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Seahawks QB comparisons: Wilson vs. Hasselbeck vs. Jackson

From Hasselbeck to Jackson, now Wilson

After the Seattle Seahawks signed Matt Flynn this off season, one of my readers (Todd) asked me if I would compare Flynn’s first 8 games as a starter to that of Matt Hasselbeck’s and Tarvaris Jackson’s.  He wanted to see how the new quarterback stacked up to those two, since they were the most recent Seahawksstarters.

I agreed to write it if he would remind me after the 8th game of the season.

After Russell Wilson was named the starter, Todd asked me if I would be willing to write the piece on Russell Wilson, instead of Flynn.

All three quarterbacks became starters in vastly different ways.  Matt Hasselbeck spent his first two seasons backing up future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre before being acquired by Seattle, via trade.  Matt was named the starting quarterback of the 2001 Seattle Seahawks.

Tarvaris Jackson started for the first time on week 16, the Vikings 15th game of the season,  after spending most of the season backing up Brad Johnson.

Russell Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft by the Seattle Seahawks.  Most people, including myself, expected Wilson to spend his first season backing up Matt Flynn, unless Flynn fell flat on his face, or was injured.

Instead, Wilson won the job in training camp. Flynn didn’t lose it. RW did enough to impress Pete Carrolland beat out Flynn to become the starter at the beginning of the season.

Start 1

Matt beat the 10th best passing defense, Tarvaris lost to the leagues 17th ranked passing defense, and Russell lost to the leagues 4th best passing defense.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft

Jackson had the roughest outing, managing only 50 yard on 20 pass attempts.  Ironically, Hasselbeck and Wilson each had 34 attempts in their 1st game.  Matt had two more completions for 15 more yards but unlike Russell, he was unable to find the end zone.


Start 2

All three quarterbacks faced top 10 defenses in their second start.  Russell Wilson was the only one of the three who was victorious.

Jackson’s 213-yards were the only time he surpassed the 200-yards mark during his first 8 starts.

It was Matt Hasselbeck’s worst game in his first 8 starts.

Russell Wilson didn’t do anything spectacular.  He just played extremely efficient football, completing 75% of his passes and ending up with a 112.7 passer rating.


Start 3

For the third straight week Matt Hasselbeck faced a top 10 passing defense, but Jackson and Wilson got a bit of a break.  Tarvaris faced the 23rd ranked Falcons while Russell faced the 19th ranked Packers.

Hasselbeck was the only quarterback to lose his third start, but he did throw for the most yards.  Matt injured his groin during the game and was replaced by Trent Dilfer for the next 2 games.

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2012 moments in time: Seattle Seahawks second quarter report card

Grades Are In

The Seattle Seahawks went 2-2 during the first quarter of the season.  As I expected, they split the games in the second quarter of the season as well.

After the first half of the season, the 4-4 Seahawks are tied for 7th place in the NFC and are 3rd place in the NFC West.

Here is how they got there:

At Carolina

Seattle won 16-12

Despite having seven penalties and three turnovers, the Seahawks pulled off their first win on the road of the 2012 season.

The defense dominated the air as well as the ground.  Carolina was only able to manage 190 yards of total offense.  The only touchdown the Panthers scored was an interception off a Russell Wilson poorly thrown ball.

Canada Day

Sidney Rice

Seattle played an impressive game against the New England Patriots in the second quarter of the season. Photo Credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Seattle beat the Patriots 24-23, at CenturyLink Field.

Russell Wilson had the best game of his young career at home versus one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, because Marshawn Lynch had his least productive game since last October.

Jon Ryan became the first punter to average 60 yards per punt, with a minimum of 4 attempts, since 1946.  Jon, a native to Canada, picked the perfect day to accomplish the feat.

Defensively, the Seahawks did what they needed to do to win.  Bobby Wagner had the best game of his career and both Earl Thomas and Richard Shermanintercepted Tom Brady passes.  Of course, they came after Earl had already dropped two interceptions earlier in the game.

The game will most notably be remembered for the photo that Richard Sherman tweeted after the game.  In case you didn’t see it, the photo was of him and Tom Brady, after the game, with the caption “U Mad Bro?”.

Richard took the photo down after persuasion from Seahawks media relations.

At San Francisco

Seattle lost 6-13.

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Five Seahawks who impressed against the Patriots on Sunday

Seattle made the plays that mattered

Seattle Seahawks 24, New England Patriots 23
When: 1:05 PM PST, Sunday, November 14, 2012
Where: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington

After the Seahawks imploded in the second quarter, and stumbled their way through the 3rd quarter, they found themselves down by 13 points with less than 10 minutes to play.

From that moment on, both sides of the ball made every play they had to.

Sure, Tom Brady and the Patriots racked up 475-yards in total offense.  But, when it mattered the most, theSeattle Seahawks defense held the Patriots two yards short.

Russell Wilson #3

I have to throw out his line for everyone.  Partially because it seems like people like to talk about his stats, and partly because I love numbers.

16/27 for 293-yards, 3 touchdown and no interceptions.  Plus, 5 rushes for 17-yards.  It all adds up to a 133.7 Rating and a QBR of 91.4. If you felt like you have read that before, I stole it from my MMQB piece last night.

In case you didn’t read that piece, let me point out that the last time a Seattle Seahawks quarterback had that much of an impact (QBR) in a game was week three of the 2008 season.

Sidney Rice vs. Patriots Five Seahawks who impressed against the Patriots on Sunday

Sidney Rice made several nice plays throughout the game. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

We were able to see Russell Wilson air the ball out quite a bit on Sunday.  I have to be honest, I am extremely impressed with the way he throws a deep ball.  The last time I saw someone throw a ball like that, for the Seahawks, was before Matt Hasselbeck.

From here on out, defenses will have to game plan against big passing plays.  That should limit the amount of defenders opposing teams are willing to stack in the box.

Which should really help the running game, not that it isn’t pretty good already.

Sidney Rice #18

Sidney Rice made several nice plays throughout the game.  He also messed a few up, we will skip over those for the purpose of this piece.  After it was all said and done, two plays put Rice on my list. More. . . 

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