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Rams at Seahawks photo blog

Photos from the Seahawks game in week 17

In the final game the Seahawks played in 2012 they beat the Rams 20-13

Taima led the Seahawks onto the field Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

It was fan appreciation day at CenturyLink Field. Photo by Brett Bivens

Chris Clemons getting a hit on Sam Bradford. Photo by Brett Bivens

Doug Baldwin hauling in one of his two reception during the game. Photo by Brett Bivens

This pass to Zach Miller would have been Russell Wilson’s record tying 26th touchdown pass if not for a pass interference call on Anthony McCoy. Photo by Brett Bivens

Danny Amendola making a great catch against Marcus Trufant. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seattle is always tough on Steven Jackson. He has yet to rush for 100 yards against any Seahawks defense. Sunday was no exception as he managed just 52 yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jeremy Lane was in position to make a play on the ball. Unfortunately he went for the interception rather than knocking the ball away and the play resulted in a touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch out for a little jog. Photo by Brett Bivens

Russell Wilson scrambles for yardage against the Rams. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks 2012 Draft Class, not liked in April

Talking heads rolled their eyes at the 2012 Seahawks draft class

The 2012 Seattle Seahawks Draft Class produced a 1st-round pick that scouts called a reach for the pick.

Rookie Bruce Irvin, the look says it all. Photo by Brett Bivens

Bruce Irvin may have been a reach in late April, but now that it is early January 2013 he’s far from a reach.  Having played in all 16-games for the Seahawks this year Irvin has flown under the radar, but don’t let that effect the way you view him. In those 16-games he’s piled up 8 sacks, which is a team record for a rookie defensive player in the category, and forced one fumble.

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong on Draft night in April. When the pick of Irvin flashed my initial reaction was “WHAT?!” I wanted a guy by the name of Chandler Jones.  Someone I had watched over the past 3-years in college and knew his potential, but I didn’t factor in the truth and that’s Irvin fits Seattle’s defensive scheme, Jones on the other hand wouldn’t have. I was wrong to have second guessed Pete Carroll and John Schneider and that’s the reason I’m a member of the 12th Man and not the Front Office.

The 2nd-round selection in Bobby Wagner reminded me of another MLB selected by the Seahawks a few years back-Lofa Tatupu a small guy, but has the ability to guide his teammates and contribute to their success. He’s proven his case with 140 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 interceptions as well as his name being thrown around as a candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Hopefully unlike Tatupu his success in Seattle lasts longer than his six-years with the team in which he appeared in three Pro Bowls-all in his first three-years in the league.

Just like Lofa, Wagner has a young core of Linebackers near him in KJ Wright, Malcolm Smith and Mike Morgan. Tatupu came in with one of Wagner’s teammates in 2005-Leroy Hill.

The Seahawks 3rd-round pick was a Quarterback by the name of Russell Wilson, a QB that scouts called “too small to be able to start in the NFL.”

Wilson can’t hide his 5’11 frame, but he hasn’t let it get to him. To open the season Wilson was named starting QB for the Seahawks over free-agent signee Matt Flynn. Jon Gruden compared him to Drew Brees and stated throughout the pick if he was still a head coach he would have been selected way before his selection in the 3rd-round.

The Jaguars, Bills and Chiefs all passed on Wilson as the Jaguars selected a Punter with their pick in the 3rd-round and since then Wilson has started every game for the Seahawks completing 64% of his passes for 3,118-yards and 26 Touchdowns-tying the NFL Rookie Record for touchdown passes by a quarterback by the name of Peyton Manning. He’s led the Seahawks to an 11-5 record and four game-winning drives (defeated the Chicago Bears in OT). Did I mention he can scramble as well? Wilson rushed for 489-yards and scored on the ground four times for the Seahawks.

His selection in the 3rd-round is the reason he’s being overlooked by some as a Rookie of the Year underdog behind his opponent he’ll take on Sunday in Washington-Robert Griffin III.

Wilson has shown he will be playing for years to come as a starting QB in the NFL and hopefully will be a cornerstone for the Seahawks as they continue their success with such a young team in the NFL.

