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Seahawks photo blog: 49ers get humiliated

49ers at Seahawks photo blog

All I wanted for Christmas was a Seahawks victory, what I got was a 49ers butt whoopin’!

Zach Miller could be preparing for life after football. Seen here practicing his tight rope walking. Could he be a long lost cousin of the “Flying Wallendas?”

This was one of Colin Kaepernick’s better moments in Seattle. He looked dazed, sick and confused the entire game.

Chris Clemons chases down Colin Kaepernick from behind.

Marshawn Lynch was about to score a touchdown, Sidney Rice had the best seat in the house.

Steven Hauschka made sure he punished the 49ers when he had the chance.

Kam Chancellor forced a Frank Gore fumble, somehow the Seahawks didn’t come up with the ball.

Part I of Vernon Davis’ great catch against the Seahawks. These photos are very fuzzy but I think it is clear enough to show he made an outstanding play.

Part II of Vernon Davis’ great catch against the Seahawks.

Richard Sherman with a pass deflection against the 49ers

Patrick Willis intercepted a Russell Wilson pass that bounced off of Robert Turbin’s hands.

Bobby Wagner breaks up a pass intended for Michael Crabtree.

Russell Wilson breaks a Patrick Willis tackle.

It is no wonder Sidney Rice almost threw an interception on this play. His toes are pointed almost directly at me, not even close to his intended target.

Leon Washington was not the shortest person on the field Sunday.

Jermaine Kearse drags his right foot in bounds to make a big 3rd down reception late in the game.

Zach Miller snaps his head around to find the defender after making a reception.

Robert Turbin extends to make a great late game catch against the 49ers Sunday.

Richard Sherman steps in front of a 4th quarter pass for his 7th interception of the season.

Seahawks photo blog 11/4/2012

Seahawks beat Vikings 30-20

Brandon Browner saves a touchdown. Photo by Anthony May

Matt Kalil rips Brandon Mebane’s helmet off, clearing the way for Adrian Peterson to score a touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jermaine Kearse catches his first pass in the NFL. Photo by Brett Bivens

Doug Baldwin drops another ball. This one came the play after Jermaine Kearse dropped a would-be first down. Photo by Brett Bivens

Losing KJ Wright, pictured walking to the locker room after his injury, for almost the entire game was a big blow to the Seahawks defense. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jared Allen and the Vikings defense couldn’t hold the Seahawks offense back on Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch went “Beastmode” for 124-yards Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks scored 30 points Sunday, the most this season. Photo by Brett Bivens

Golden Tate leaps toward the end-zone. Photo By Anthony May

Golden Tate scores the touchdown! Photo by Brett Bivens

Greg Scruggs sacks Christian Ponder. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks defense gave up 197 first-half rushing yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Pete Carroll challenged the spot on this Adrian Peterson reception. The play was upheld, first down Minnesota. Photo by Brett Bivens

This play didn’t count, but it was fun to watch Red Bryant throw Adrian Peterson to the ground like a rag doll. Photo by Brett Bivens

Brandon Mebane tackles Christian Ponder as he scrambles for a couple yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Leroy Hill sacks Christian Ponder. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Receivers

Seahawks wide receiver/tight ends grades



We are in the 11th hour before tonights Seahawks-Cheifs matchup.  With that in mind, I am going to give players their grades without breaking down why.  If there are any players that you would like to see the reasonings behind the grade I gave just let me know, I will go back and add that in.


Wide Receiver

Jermaine Kearse #8

last week: c+
this week: b


Deon Butler #11

last week: b
this week: B-


Charly Martin #14

last week: B+
this week: b-


Braylon Edwards #17

last week: b-
this week: C+


Phil Bates #13

the grade: C+


Kris Durham: #16

last week: C
this week: C+


Lavasier Tiunei #19

last week: b-
this week: C+


Golden Tate #81

last week: C
this week: C


Ricardo Lockette #83

the grade: D+


Terrell Owens #10

the grade: F



Tight End

Kellen Winslow #82

the grade: B


Anthony McCoy #85

Last week: C+
This week: B+


Cameron Morrah #88

last week: F
this week: C+


Sean McGrath #45

Last week: C+
this week: C+


Cooper Heifet #84

the grade: C-

Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Receivers/Tight ends

Seahawks pass catchin’ player grades


This is the final part of my Seahawks player grades for week one of the preseason.  The grades for QB, RB, OL, DL, LB and DB’s have already been completed earlier in the week.

