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Seahawks photo blog 11/4/2012

Seahawks beat Vikings 30-20

Brandon Browner saves a touchdown. Photo by Anthony May

Matt Kalil rips Brandon Mebane’s helmet off, clearing the way for Adrian Peterson to score a touchdown. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jermaine Kearse catches his first pass in the NFL. Photo by Brett Bivens

Doug Baldwin drops another ball. This one came the play after Jermaine Kearse dropped a would-be first down. Photo by Brett Bivens

Losing KJ Wright, pictured walking to the locker room after his injury, for almost the entire game was a big blow to the Seahawks defense. Photo by Brett Bivens

Jared Allen and the Vikings defense couldn’t hold the Seahawks offense back on Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

Marshawn Lynch went “Beastmode” for 124-yards Sunday. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks scored 30 points Sunday, the most this season. Photo by Brett Bivens

Golden Tate leaps toward the end-zone. Photo By Anthony May

Golden Tate scores the touchdown! Photo by Brett Bivens

Greg Scruggs sacks Christian Ponder. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Seahawks defense gave up 197 first-half rushing yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Pete Carroll challenged the spot on this Adrian Peterson reception. The play was upheld, first down Minnesota. Photo by Brett Bivens

This play didn’t count, but it was fun to watch Red Bryant throw Adrian Peterson to the ground like a rag doll. Photo by Brett Bivens

Brandon Mebane tackles Christian Ponder as he scrambles for a couple yards. Photo by Brett Bivens

Leroy Hill sacks Christian Ponder. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Defensive line

Seahawks player grades


This is the 4th part of the Seahawks player grades from the Broncos game. Already posted are; Quarterback, running back and linebacker.

In order to keep this post manageable I am going to be very brief in the descriptions. If you would like me to elaborate on any player in particular let me know and I will happily add that.

Defensive Line


Brandon Mabane #92

Last week Brandon received a B

Brandon Mebane is a solid player and he drew several double teams against the Broncos.  He was strong in the running game as usual and he was also able to create some pressure on the quarterback.  Mabane does need to work on his backside contain.

the grade: A


Photo By Brett Bivens

Pep Levingston #93

Last week he received a C

Pep Levingston is a very athletic guy and it is not surprising that he is able to get pressure on the quarterback, or his ability to pursue plays from the backside.  What surprises me is his ability to hold the point of attack and the strength he shows when he throws guards to the ground to get run penetration.

the grade: A-


Red Bryant #79

Last week Big Red Bryant received a C+

We all know how solid Red Bryant is in the running game, but in years past he has been a liability in the passing game.  This year he is paying more attention to the quarterback throwing the ball and working to get his hands up to deflect it.  Against the Broncos he was able to tip a pass at the line that KJ Wright intercepted.  Conditioning may be a question, he looks a little more chubby than he has in years past and he seemed to take a couple plays off.

the grade: B+


Clinton McDonald #69

Last weeks Clinton received a C

Denver’s offense showed Clinton McDonald a lot of respect on Saturday.  They spent a lot of his snaps double teaming him, yet he was still able to get some run penetration.  I dinged him a bit on his grade because he definitely took one play off, he didn’t even pretend to defend on the play.  He should have been rushing the passer but just engaged the blocker and stood around.

the grade: B


Dexter Davis (Waived/Injured)

Unfortunately for Dexter Davis, he injured his hip during the game against the Broncos and the Seahawks parted ways with him earlier in the week.  I believe he was a long shot to make this years team had he stayed healthy.

the grade: B-


Greg Scruggs #98

Last week Greg really impressed me and received a B-

This week he was even more impressive making plays.  Greg Scruggs has shown an ability to effect the passing game by collapsing the pocket while lining up at the defensive tackle position.  Whether he was lined up inside at tackle or outside at defensive end he was able to create pressure, recording a sack while at DE.  The one thing that is annoying me about his play is that far too often he is the last player off the snap.

the grade: b-


Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons before the Titans game. Photo By Brett Bivens

Bruce Irvin #51

Last week Bruce received a C+

This week I notice some signs of improvement in his pass rush.  There were two plays that really stood out to me.  When Bruce Irvin threw the tackle to the ground and when he pushed a tackle into Peyton Manning’s face.  That said, Bruce is still struggling in his pass rush, partially because he is getting a slow jump off that snap.  I would expect that to correct itself as he becomes more comfortable in the defense. Players always play faster when they stop thinking so much and start playing.  Bruce was a liability in the running game, especially  when they run at him but that is to be expected from a guy his size.

