. He struggled in coverage and had a couple missed tackles during the game.

The grade: C-


Kyle Knox #43

Kyle knox tracks down ball carrier from behind. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Good:

Something about this kid impresses me. As I was breaking down his plays I couldn’t figure it out but there is something about him that leaves me impressed.

the bad:

Kyle Knox needs to work on his tackling technique in the worst way. Three times he should have had tackles but either could not wrap them up or had improper technique and never touched the ball carrier. He was out of possession on the punt that was returned against the Seahawks for a touchdown.


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