Robert Turbin was selected in the 4th-round and viewed as a workhorse that down the road should be able to lessen the load on Marshawn Lynch in the backfield and he’s proven just that. In 16-games he rushed for 354-yards averaging 4.4 per carry, while also having 181-yards receiving. He’s shown at times his hands aren’t the best when he’s receiving, but through the season has shown he’s improving in that category and will be a vital part as teams try to wear out Lynch in the playoffs-something easier said than done.

Breno Giocomini teaches rookie JR Sweezy during training camp. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks final six-picks in rounds 4-7 have all contributed in role situations, but each one has shown he has potential to develop. CB Jeremy Lane (6th-round pick) and OG JR Sweezy (7th-round pick) have each started 3 games apiece and appeared in 13-games with the Seahawks.

Lane has piled up 15 tackles and Sweezy has shown he has done a nice job of transitioning from defensive line in college to the offensive line in the pro’s.

Jaye Howard watching Clinton McDonald during drills at training camp. Photo by Brett Bivens

DT Jaye Howard (4th-round pick) has appeared in two-games for the Seahawks-not accumulating any stats.

LB Korey Toomer (5th-round pick) is currently on the Practice Squad/Injury designation and hasn’t played a game for the Seahawks.

SS Winston Guy (6th-round pick) appeared in two-games for the Seahawks and recently just got activated after being suspended four-games for violating the NFL Substance Policy.

DE Greg Scruggs (7th-round pick) has played in 11-games for the Seahawks piling up 6 total tackles-5 of them himself as well as 2 sacks and a pass deflection for the Seahawks. He’s shown he can get involved in a core that already consists of Chris Clemons, Red Bryant and Irvin.

After the NFL Draft the Seahawks were awarded many negative reviews, some even called them the loser of the Draft, but as the Seahawks suit up Sunday in Washington it’s easy to argue that they’re far from the losers of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Very few teams have their top picks contribute right off the bat let alone throughout their career, but the Seahawks have found players that fill roles and blossom off of them. To have only 1 player not appear in a single game for the team that drafted them their rookie year is something you don’t see often and if you do it’s unusual to see a successful team.

That’s not the case with the Seahawks and if these players keep progressing as they have through their rookie year who knows where they will end up once their careers dwindle down. For the Seahawks however they’ve proven to have been more successful than a majority of the teams in the 2012 Draft and each one of their selections has shown they will contribute.

They’ve also shown that I shouldn’t question Carroll and Schneider’s decisions in the future as well as the rest of the world.

Written by Zach Bellerdine

2012 moments in time: Seattle Seahawks second quarter report card

Grades Are In

The Seattle Seahawks went 2-2 during the first quarter of the season.  As I expected, they split the games in the second quarter of the season as well.

After the first half of the season, the 4-4 Seahawks are tied for 7th place in the NFC and are 3rd place in the NFC West.

Here is how they got there:

At Carolina

Seattle won 16-12

Despite having seven penalties and three turnovers, the Seahawks pulled off their first win on the road of the 2012 season.

The defense dominated the air as well as the ground.  Carolina was only able to manage 190 yards of total offense.  The only touchdown the Panthers scored was an interception off a Russell Wilson poorly thrown ball.

Canada Day

Sidney Rice

Seattle played an impressive game against the New England Patriots in the second quarter of the season. Photo Credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Seattle beat the Patriots 24-23, at CenturyLink Field.

Russell Wilson had the best game of his young career at home versus one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, because Marshawn Lynch had his least productive game since last October.

Jon Ryan became the first punter to average 60 yards per punt, with a minimum of 4 attempts, since 1946.  Jon, a native to Canada, picked the perfect day to accomplish the feat.

Defensively, the Seahawks did what they needed to do to win.  Bobby Wagner had the best game of his career and both Earl Thomas and Richard Shermanintercepted Tom Brady passes.  Of course, they came after Earl had already dropped two interceptions earlier in the game.