the grade: C+


Alan Branch #99

Allen Branch was able to create a lot of pressure from the inside, on one play the Broncos triple teamed him, yet he still able to get pressure on the quarterback. When the offense ran the ball at him he was unable to hold the point of attack.  Allen was pancaked on a pass rush attempt.

the grade: C+


Pierre Allen

Photo By Brett Bivens

Last week Pierre struggled and receive a unit low D-

This week Pierre Allen played a lot better than he did last week.  He was able to get some pressure in the running game as well as the passing game.  Allen’s biggest play of the night was when he was able to get to the running back behind the line and bring him down.  The worst play was when he was run out of the play 1:1 by a right guard.

the grade: C+


Jaye Howard #94

Last week Jaye Howard looked really good and received a B-

This week was a bit of a rough week for Jaye.  He was able to get a quarterback pressure and a tackle for a loss.  Other than those two plays Howard struggled to stay under control.

the grade: C-


Chris Clemons #91

Last week he received a C-

For the second straight week Chris Clemons under performed. Chris is losing 1:1 battles for the most part.  I need to see a more consistent pass rush than Chris has been giving.  Hopefully the money has not gone to his head, but if he doesn’t turn it around soon I’m going to start becoming concerned that is what has happened.

the grade: D


Seahawks player grades vs Broncos: Linebackers

Seahawks linebacker player grades



KJ Wright #50

In much the same way I praised Earl Thomas last week, I see a football player who has grown mentally when I look at KJ Wright.  KJ is avoiding blocks by being one step ahead of the blocker, and using technique.  It looks to me like his coverage skills are much better than they were a season ago, he is putting himself in position to make plays.  When Red Bryant tipped a Peyton Manning pass at the line, Wright was there to catch the ball and returned it 29 yards.

the grade: A-


On a sad note Tuskeegee Airman/12th man George Hickman passed away today. Last year he raised the 12th man flag. Photo By Brett Bivens

Leroy Hill #56

the good:

Leroy Hill played the run very well on Saturday.  When the Broncos were running at him, he was able to shed blockers and when they ran away he pursued the play from the backside.  Hill showed great awareness when he noticed that Jeron Johnson had stripped the ball out of the running backs arms and it was on the ground.  A Broncos player was actually in better position to recover the ball, but was oblivious to the fumble.

the bad:

For the most part Leroy struggled in coverage.  There were two plays in particular that caught my eye.  The first one, Leroy was giving a running back 4 yards in man coverage.  In the NFL that is wide open, against Peyton Manning you might as well be in a different city. The second play, Hill had his back towards the line of scrimmage.  He was chasing a tight end down the field trying to mirror him.  Leroy’s coverage was decent.  The problem is in the NFL if defenders aren’t paying any attention to the quarterback he will sling the ball in to his receiver no matter how tight the coverage.  By the time the defender realizes the quarterback has thrown the ball it is in the hands of the intended target.

the grade: b+


Korey Toomer #59

Korey Toomer showed awareness on the first Jon Ryan punt that was blocked.  Toomer noticed the block, and fell on the ball to keep Denver from picking it up and scoring a touchdown.  Korey was also doing a good job shedding blockers, and was able to pick up a quarterback hit for the second week in a row.

the grade: b


Bobby Wagner #54 and Barrett Ruud #57 both receiver C grades.

Barrett Ruud was traded to the New Orleans Saints today for a conditional pick, based upon him making the team.


Allen Bradford #44

Allen Bradford played pretty solid in the game, but he did have a missed tackle.  Just like last week, the missed tackle continue to be a problem around the league.

the grade: C-


Seahawks news

Dexter Davis waived/injured today by the Seattle Seahawks. Photo by Brett Bivens

Seahawks trade of Barrett Rudd

Defensive end Dexter Davis was waived/injured today.

Seahawks re-signed cornerback Donny Lisowski to fill his roster spot.

Seahawks player grades vs Titans: Linebacker

Seahawks linebacker player grades



This is part 4  of the player grades against the Titans. Previous posts include quarterback, running back and defensive line.

Heath Farwell #55

Heath Farwell punched the ball free in the 4th quarter. Photo by Brett Bivens

I did not expect Heath Farwell to be the top preforming linebacker on Saturday but that’s exactly what he was. He may not have gotten very many snaps but I feel he did enough to earn more against Denver this week. When there are two defenders in on a tackle one of them should be going for the ball and that is what he did against the Titans. A perfect punch was delivered to the ball causing it to pop out and then he recovered in. A few plays later he nearly had a diving interception but was unable to come up with a rather difficult catch.

