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Five positions the Seahawks must upgrade during the offseason: Part 1 of 2

Seahawks’ team needs

No matter how good a team is during the previous season, there are always changes that need to take place if you want to stay competitive.  Even the Super Bowl champions will be looking to upgrade certain positions.

This year’s Seattle Seahawks team was very good, but they are still in the final stages of rebuilding.  

Rebuilding the team was a process that Pete Carroll and John Schneider started in 2010.  It honestly doesn’t feel like the Seahawks ever went through a rebuilding phase because Seattle never went through a period of time where they weren’t competitive.  Now they are at the point where the roster is a few pieces away from being complete.

Bruce Irvin Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

Bruce Irvin will be a very interesting player to watch develop as his career moves forward.

What I’m saying is that the window isn’t fully open yet.  After they upgrade these five positions, their widow will be wide open and the expectations should be a trip to the Super Bowl.

Defensive end

Currently on the roster:

The lack of depth at defensive end became very apparent watching the Seahawks play the Falcons in the Divisional Round of the playoffs this year.  Chris Clemons‘ absence affected everything the defense was able to do against Atlanta.

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2012 Seattle Seahawks roster cuts: Love ‘em & Hate ‘em analysis

The Seahawks announce their final roster

I have to be honest, I feel really good about the roster decisions that were made.  After the Seahawks game last night I broke down the roster, and came up with a 53 man roster of my own.

Other than a couple roster spots, Pete Carroll and John Schneider came up with the same list as I did.

Love ‘em

I love the fact that the Seahawks chose to keep Charly Martin, and release Deon Butler.  As I explained before, Charly has done nothing but make plays every time he has been given an opportunity.  On the other hand, Deon has yet to develop into the player that the Seahawks had always hoped he would be.

Deon Butler is a bit limited due to his size, and that is primarily why Charly Martin had the upper hand.


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