The game will most notably be remembered for the photo that Richard Sherman tweeted after the game.  In case you didn’t see it, the photo was of him and Tom Brady, after the game, with the caption “U Mad Bro?”.

Richard took the photo down after persuasion from Seahawks media relations.

At San Francisco

Seattle lost 6-13.

More. . . 

Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Defensive backs

Seahawks defensive back player grades



Brandon Bowner #39

After making the pro bowl last season, Brandon Browner wasted no time proving he hadn’t been resting on his laurels during the off season. On the first play from scrimmage Brandon intercepted Matt Hasselbeck’s first pass in CenturyLink Field as a member of an opposing team and took it to the house. It wasn’t Matt’s fault, but Browner made an outstanding play by staying with the action through the whistle. It appeared the pass was going to be incomplete, but it bounced off Earl Thomas‘ arm and Brandon grabbed it.  Being a big physical corner allows him to play the run well and Saturday was no exception.

the grade: A-


Earl Thomas #29

Earl Thomas is ready for some action Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Earl Thomas seems to be playing at a different level this year. I think he is starting to understand the game better than he has in the past. Instead of relying solely on his physical talents to run around and make plays he’s using his head more. That’s a scary thought for opposing offenses. This could be the year that Earl breaks away from being a talented young safety and becomes a dominant force, like Troy Polamalu. In the first preseason game I noticed Earl playing the run extremely well. I couldn’t have asked for much more out of him.

the grade: b+


Jeremy Lane tackle the Titans tight end. Needs to keep his head up or a better player will hurdle him. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jeremy Lane #1

The good:

Jeremy Lane is a big physical corner, the kind of kid that Pete Carroll likes to see play the position. He was playing the run very well and was one of the best tacklers on the team Saturday. Late in the game Jeremy stripped the ball that could have ended the game but unfortunately it was recovered by the offense

the bad:

On the play where Jeremy stripped the ball he didn’t stick with it. Unlike when Heath Farwell punched the ball out earlier in the game, Heath’s eyes never left the ball and Farwell was able to recover the fumble. Jeremy Lane seemed content with stripping the ball. He hesitated, for just a moment, before going after it. In the NFL if you hesitate at all in the NFL you miss out and he learned that lesson the hard way…I hope. Jeremy needs to work on his timing a little bit and avoid pass interference penalties. Now for a little rant, I cannot stand to see players who don’t either kick the ball or throw it who don’t wear a single digit number.

the grade: B


Kam Chancellor #31

Kam Chancellor did not see much action against the Titans but he did have a big hit on Chris Johnson. The play was a run up the middle and I’m sure Chris was feeling that hit most of the week.

the grade: C+


DeShawn Shead #5

DeShawn Shead, an undrafted free agent out of Portland State, was not tested in the passing game but he did have an opportunity to show that he can play the run very well.

The grade: C+


Coye Francies looked good returning a kickoff on Saturday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Coye Francies #37

the good:

Coye Francies looked very solid in coverage against the Titans. When he kept the receiver from going out of bounds and stopping the clock he also demonstrated awareness of the situation late in the game.

The bad:

Tackling is an area that he needs to improve on if he want to stay in the NFL.

the grade: C+


Richard Sherman #25, Chris Maragos #42, Marcus Trufant #23, Jeron Johnson #32 and Byron Maxwell #41

all received C grades.


Winston Guy #27

The good:

Winston Guy showed some awareness recognizing the draw play.

the bad:

Winston looked lazy out there to me. I did not see him finishing plays but I did see him half heartedly try to tackle and miss it. If he doesn’t want to be the NFL bad enough there are other players that can replace him who do.

the grade: C-


Phillip Adams #35

the good:

It was tough to find something Phillip Adams did well, but on one play I saw him take on a blocker and still tackle the running back.

the bad:

Most of the time when Phillip was in position to tackle he missed it, having 2 missed tackles in the game. On the long touchdown run he was in position to make a play or force the running back inside to help. Instead, he spun himself out of bounds and completely took himself out of the play. If it were up to me, I would have already cut him and brought someone else in.

the grade: F














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