THe grade: A-

Leroy Hill #56

Leroy Hill gets some pressure on Matt Hasselbeck. Photo by Brett Bivens

THe good:

When Leroy Hill was assignment correct in his coverage he was solid and did not give up any completions. One of his biggest attributes is his ability to rush the passer from the linebacker position and he was able to get some while blitzing. Leroy did a nice just keeping contain against the run showing that he has matured as a player.

THe bad:

At times he can be fooled by a decoy in his line of sight as became evident when he got caught peeking in at the running back in the flat and lost a feel for where the tight end was in his zone and gave up a completion.

the grade: B


Bobby Wagner drags Chris Johnson down from behind. Photo by Brett bivens

Bobby Wagner #54

The good:

When the Seahawks used their 2nd round pick on Bobby Wagner I had one concern, his coverage ability. On Saturday he was solid in that department. Bobby showed how fast he can get into the flat and cover a running back as well as the ability to run stride for stride with tight ends. Awareness is an important attribute of any middle linebacker and he showed an ability to read what the offense was doing before it happened, especially against the screen.

the bad:

Rookies make mistakes and Wagner is no different. I have been talking about how solid he is against the run and how that will cut down the big runs against the Seahawks defense. What does he go out on CenturyLink Field and do on Saturday? Loses gap integrity and the Titans gash the Seahawks for a big run. My biggest pet peeve of any linebacker is hesitation in blitzing. Once you decide you’re going after the quarterback you need to do it full out or you are basically just taking yourself out of the play. I saw hesitation from Bobby Wagner but I’m hoping that’s him being a rookie. I absolutely cannot stand missed tackles and he managed one of those as well.

the grade: B


Malcolm Smith #53

Malcolm Smith has come a long way since last year. Getting pressure on the quarterback, covering the tight end, and reading the screen play were a few things that stood out to me as improvements over this time last year. He was extremely solid while in the game against the Titans.

THe Grade: B


Mike Morgan #48

The Good:

Mike showed a lot on one play. The Titans ran a reverse, never being fooled by it he was able to keep backside contain. Not only was he able to keep contain but just about everyone else fell for it and he was left on an island with the receiver. He had perfect technique and won the battle picking up a tackle for a loss. Mike Morgan also showed an ability to create pressure while blitzing.

The Bad:

Morgan did lose backside contain on a play that was designed to go away from him but the running back cut back towards him.

Grade B-


KJ Wright #50

the grade: C


Korey Toomer hits the quarterback late in the 4th quarter. Photo by Brett Bivens

Korey Toomer #59

The Good:

Korey Toomer did a solid job avoiding and shedding blockers and was able to get a quarterback hit during the game.

the bad:

Toomer needs to learn to play more assignment correct and avoid over pursuing plays. He struggled in coverage and had a couple missed tackles during the game.

The grade: C-


Kyle Knox #43

Kyle knox tracks down ball carrier from behind. Photo by Brett Bivens

The Good:

Something about this kid impresses me. As I was breaking down his plays I couldn’t figure it out but there is something about him that leaves me impressed.

the bad:

Kyle Knox needs to work on his tackling technique in the worst way. Three times he should have had tackles but either could not wrap them up or had improper technique and never touched the ball carrier. He was out of possession on the punt that was returned against the Seahawks for a touchdown.


Seahawks Linebacker and Defensive Back Grades Regular Season Game 2011-9

Seahawks Player Grades Vs. Ravens




1) David Hawthorne (B+)

Last week C


David had a quarterback pressure, a quarterback hit, a pass defensed and an interception that he almost returned for a touchdown.


He missed a tackle.

2) Leroy Hill (B-)

Last week he led the linebackers with a B


Leroy did a nice job shooting the gap on a running play. He had a quarterback pressure, a pass defensed and a nice open field tackle.


He had a couple issues in coverage. He lost track of Ed Dickson on one play and fell down on another.

3) Malcolm Smith (C+)

Last week D+


Malcolm had a quarterback pressure and a sack.


On the Ravens final touchdown he was in position but never looked back to try to find the ball.

4) KJ Wright (C)

Last week C



1) Richard Sherman (B+)

Last week he led the CB’s with a B


Sherman had really good coverage most of the game and broke up 3 passes.


He fell behind Torrey Smith on a deep rout but luckily the ball was overthrown. In the two minute defense Richard let the receiver get out of bounds to stop the clock. This is a rookie mistake and a very coachable moment.

2) Brandon Browner (B-)

Last week C


Browner had a nice block on a punt return and almost had an interception but Earl Thomas ran into him. Brandon also broke up another pass later in the game.


He got called for pass interference but it was a really bad call in my opinion.