Wide Receiver

Charly Martin blocking on Russell Wilson touchdown run vs Titans. Photo by Brett Bivens

Charly Martin #14

Charly Martin really impressed me against the Titans. Every opportunity Charly  was given he made the most of. If Martin had a chance to go for YAC (yards after catch) yards he went for them without hesitation. He showed decent rout running ability and never gave up on plays until the whistle blew. The most impressive play was on Russell Wilson quarterback keeper late in the 4th quarter. Charly locked on the his man and blocked him for over ten yards down the field. That action allowed Russell to get by and score the touchdown that sealed the Seahawks victory.

the grade: B+


Deon Butler #11

Honestly, I am surprised we are still talking about this kid after his brutal injury a couple years back.  He continues to impress. Deon Butler was running very good routes against the Titans and was able to get some separation. He also showed a willingness to get in and throw some blocks in the running game.

the grade: B

Braylon Edwards #17

Braylon Edwards makes a cut for some YAC yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

the good:

Braylon Edwards made an outstanding play on a ball while it was in the air. Russell Wilson threw the pass up and gave Braylon a chance to go get it. Braylon delivered by stoping just short of the pass, out jumping the cornerback to go up and get it, while scoring a touchdown in the process. Plays like that are the ones I expect to see from him, spectacular receptions. Later in the game Edwards made a nice cut inside after catching the ball and gained about 5 extra yards in the process.

the bad:

Braylon Edwards needs to play smarter. The block in the back penalty that he picked up was pure stupidity.  Russell Wilson had already given up on the play and was running out of bounds after a nice pickup so, there was no need to even attempt to block at that point. That is the kind of play I would expect to see from a rookie not an 8 year NFL veteran.

the grade B-


Lavasier Tuinei #19

The rookie undrafted free agent out of Oregon had a very solid game as far as blocking from the receiver position goes. Lavasier Tuinei never caught a pass during the game, but his blocking was solid enough to earn him a good grade.

the grade: B-


Ben Obomanu #87

The Good:

Ben Obomanu had a better than average game blocking.

the bad:

Ben missed a block that led to a tackle for a loss. He flinched at the line of scrimmage on one play but, luckily for the Seahawks the false start was never called. I also need to see him start creating more separation at this point in his career.

the grade: C+


Jermaine Kearse #8

Jermaine Kearse really does a nice job fighting to get open once the quarterback starts to scramble. He recognizes the field gets cut in half and tries to become an outlet if he is on that side of the field, or hurries to break towards that side. Kearse showed great awareness by a young receiver.

the grade: C+


Golden Tate #81 and Kris Durham #16 both received C’s


Tight end

Zach Miller #86

Zach Miller getting dragged down after making a reception. Photo by Brett Bivens

Despite having a couple of missed blocks during the game Zach Miller did a nice job blocking in general throughout his time in the game. Unfortunately, his time was cut short when he took a shot over the middle and was concussed. Zach was able to hang on to the pass after the big hit.

the grade: b+


Anthony McCoy dives forward for some extra yards after making a reception. Photo by Brett Bivens

Anthony Mccoy #85

Anthony has to clean up the dropped passes because he is driving me nuts.  McCoy had a better than average day blocking. He was doing a nice job fighting to get open while running routes. Against the Titans he had a chance for a first down and had difficulty hanging on to a pass that hit him in the hands.

the grade: C+


Sean McGrath #45

Sean McGrath is upended after making a reception against the Titans. Photo by Brett Bivens

Personally, I would keep this kid over Anthony McCoy.  I believe Sean McGrath has a much higher ceiling. He made some very good plays in the blocker game and a couple really nice reception. Unfortunately, he also made the mental mistakes that I expect a rookie to make and blew a couple plays.

the grade: C+


Cameron Morrah #88

Am I the only one who is tired of waiting for this kid to develop? With 4 years experience, we shouldn’t have to wait any longer. On Saturday I watched him run the wrong route. At that point, I felt the Morrah experiment was over. Commissioner help us if he ends up with a final roster spot on this years team.

the grade: F
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