3) Byron Maxwell (C+)

Last week D


Byron forced the second fumble in kick coverage.


He over ran a play on punt coverage.

4) Roy Lewis (D-)

Last week B-


Lewis had a rough game. Hopefully he is just breaking off some rust.


He took a bad angle on one play and wasn’t able to get in position to make a tackle. He dropped an interception that squirted through his hands and was caught by the receiver. Then he was called for holding and illegal contact.



1) Atari Bigby (B-)

Last week C


He recovered the second kick that the Ravens fumbled.


He was injured during the game.

2) Earl Thomas and Chris Maragos (C+)

Last week Earl got an A- and Chris wasn’t graded


Thomas made a couple nice open field tackles and had a pass defensed. Maragos was able to fight off a blocker and still make a tackle inside the 20 on a kick return.


Earl was pancaked and he missed a tackle.

4) Kam Chancellor (C)

Last week D+

Seahawks Linebacker Grades Regular Season Game 2011-8

Seahawks Player Grades



1) Leroy Hill (B)

Leroy Hill upset he didn't come down with an interception.

Last week B


Leroy recognized a quarterback scramble and made a tackle that saved a touchdown in the first half. He also had a tackle for a loss, a tackle for a short gain and a quarterback pressure.


Hill got a little too aggressive on one play and over ran the running play.

2) KJ Wright and David Hawthorne (C)

Last week: KJ had a B- and David had a C

4) Heath Farwell (C-)

Last week B-


Malcolm smith had a worse game then him so he didn’t wind up getting the lowest grade.


He got called for a clear block in the back on a punt return. Worst part was is the block was not necessary.

5) Malcolm Smith (D+)

Last week C


He is a rookie and he can look at the game as a learning experience.


He missed a tackle on a punt coverage and lost outside contain on a running play towards the end of the game.

Seahawks Linebacker Player Grades



1) David Hawthorne (A-)

David Hawthorne and KJ Wright combine for a tackle against the Falcons. Photo by Brett Bivens

Last week C


In the passing game he was able to record a sack, get and interception, have another play where he had excellent coverage and get pressure on the quarterback. In the running game he was able to shoot the gap and make a tackle for a loss and another tackle for short gain. On one play he took on the fullback in the hole and left the running back no where to go.


David was having a bit of trouble being too aggressive and jumping the run too early causing him to get caught out of position on a few running plays. On one play he did a terrible job in coverage.

2) Leroy Hill and KJ Wright (B)

Last week: Leroy C+ and KJ led the linebackers with a B+


Hill had a couple tackles for loss and a tackle for no gain. He got some pressure on the quarterback and did a good job for the most part in coverage. Wright had three tackles for short gain including one where he recognized Colt McCoy scrambling. He also had a tackle for a loss and a pass defensed.


Leroy missed a tackle and on a play action pass he was late getting out to the flat to cover the tight end. On KJ’s pass defense he should have intercepted the ball and he bit really hard on one play action and found himself out of position.

4) Malcolm Smith (C)

Last week he did not play.

Seahawks Player Grades Regular Season 2011-5

Seahawks Player Grades from the Giants game.



First of all let me apologize for not getting the grades done like usually. I have been very sick and unable to sit at the computer to type them out.

I was able to do all the game notes and I have all the information I would normally put out but I think in the interest of getting the grades out I will post the actual grade for every player and if I get a request about why a players grade is what it is I will add to this post.

Thank you all for your patience.

The last grade I gave out was the quarterbacks so I will start here with the running backs


Running Back


1) Leon Washington (A-)

Last week he led the running backs with a B+

2) Marshawn Lynch (B+)

Last week C+

3) Justin Forsett (B-)

Last week B

4) Michael Robinson (C+)

Last week C-


He did a very nice job on special teams while blocking on punt returns and getting downfield in a hurry on a kick return and getting in on a tackle inside the Giants 15-yard line.


He ran into the back of his own player and fumbled the ball near the giants goal line. Darrell Bevell should have never handed him the ball three straight times but it is his job to hold onto the ball every time his number is called.


Wide Receiver


1) Doug Baldwin (A+)

Last week he led the receivers with an A-

2) Ben Obomanu (B+)

Last week B

3) Sidney Rice and Golden Tate (B)

Last week Sidney had a C+ and Golden did not receive a grade.


Tight End


1) Zach Miller (C+)

Last week B

His grade was extremely limited this week because he was injured on the Seahawks seventh offensive play.

2) Anthony McCoy (F+)

Last week C+



Defensive Line


1) Brandon Mebane and Chris Clemons (A+)

Last week: Brandon had a B+ and Chris had a B-

3) Alan Branch (A)

Last week he led the unit with an A

4) Red Bryant (A-)

Last week C

5) Raheem Brock and Clinton McDonald (B-)

Last week; Raheem B+ and Clinton an A-

7) Anthony Hargrove (C+)

Last week he was last of the defensive line with a C-

8) Al Woods and Jameson Konz (C)

This was the first week either player was graded.





1) KJ Wright (B+)

KJ Wright has almost perfect coverage on Tony Gonzalez. Photo by Brett Bivens

Last week C+

2) Leroy Hill and David Vobora (C+)

Last week: Leroy C+ and David was signed on October 4th.

4) David Hawthorne (C)

Last week D+

5) Aaron Curry (D-)

Last week he led the linebackers with a B-



Defensive Back



1) Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman (B+)

Last week: Brandon C and Richard led the corners with a C+

3) Walter Thurmond (B)

Last week he was not graded

4) Kennard Cox (B-)

Last week D-


1) Kam Chancellor (A+)

Last week Atari Bigby started in his place due to injury

2) Earl Thomas (B+)

Last week C+

3) Jeron Johnson (B-)

Last week he led all safeties with a B-

4) Atari Bigby (C-)

Last week D+



Seahawks Linebacker Grades Regular Season Game 2011-4

Seahawks Linebacker grades from the Falcons game



1) Aaron Curry (B-)

Aaron Curry tackles Michael Turner 10/2/2011. Photo by Brett Bivens

Last week C


He did a nice job avoiding a cut block and fighting off blockers to make tackles near the line of scrimmage. I was impressed on one play when he didn’t over pursue (like he normally does) and he set the edge forcing the runner back inside to help. He didn’t make the tackle but in my book it was his best play of the game.


He still isn’t dropping deep enough to keep opposing quarterbacks from dropping hitting receivers underneath the secondary.

2) KJ Wright and Leroy Hill (C+)

Last week: KJ C+ and Leroy A-


KJ did a nice job setting up outside forcing the play back inside where he had help. Both players were able to fight of blockers and make plays. Leroy was able to get pressure on the quarterback.


Wright had a missed tackle on a touchdown run. Hill hesitated on a 3rd and short when he was in position which resulted in a first down. On one play he stumbled in coverage allowing for and easy completion.

4) Malcolm Smith (C-)

Last week C-


He is a rookie and has plenty time to learn from his mistakes.


On punt coverage he had a chance to make a play but he lowered his shoulder and hit the guy without wrapping up and the guy bounced off and kept going.

David Hawthorne makes a tackle against the Falcons 10/2/2011. Photo by Brett Bivens

5) David Hawthorne (D+)

Last week B


David did a good job reading the run and hit the quarterback.


He missed four tackles including one that led to a touchdown. Hawthorne struggled in coverage.

Seahawks Linebacker Grades Regular Season Game 2011-3

Seahawks Linebacker Grades



1) Leroy Hill (A-)

Last week C+


Leroy did a good job getting pressure on the quarterback and recording a sack. He was also able to get penetration in the running game and recorded a tackle for a loss (one of his team high 11 tackles). He was left one on one with Larry Fitzgerald and kept him from catching the ball. He showed his awareness recognizing the tight end screen and blowing it up and later in the game by keeping the player in bounds so he couldn’t stop the clock. Hill laid a big hit at the end of the game that caused a fumble and time ran out during the fumble recovery.


Leroy lost his gap control a couple of times and he needs to show a little more awareness in zone coverage.

2) David Hawthorne (B)

Last week C-


David had a pass defensed and had really good coverage near the end of the game. He hurried the quarterback a couple of times.


He got caught giving too much room in coverage.

3) KJ Wright (C+)

Was a backup last week but replaced Aaron Curry as the starter


On the first defensive play he dropped in zone coverage and jumped way up to deflected the pass that Earl Thomas intercepted. Unfortunately Brandon Browner was called for illegal contact on the play so the interception was negated. Kj made a sweet swim move to make the fullback whiff on a block attempt.


There was one play where he couldn’t get off his block.

4) Aaron Curry (C)

Last week B-


On one play he did a really nice job avoiding a blocker to make a tackle.


Aaron didn’t drop deep enough in the zone to keep Kevin Kolb from hitting hid receiver under the second layer of the zone.

5) Malcolm Smith and Matt McCoy (C-)

Last week Smith didn’t get graded and McCoy got a C+


Malcolm downed a punt inside the 5 yard line.


McCoy was late in his play recognition. Smith had trouble covering kickoffs getting caught out of his lane once and missing a tackle on another.

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